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Monday, March 17, 2014

How to Silence a Lunatic....

Now that I have two places to that pays me...both of which require 'original' content, it's become a balancing act deciding on which topics to write about on each site. Every time I'm certain I have my next topic to write about, BOOM! Here comes another one. Damn! 

Last night, it was a news flash from a guy I've always liked a great deal, sending me a message on Facebook asking me for advice on how to deal with a certain person I've come to regard as nothing more than vermin. A guy who has failed to realize that his life has become a never-ending story about all the people who have screwed him over...failing to take the opportunity to look in the mirror and realize that the person to blame for 99.9% of his problems in life is staring back at him. 

I would concern myself more with his ramblings if I thought people were actually paying attention to him, and what lies he was spewing. But the thing is...anyone that knows him, knows he's fucking nuts. And a terrible human being. And that little he says is even close to credible. So, how much time is a person supposed to commit to defending themselves against the things being spewed by someone like that? I'm pretty sure that his 'hit meter' is ridiculously low, since it takes the time for his drivel to reach my ears an amount of time equal to the time for a glacier to transform into a lake. I won't even give him the benefit of a  name mention here...because I know it would  be doing him a favor.

But one thing I should say to Mr. that in my recent post that referred to you (again not by name, but guilty just always seems to know when it's being talked about) you erroneously (reading comprehension is clearly not your strong suit) jumped to the conclusion that I was giving you credit for comments made by my anonymous comment poster who has taken to threatening the lives of me and my family. I was never suggesting that you were this fact, this person and you have very different writing styles. Yes, you are both sick in the head, but on two different levels all together. You did, however...and I have the emails to prove it...make threats against me and my family. But something about you making threats? It just makes me think of that little yip-yip dog that some old granny leaves in the car while she goes into Dollar General,  to bark incessantly at people who dare walk within 15 feet of the car...flashing their drool dripping fangs to anyone brave enough to come near it.

This guy likes to run around the internet telling everyone/anyone that will listen to him that all these people owe him money, myself included. This is the part that cracks me up the most. I gave him a blueprint on how to make money on a Pokerstars Homegame poker club...something that couldn't be easier, but merely required a little investment of time. But what he did with that blueprint, was allow it to turn him into a lunatic...and I won't bore you with the details, but lets just say his ability to manage other people's money is painfully lacking anything resembling 'normal.' Not sure how he comes off telling people I owe him money, since him and I never had a situation that would have had me owing him money. He had players. I had players. He held his players' money, I held my players' money. Period. When he decided he no longer wanted to operate a poker club with his and my players...he (in a very hostile manner) ordered all of us to basically go fuck ourselves. I then spent the next week sending back every red cent of the money I was holding on behalf of my players. And washed my hands of the whole Home Game 'experience.' 

Since this has occurred, I've been approached by numerous people who've continued to have issues with this guy. Others have invited me, or asked help them set up, or partner start a new poker club. Sorry, not interested. And I learned my lesson about doing business with someone who is also responsible for other people's money. Bad idea. The whole guilty by association thing has a chance to rear its ugly head. No thanks. I've been running sports pools and fantasy leagues now for almost 25 years. Hundreds of people have played with me, won with me, and always gotten paid. People who have bought into my poker packages...and made money...have been paid, always, in a timely fashion. I prefer to be 100% responsible for anything I get involved in where other people's money is concerned.

So to hear this miserable piece of shit take to his blog to name-call well as other people I consider friends, and also good people...isn't so much angering as it is pathetic. I know that human nature sometimes makes you want to set people straight...and fight for your good name to those who may have been convinced that you are not the person you want them to think you are. But the truth is, life on this planet is pretty short. And to make EVERYONE like you, or respect you, or think highly of you? It's probably not even possible, especially someone who doesn't live the life of a hermit. Yeah...the hermit can probably skate through life without some of the drama that someone like me enjoys on a regular basis. But how boring would that kind of life be?

I mean...the guy posts a picture of me on his blog...that was pulled from that would lead the reader to think I'm some kind of criminal. Cute. First, I will be the first to admit that I have run into some awkward situations with law enforcement...nearly all of them from when I lived in Atlanta from 1993-2003...yes, that long ago. None of which ended in a conviction. Most of which had to do with a questionable relationship I had with a girl most deemed to be a drama queen who had a fondness for calling the police every time we had a disagreement, or who would call the cops when she had a guy in the apartment with her (cheating) and tell them her ex-boyfriend (current actually) was outside her apartment, describe my car, and tell them I was stalking her. Cobb County, Georgia was a place in 1997 that was very eager to aggressively go after 'stalkers.' No questions. Just a quick arrest, a ride in a police car, and a trip to jail until you could get before a judge to plead innocent at an arraignment hearing and find out what your bond will be. 

Oh sure...drama queen girlfriend usually showed up to admit she over-reacted...but not before I had spent 3 or 4 days sitting in jail wondering why I'd chosen to fall in love with this person. And yes...I was the idiot who kept going back to her...earning the ire of my family and closest friends. I wasn't proud of those days. But I also don't look back on my time in Atlanta as that of a hardened criminal either. But let this jerkoff rip a picture off of and  post it on his blog,  and he thinks he has free will to call me whatever he wants. You might notice I was wearing a shirt and tie in his picture...yeah, most guys who go on a crime spree are usually wearing a suit aren't they?

I  had 3 or 4 unfortunate incidents like this one while  I lived in the Atlanta area.  And they were all just as equally frustrating, and led me at times to ask that question that some of us ask of ourselves when we are running bad in something..."why does this shit keep happening to me?" Well, that is where accountability in life comes into play...and while I might not have deserved some of the things that were happening to me, the truth is, I was putting myself in the position to allow those things to happen to me. I've learned a lot about accountability in the past 10-20 years. And about not putting myself in bad situations. 

Fortunately I met my wife, who really helped me learn about myself, my faults, my well as my strengths and what I should be trying to build on. She is a great person, comes from a great family, and is now demonstrating on a daily basis what a great mother she is. Having her in my life makes it a lot easier to tolerate people like this guy who seems to have made a life of making enemies and then using his blog to try and sully their reputations. At some point you just have to hope that everything catches up with a guy like that. I can't make it my mission in life to make this guy pay for his endless lies about me. All I can do is keep living as good a life as I can, treat people well, respect those around me, be a good husband and a good father, and a good friend to those in my life. Those are the things I have control over. What I don't have control over...are the antics of a lunatic.


COMING UP NEXT: My trip  to Coushatta...and a ridiculous fact-finding phone call to Vicksburg that kept three players (at least) from trekking there to play the HPT event.

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