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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back On The Grid....

Another long hiatus from my blog is about to come to an end. I decided, after not being able to secure reasonably priced tickets for the NFC Championship in my home town this weekend, to instead travel to Oklahoma with my friend Barth Melius to play the WSOP Circuit Main Event at Choctaw Casino in Durant. 

We left late Tuesday night...arrived early Wednesday morning, and played poker ALL DAY! I had an unsuccessful day one here....losing a $65 sattelite into Wednesday's $580 noon tourney...208 started, 17 got paid, went out 47th. Barth went out 4 from the seat. Then played the $580. Very frustrating day. Started good. Then got kind of coolered twice to fall to 1800...before building it back to 12k...only to go card dead and miss every flop...I literally got down to ONE BIG BLIND at 1k/2k and 110 out of 380 it in with K9....lost to Justin 'Choctaw' Kruger who held a much better AQ. That 6 hours was painful.

Then played the $250 at 5pm. Twice. On the first bullet...'that' punk showed know the guy. Hat turned askew...with the straight bill...Beats headphones. Glasses turned around on the back of his head. Swagger. He decides he's gonna try to run over the table. Not gonna happen slappy. He raises my BB from cutoff...I have 9-10s and reraise him. He gets this stupid look  on his face and wrecklessly dumps his stack all in. I snap call. He, as I suspected, didn't have much. A8 off suit. But of course....I missed everything. Standard. I re-bought.

It went a lot better. Started hot...took a hot again....lost a few hands. Very up and down...then in Level 12...I got into the classic heads up all in hand...for a huge double up...or a trip to the rail. Me...AK...him QQ. Winner...QQ. Boo! Day one over.

Joined a bunch of people at Sports City...where they were having Karaoke night. I needed to eat...which I did. The service in that place was dreadfully slow...despite having a ton of staff. Guess they aren't used to being busy. Saw a lot of good 'poker friends' I hadn't seen in awhile. Stayed for about two hours...listened to some good singers...and some horrible singers. It was pretty entertaining. But I needed sleep...and went and got about 9 hours.

I'm late right now for the noon $70 Mega with $50 rebuys. But those things are so crazy...and the people up here, what I witnessed yesterday...was absolutely insanity...and I can only assume the first four levels of this thing will be utter chaos.  I want no part of that bullshit...I'll just end up getting in for like $500 or more...which is a joke when you're trying to win a seat valued at $1675. So me and Barth...who just returned to the room from shopping at some outlet mall....will both go down and sign up right before the break.

There are quite a few 'fun' stories to tell about this place. For sure. And there was a couple of fun stories about my trip coming up here...including being part of an Amber Alert investigation...where I was pulled over, handcuffed, placed in a cops car...and questioned, before being released about 20 minutes later after they discovered that the 'White Toyota 4-Runner with a black brush guard and Alabama plates last seen traveling west from Mobile' was not, in!!!

Our room in the Choctaw casino tower is great! The crowds are great. The dealers are great. The remodeled this place since my last visit...the casino that is...not  the hotel...and it too,  looks great. They really do a nice job with this casino. The drinks aren't free...but that's cool, I'm about to start the 24-day Advocare challenge with Cheryl when I get home from this my mission to lose about 20-30 lbs. I'm drinking as much water as possible to 'purge' before I get back. I drank a total of 12 bottles yesterday!!!!

As you know...I am a HUGE Seahawks fan. Last year....I was here in Choctaw...when Seattle came from behind...and took the lead against Atlanta, only to lose by a field goal in the last minute...and tear my heart out. This year....we have made it one step further..and Sunday is going to be insane for me. It would also be Day Two of the Main I really hope I'm not watching the game from my hotel room!!! Michael Sanders...a pretty good poker buddy of mine who is also from Seattle and a huge fan of all-things Seattle-related like me...he was in my face at the Karaoke bar last night and all geeked up about the game this weekend. I'm so excited about this game...but I'm also SO nervous. 

Carley is doing great! We decided to take her from her 2-days a week sitter ritual and enter her in an actual day care...where she will be going between 3-5 days a week, depending on whatever we have going on that week. It broke her sitter's heart...but we have to do what is best for Carley...and she needs to be around other kids and developing her social qualities. I will miss her at home with me...but I can't hold her back. She is growing up so fast it's insane. I love that little girl so much its impossible to imagine. And when I'm away from kills me. It sure has put things into perspective. Nothing that happens in poker...either good or bad....will ever have the same impact on me as it ever did before because of the effect she has had on my life.

All I wanted to do was come up here for a few days....and take a shot at some good help my family. And I admit I do miss...a little bit, the competition of poker tourneys. I was ready, after 5-months to jump back in and get my feet wet. I'll have more later, promise...but I better get ready and get my butt down there. 

Hope you're all having a Happy New Year!!


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