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Friday, December 11, 2009

2 days. 2 cashes. No Final Tables.

Sitting here pecking away on my new Dell Mini that is about to go dead. Really thought the battery would last a lot longer than this. Im sitting here, waiting...and waiting...and waiting some more, for this $125 SNG to start. Its 4:30. Why in the hell am I here, you ask?

Well, unlike the last two days...that ended with me giong out around 11:30pm with money in pocket, and the sour taste of not making the Final Table but acquiring a little street cred, some much desired respect, and the chance to let the Harrah's bartender try his luck at making the perfect Red Snapper for those who were fortunate enough to make the money with me, today did not end as well...and my shot at 3 consecutive cashes went up in smoke.

Yeah...short all day...and at 150/300 with 25 I raise in early position with KdQd and get 1 caller. Flop comes Q-4-5 with two diamonds. Nice. Almost a good check raise spot...but hell, I only had 3200 left with 3000 in the pot. No real sense in check raising there. He either has something and will call or he will fold. I bet. He puts me all. Okay...he has AQ. Of course he does. And do I hit a K or a diamond? Why would I? Oh well. I went out gracefully. Just wasnt my day. So I SNG-LAND....waiting to try and build the bankroll a little bit. Oh! Finally...we are sold.

I wont get into too much of the hand play from the first two tourneys. Hey...let me post this and come back and finish it later. Lets see if we can't try to win this SNG. If not I might go to the room and take a nap. Pretty tired. Lets win this!


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like U won that hand, go back and read your blog or am I just that bad.