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Monday, March 19, 2012


It's just that this is MARCH MADNESS time...and this Monkey is consumed with it! Absolutely CONSUMED with it. From my pools, to watching it...there is no time for blogging right now. Coupled with getting our floors/carpets replaced and doing copious amounts of spring cleaning for and with the wife...I've had nary a moment to even think about (okay maybe I've thought about it) poker this past week.

But starting tomorrow, when I begin my trial period with all of my Zija products to see if this is something I want to get behind and sell...I will get back on a regular track. I will step out and play some poker. I will work on my income taxes, finally. I will share funny photos and videos. Maybe. 

Bought a pressure washer this week. Ever owned one of those? Oh..its amazing all the fun shit you can do with those. Turned a 'much-too-brand-new' looking Alabama into a well-worn looking awesome hat as a result of pressure washing our sun room. Up next: The fence, the driveway, and the cars.

My dogs? They are insane. It doesn't matter WHAT I eat. They want some. I mean anything. The list just grows. Blueberries. Cucumbers. Raw cauliflower. Popcorn. Carrots. Things you would NEVER imagine they would actually eat? They do.

I just went out to the mailbox. It's 2am. There are birds chirping. Huh? What kind of bird is up chirping at 2am? I find this extremely odd.

I finally got around to watching the movie '50/50' last night. Squirrel and I picked it up from RedBox. It was one of the best movies I've seen in the past year. If you haven't seen it.

I entered a grant total of 21 March Madness brackets this year. As of tonight...they are ALL officially DEAD in the water. Another year...more epic failure. I suck.

I am about to start a Baby Carley Pool...wherein people try to pinpoint the exact date and time for the birth of our daughter. Why? win money. Details later.

Okay. That's it. Tired. Going to bed. Hope you enjoyed this blog post...maybe the worst blog post of all time!!


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Anonymous said...

Monkey...look up a list of things dogs can't eat. Some of it is pretty surprising. My dog got liver cancer and died from my pops giving him grapes throughout his life. Raisins can kill them too. Lots of other things. They are living disposals but will also eat things that can kill them.