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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Nothing good to report from the felt. Busted yesterday's nooner in Level 6...which was shockingly early for me on this trip. Then watched California Chrome NOT win the Triple Crown...then listened to Wilford Brimley bitch about the way other horses who were fresher, were allowed to show up and run the Belmont on fresh legs. That they 'ganged up on' 'ol Chromy. Well...36 years now and counting.

Then I watched my New York Rangers in Game 2...getting out to a 2-0 lead...getting tied...then going out to a 4-2 lead...taking that into the 3rd period..where they were 22-0 when leading by two goals going into the 3rd period this year. LA got one free goal when the ref decided that it was okay for an LA player to be on top of our goalie while a shot was unleashed into the net. They tied it...sent it to overtime...and won in the 2nd OT...taking a 2 games to none lead going back to New York. The worst part of the loss was that I was wearing my Mark Messier #11 old-school Ranger jersey..and got to listen to taunting from all the fake-ass Kings fans the rest of the night. Losers.

For those of you who are interested in backing a good player in the Main Event this summer...I am rapidly gathering the backing group for this venture..which I've labeled Monkey's 2014 WSOP Grinders! There are a total (potentially) of 150 shares...each priced at $200 per share. This is going to send THREE solid players to play the Main Event this year. The backing group (us) will get 65% of anything won. The player...will receive 35% of anything over $10,000. That 10k would be refunded to the investors off the top...if our player(s) should make the money. The money usually starts at around $19,500. I haven't done a tally in the past few days...but I think I am somewhere close to 60 shares sold. As for who I am sending if we get the full funding for all three players? I have numerous candidates...and feel really good about all of them. If you are interested in getting into this...shoot me an email at  Investors only, please. I am way overwhelmed with people wanting to be the 'Monkey Grinder!'

I played cash all night last night...and about the most interesting thing I can say about it was the guy in the 8-seat, who looked a lot like Mickey Roarke's character in the wrestler. The guy never said  a word...and only played one hand an hour. It was always funny when he played a hand...knowing he had a top five hand. He bought in for $100. At one point he got down to $54...and gave the dealer $46 to make it $100. Weird. Sitting behind him...watching his every move...was this old old? Um....I would post their picture here...but I really don't need the heat right now...and I think he is the type that might bring it. But she had to be at least 75. He might have been 50. Maybe. She was real petite...but was carrying around these fake tits...that just made her look horribly awkward. It was the craziest damn thing. Every new player that came to the table was like...."um....what the fuck!???"  And since I was in the 1-seat...and they were in the made it easier to hide.

It was a pretty weird most have been this summer. I basically sat there spinning my wheels for 6 hours...breaking even. The only thing I gained I guess was the $2 per hour I made from friend at Venetian!

For those, by the way...spreading rumors that the Venetian banned the Poker News from covering the event that the MSPT sponsored last week? Not the case. What really happened, was that every venue (casino) has to pay them a fee to cover their events. And it wasn't that the fee was anything significant enough to cause them to say 'no thanks.' Nope, the real issue was the fact that the Venetian has very limited seating this summer...for the reasons I spelled out in my last post. And by having the Poker News cover it with live coverage, it would have created a lot more visibility for the event...and brought a lot more players to the event. And since they have already been dealing with overflow this summer...and pissing off players because of it...they were just trying to avoid a scenario where a TON of players showed up to play that event and were forced to either wait an eternity or were just turned away. If you think about it...that makes total sense. 

Today is Flight A of the big $2100 at the Venetian. I thought they were running a satellite into that event, but I haven't seen when or where. Would really like to try and play that and save  a couple grand...since I've been running so wonderfully this past two weeks. Also contemplated playing the $225 PLO/8 at Nugget today at noon...but it's too late now.  They also have smaller events with decent guarantees attached to at the Wynn...and one at the Planet Hollywood. My buddy BJ McBrayer was trying to get me to go over there yesterday...where they had a $250 buy in with a 25k guarantee..but they ended up getting a huge turnout of 800 players...and first place was $100,000! BJ got deep but went out 69th when he ran QQ into AQ and of course got 3-outed. Poker. It  sucks!  Another fun beat...told to me by Barth about an hour he is playing in today's event at WSOP: Barth 3-bets a raiser with QQ....gets flatted by some donkey with J7...the flop comes J-Q-J....and the clown ends up rivering quads. The other day...another buddy had AA. He raised. Got called by 88. Fair enough. Flop comes A-10-10. Guy with 88 checks. Buddy bets. Other guy jams...with 88. Turn 8. River 8. Thanks for coming out!!!!! Oh...I see bad beats all I scroll the Facebook  updates...but those two just kind of stand out over all the others. 

In six more days...I fly my girls into San Jose...where I will be there to pick them up after driving all day from Vegas. My mom and sister are driving down from Seattle and we are all meeting at my brother's house in San Ramon. Then on Monday...we are all driving up to Lake Tahoe for the week. I miss my girls so much. One thing...about being away from them...if I'm running makes it a lot easier to be gone. Mainly because I know I am helping my family. But to be running like crap? It sucks..because I'm not helping us...and I'm lonely and sad missing them. Carley sees me on Facetime and gets mad that I'm not there for her to grab onto me. Kills me. So  I just hope I can finish up this week strong...and knock something down...get all my investors a little money back..and get out of here with a profit after two weeks of misery. The thing is...and this is one of the things that is just crazy about just need ONE day where your hands finally hold...where no disasters plague you...and BOOM...everything is good again. All those buy ins have been covered. You've got money in your pocket again. Your confidence is restored. People actually respect your game again. People want to hang out with you...want to go to clubs. That's poker. Peak vs. Valley. All the time. No one just kind of always runs 'so so.' Doesn't happen. You're either hot...on fire!!!! Or you are cold...cold as fuck. No in between. No middle ground. It sucks. 

I'm looking at the schedule..and it would appear that the 5pm $225 at Venetian today must be a satellite into tomorrow's $2100 tourney. So I will go down...spend some hours at the pool, swim some laps...get recharged! Then go play that a seat into tomorrow's $300k Guarantee...then go final table that bitch!


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