Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fast and Furious in the Desert!

Hey! For those who are feeling left out because I haven't posted since I've been in Vegas? SORRY! You know what the remedy is for that? Buy a share or more! Because anyone who bought a share is (a) a member of the Facebook Group Page...which is getting inundated with player updates constantly! (b) I have emailed out 4 or 5 updates to everyone or (c) You would be the part of a group of 115 investors, all of whom are in the FULL CIRCLE!

It's been an amazing run so far. I had the girls fly out with me...and for 4 days we did nothing but family stuff! The girls had a complete blast! I will have a full account of the 'Vegas Vacation' aspect of this trip later. I am rushing right now, because at noon (just minutes from now) I am walking downstairs from my beautiful room at the Venetian, and playing in the $1100 $1.5m Guarantee tourney.

Going on across town...we have our final two players who have just gotten the cards in the air to get Day 2 started. Christian Iacobellis has a healthy stack, over 100k, and Steven Pique has a more than respectable 80bb's as he continues his well-documented journey. Yesterday, Robert Harwell, despite some terrible luck...still managed to grind his face off and bag up a very satisfying 160k. Sadly, we lost Gene Dudek, who came in with a short stack...and battled hard, doubling up early to give us all some hope...and made one great play after another to survive for hours, before finally succumbing right before dinner break. Laura Crafton, who had a remarkable Day 1...bagging up 100,900 chips...had a tough table draw in Day 2, and when a grouchy Barry Schulman showed up at her table...he made it his mission to re-raise her every time she put chips in play. Once with KK she got outflopped by his QQ...with him flopping a set of queens. Not sure how she laid down kings there...but she did. Wow. She then ended up getting snapped by him holding JJ...when he seemed to be pushing her out of the pot for the umpteenth time...but this time he actually had KK...and she was sent packing, also around dinner break.

Her and Gene were visibly upset, as anyone would be. But they both did a hell of a job, and gave all of us a fantastic sweat. They also handled their defeat with total class, and swung by the All American Cafe to have dinner with Jenn Gay and a full gathering of players and investors.

The only player out of six to NOT make it out of Day 1...was our longtime Minion, and only one to ever cash (last year, 223rd for $44,000) Wild Bill Phillips. He has one of those days that poker players have nightmares about. Early on his AA lost to KK...to a flush...and still he managed to only lose 8k of his 50k starting stack. He had one ugly beat after another..it just was not meant to be for Bill. I hate it for him too because he is such a solid guy and solid player. But as usual, he handled it all like a consummate professional. He then went on to play the $1100 One Drop yesterday, and had some of the same kind of luck, the most glaring, running AK into AA on a flop that included an ace. How nice!

The Facebook Group page has been a beehive of activity with amazing updates coming from lots of different people and players. We also have an 'undercover Monk' working for us, to a certain degree. I will spare his name 'just in case' but he works for the WSOP as a writer, and has been kind of 'looking out' for our players and taking note on the site anytime they are involved in a big hand...even seeing to it that their chip counts have been noted on the website. Very huge! I even snagged a great picture of Robert featured in the Monkey Gear! 

Okay well..its 7 minutes after noon. I don't mind being a little late. But not TOO late! I still need to shower to, so I'm going to get going! Just wanted to throw you guys a quick bone!