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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Choctaw Day Two

All I could think about yesterday...was, 'Oh My God, this is going to be such a great blog post'....that no matter how absolutely horrible my day was going, and how UNBELIEVABLE some of the shit was that I was seeing...that at least YOU guys would be entertained. Well, sorry. I slept in. And damn, it felt good. And now it's 7 minutes til noon, and there is no way I'm not going in on time. I have to be there when one of these fools gives away their stacks. And hope it's me.

So what I'm saying is I don't have any time at all to give you what you fully deserve from yesterday. I played and lost the $580 at 5pm. Had a very tough table. 4 real good players, and 3 really aggressive and annoying players. I didn't win a hand for 2.5 levels. Finally did in Level 3...and then another get to almost my starting stack.

After the break I pick up AA behind 'Nate'...some young kid who is large...and who opened about 78% of the time. People got hip to his act though and started 3-betting him a lot. So when he raised UTG...and I looked down at AA...I decide to smooth call and wait for someone downstream to re-raise. It doesn't happen. Shit. AA five-handed. Never fun. Flop comes out Q-J-3 rainbow. Nate bets 1100 (raise was to 500) I raise to 2300. Guy on the button, who was a cross between Fred Flintstone and John Goodman, and who I knew NOTHING about because he had JUST come to our table...squints at me (??? what is that???) and makes it 5100. Gawd. Not again. What now? Set of threes? QJ? AQ? It folds back to me. I decide to flat. Hope I can turn either a 3 or an ace. Turn is junk...a lonely 5. I check. He bets all in. Shit. I am down to 3400 (at 150/300). I have to be beat. I fold face up.

Half the table gasps. The 'ol "oh my gosh how does he fold there!??' The other half arched their eyebrows...I'm assuming in a fashion that they were amazed by my ability to lay down aces. I couldn't tell from the look on Flintstones' face if I had him beat or not. But I think he had me. I sat stewing for 6 hands...until I get the SB. Guy raises UTG. To 850. I shove all in for 3200. He snap calls with AKc. Good. Double me up dealer. Get me back in this. No? Gonna give him a flush on the river? Oh. Okay. I see. Thanks. Busto!

Went to SNG land. Luck did NOT improve. At all. Lost three $125's, two of them with $100 last longers. I was heads up with a guy with $500 in the last longer (4 left in the SNG) and could have split it with him...but I wanted to go for it all...get me back to even on the day (in SNG's) and then try to win the SNG to get up on the day. Forget that. Button raises, I move all in with AQ in SB...get called by him and his 99...and he holds. Out 4th. Nothing to show for it. 

I think my favorite (make that...most irritating) hand of the SNG session was raising from 25/50 to 175 with 88....getting called by 3 guys. One of them the red-bearded toothpick-knawing idiot who is likely living in a cabin with 17 relatives and has 2 GB's of chip porn on his computer...who thought calling with Q4c was a good play. I flopped a set of 8's but on an all club know the rest. Board didn't pair.

Yesterday was another cacophony of idiots making moronic plays, one after the other...and seeming to be in perfect harmony with the dealer and the deck. I mean...I can take the first 10 beats, the first 10 stupid ass plays that knock me out...but after you feel that lump in your pocket (your bankroll) get noticeably smaller, the stress builds, the tension increases...the anger grows. I sat killing this guy in my head yesterday. I think I was up to 7 ways to kill this particular player before I was busted and got to leave and go eat.

This game...if you play it long enough...and I certainly have...will absolutely drive you insane. Okay. I'm going to go now, and try to create some good news on Day 3. And it's playoff time in the NFL again. One more day to wait for my Seahawks to pull of another road win in the playoffs! Rooting for Green Bay today. Good bye.


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