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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

IM SORRY! I KNOW! I coming soon!

Its been a very hectic week...and yes, I have a lot to write about. a LOT!

Thursday: Lost the Mega at Nugget

Friday: Lost the nightly at Aria. Went out with friends to a club (Vanity at Hard Rock).

Saturday: Played and lost the Main Event at Nugget. Was staked by a friend.

Sunday: Played no poker. Went to Tao Beach with Jason Young and friends. Took photos. See photos on my Facebook, along with photos from Aria

Sunday night: Went to party at Frank Kasella's house then later at Allie Prescott/Shaun Deeb's place...spent the evening listening to some very juicy stories...most of them regarding WSOP stuff. Sure to interest ALL of you. Had an entertaining exchange over the eating of a pizza that was intended to be for Liv Boeree's mother...but later was 'taken down' by Jeremy McLaughlin (and myself) with Dave Fox watching over him as a preacher would a sinner....all under the agreement that the pizza would be immediately replaced the next day.

Monday: Went to play at Aria in the 5pm poker event. Didn't go well. Then played the 7pm there...flopped top set of against a guy's middle set and another guy's wheel. No triple up for me. Just an early exit. Had hotel force us to move rooms for construction on our original floor. New room has busted TV. Don's laundry came back half missing. Spent night tracking it down, and moving rooms. Then abused myself at O'Sheas for two hours.

Tuesday (today) Spent 1 hour folding my clothes. 1 hour posting pictures on Facebook. 2 hours laying in the sun. And am about to go play the Omaha 8 or better at Aria. Hopefully, I will NOT be playing their 7pm tourney. Its getting knocked out in two hours could be tough!

The Main Event has started. I'm not there. It sucks. When the Playboy Playmate of the Year (Sara Underwood) is playing, and I'm not...that upsets me.

To those who commented about the deal with completing the SB for value...thanks. Most agree with me. Some don't. I respect all the opinions, and really dont disagree with any of them. As far as 'was Christina offended or put off' by my comment? No, I don't think so, not at all. I've known her for awhile...and it wasn't like I forced it down her throat. Merely asked her if she 'thought' it was a good decision. No, she was cool about it.

I'm giving some thought to leaving earlier than my original July 15th planned departure. Just not too many reasons to stay. And the wife is really missing me and kind of hinting that I should just wrap it up. Maybe not the worst idea. And Ken Lambert has invited me to attend the Goldstrike event up in Tunica that starts in a couple weeks. You all know my feelings on Tunica, I think. However, I really would like to get back into my home casino...the Beau Rivage...and if going to Tunica, and proving to them that I am 'worthy' of being allowed back into their place is what it's going to take...then I might have to bite the bullet, make the drive north for a week...and see what I can accomplish up there.

Looks about 99.5% that my friend Frank is going to win the WSOP Player of the Year. Pretty amazing. He is still so humble about it. Telling us that he doubts any deals will come his way, either Internet poker site-related or otherwise. He's funny. I'm pretty sure he will be blowing up, whether he likes it or not. Regardless...unbelievable summer for him, with over 1.2 million in earnings. Congrats to Frankie Boy.

Okay...dude is here swapping out our TV. And I have to get over to Aria. Really would like to win SOMETHING before I leave this place. Just wanted to throw you guys a brief little "Im still alive" blog. Trust me...there is more. A lot more. the fact that I was just told that the prick who robbed my house is now out of jail. He posted pictures over the weekend of him on his boat somewhere on July 4th. How nice. That made my day.

But the stuff from the WSOP I am going to tell you...that might really blow you away. Or just make you laugh. Who knows.

Till later,


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Anonymous said...

C'mon Monkey....I need some of that sarcasm and wit. I can't do it all by myself.

Type up a thought already! LOL