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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Time for the Main Event!!!

Here we go! After a lousy, bad-beat filled circuit event, things finally turned around yesterday. After getting knocked out of the noon Mega...I went over to the cash room, played for a couple hours, cashed out with a $32 profit (I know...Woo Hoo!) and headed over late (intentionally) for the 4pm $70 Mega with $50 rebuys. My intention in those is to NOT get mixed up in the repetitive rebuy process...thus rendering it to ridiculous, as you sometimes cut your EV way down by investing way too much into what is a $1600 event. 

So when I sat down, and looked at a pair of 5's and a guy raising to 525 behind me (at 100/200) and 2000 in my starting was one of those "well, we go I guess" moments. I called. Then this kid in the 8-seat...who had no ability to smile or show ANY emotion whatsoever...and to me is a prime candidate to develop into a serial killer or child predator in the very near future...made it 1200. Oh! Shit. The guy who made it 525 folded...and mumbled something about that guy being super, super tight. Shit.

Fuck it. Lets take a shot. It's a rebuy. I flatted. And magically flopped a 5-3-8 board. Check. He bets 1000. I threw my last 800 in there and looked at his KK. I held. Double up, plus some. Nice. Never rebought. Just took the double add-on for $100...and was in for a total of $170. 

I cruised. My KK held. My AA held. I had two hands where if I had called after raising...instead of folding, I would have won...and would have REALLY cruised. Things got a little hairy with two tables left...and I had to win with Q10 all in twice...both times against 88. Hitting a queen both times. On the bubble we had a guy all in for less than the big blind...and all of us called the 800...without looking at our cards...and simply checked it down, which is EXACTLY how it should have been played out. I was pretty proud of my table for not fucking that up. Turns out I made three tens...and it was over. Mercifully. 

I opted for the 7pm start time...which is a little over an hour from now. Kai had originally signed up for noon, but liked my idea of going out with a bunch of fellow players and a handful of dealers last night instead...and then sleeping in, and going to play the second session well-rested. I'm also battling a chest cold, which I'm sure I picked up from one of these assholes who was here last week sneezing all over the place without covering their mouth. Funny how I almost NEVER get sick...and when I do, its always at a poker tourney. So we went downtown to Omaha...where they have some really cool bars and restaurants. Its the first time I had ventured out of our immediate area the whole time since we got here.

We drove by their arena and baseball stadium, which are really nice. The downtown area was really modern, and clean. It's a really nice city. We went to a place called the Dubliner...which had an Irish setting, and a couple guys playing live music. It had a nice 25-35 crowd. After that a couple carloads of us went to check out Council Bluffs version of a strip club. We had 4 girls with us...and they had the same reaction to it as most of us did. 

"Its like a Flea Market with strippers."

"It's like right after Footloose, they decided to take it up a notch!"

"It's reminds me of a Siberian work camp's recreation room."  This comment from a lovely lady one of my poker buddies (not knowing if he wants this revealed for public consumption so I will keep him anonymous) has been 'hanging out with' during this poker trip. The girl is brilliant, with several degrees who speaks many languages and apparently has spent some time in Russia!

The girls were pretty skanky, and covered with all kinds of tattoos. It was one big long stage....and then cheap tables and chairs on either side of it for viewing. It was kind of like a big, long VFW hall...where the only thing missing was a Bingo Barker. The highlight of the night was...well, this is kind of a stretch...

At some point an 'issue' occurred at the far end of the barn...and several yellow-shirted security guys went flying by in full sprint to get to the other side...which was easily 50-60 yards away. Oh no...suddenly, one of them slipped...and fell...and like a midget bowler...went flying past us like a spinning ball on his way to knock down the pins...and thats about what happened, as he careened into a bunch of chairs and tables. Then quickly getting up and continuing his pursuit of the situation that had already been resolved. Wow. These guys working security were like a pack of 45 hyenas all fighting over half a piece of meat. 

"Action! Action! Give us Action! Give us get fired up about!!!!"  

At one point one of us took a picture...which I will show you down below...and we were pounced on by three of them. 

"HEY! There is NO taking pictures in here! I have to see those! And I might make you DELETE THEM!!"

It made us laugh that we had to tell him we didn't find ANY of the girls worthy of photographing...that what we were taking pictures of were each other and the guy who looked like Adolph Hitler sitting all by himself waiting for something to happen. We showed him the pictures...and issued us a terse warning about future photos...then his handler pulled him (by his chain and choke collar) back from our table and into his corner.

I realize it might be kind of hard to really make this guy out. But take it from me he was really creepy looking. Totally what you expect to see sitting at home looking at kiddy porn. When a black girl finally approached him for a private dance in back, he stood up and with the most eerie grin on his face...took the walk with her. And right on cue...about 8 of us started applauding and clapping, while Kai started saluting him with the Heil Hitler arm salute. Perfect.  We left shortly after that....with the spinning top of the bouncer being our #1 highlight of the evening.

I will have more exciting stories from Omaha, along with fun photos...coming in my next blog or so. I have been holding back for days...mainly because I've been depressed at all the bad run..and didn't feel like spilling my misery on this blog. But I'm hoping to have a really good Day 1 tonight...bagging up a healthy stack, and spending tomorrow writing a funny blog while relaxing on a day off (yeah for some damn reason they scheduled Sunday off for Easter) and then returning on Monday for Day 2.

Gotta go! Wish me luck!


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Shea McGuire said...

Good Luck Monk! Since I've started Zija I have not been sick and my allergies, which are usually awful by this time, have been non-existent. We had a great last couple of weeks with our team we got 2 women in, one which was on top level of Mary Kay and the other with NSA. They are going to develop a system for the home parties for the women in the group. I have talked to the VP of Zija ab marketing at the series with you and any other players we may get on board, he is going to mail plenty of the energy products for us to have for samples and we may have a couple corporate guys to help with our recruiting while there. This business is getting very big quick, the products are so effective and are really changing lives. Tear them up! Maybe next week we can get some things going with our project. Shea