Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Return of Senor Monkey

Did you miss me? No, not much? Well...I didn't miss you either. So there!

Frankly, I was pretty okay with not blogging all football season long. Definitely had plenty going on to keep myself busy. And oh, YEAH...while I was away...we Alabama fans got the chance to serve up some more Hatorade to our buddies around the nation, mostly in SEC country....bringing home our 16th National Championship.

The same can't be said for my Seahawks, who fell a little short. It was a weird season for my boys. Get 'em next year. I just hope Peyton Manning can find a way to beat Carolina so we don't have to watch Scam Newton parade all over our lives for the next 6 months...gawd I hate that guy.

Well, to be honest...I COULDN'T blog for the longest time because someone hacked the boy's at GCP's website...and part of the fallout from that was that the blog server locked us all out of our own accounts. I kept meaning to spend however ridiculous hours it would most likely take, emailing their customer service people back and forth, but to be honest...I just never found the time to commit to what would surely have been a nightmare.

Well...that brings me to now. Here it is 4am...maybe 5am, I'm not sure because sometimes your computer changes as you move into a new time zone, and sometimes it doesn't. Me, the Squirrel, Carley and her BFF Abbey are sitting in a hotel in Lake City, Florida...where we pulled in for the night after several hours of driving and watching Disney movies. We are on our way to Disney World...Carley's first foray into the Magic Kingdom. Not sure who is more pumped up....her or her mother. Since I met Squirrel, I always knew she was a Mickey Mouse freak. Hell, she even has a little tattoo of the happy rat on her hip. Well that was my Christmas present to her...and we are basically going on an all-expenses, cover-all-the-bases expedition....four days that I'm sure will require a week of recovery time for me once we get back home!

Now that I know I can finally (apparently-unless this was a one-time fluke) log back into my blog and post...I will start getting in here and sharing some stuff...like some of my old sick and crazy stories and thoughts....of which I've quite a few just PILING UP the last 4 months!

Talk to you soon!