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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Twas Main Event Eve...and Vegas is a Boomin!!!

Well I'm quite the loser! Got in yesterday at a reasonable time...even won the "Upgrade Lottery" on my Delta flight and got to fly 1st favorite. That after spending my 3 hour layover in Atlanta in the posh Delta Sky Club...which my Gold medallion status gives me free access to. So basically, a wonderful day of travel. Got all checked in without much fanfare. And then...NEVER left my room! Not to play a nightly. Not to play cash. Not to gamble. Not even to eat! I actually ordered, from Capriatti's sandwich favorite sandwich on the planet, "The Bobbie"...which is Thanksgiving on a Hoagie! Had it delivered...thing showed up about 9:51pm. Ate half of it...went into a food coma...woke up at 3am...ate some more....woke up at 8am...ate the rest!!!! How is THAT for a Las Vegas tale!!!???

SO since then...I have been weeding through all the emails, and all the payments...and coming up with some numbers...while sending out notice to all the current investors and players that I have named a SEVENTH player to this summer's team...after crossing over the 350 shares sold hurdle late last night. We now are sitting on 360 shares sold...with the first of three Day 1 flights starting tomorrow. I am fairly confident that we WILL get to the same 8 players we had last year. My only real question is: Will they make it into the Team Photo!??? I am pontificating between two players. And one of them IS in town...while the other one is in Phoenix...which is, I think, about a 3 or 4 hour drive from here. Additionally, I only brought 75k with me...enough for 7 players...and then some money for myself. Well...if we DO add an 8th, I'm going to need to visit Wells Fargo when it opens tomorrow so I can pull out another 10k for that 8th player...and probably a little more for my own tournament play while I'm here.

PLEASE...allow me to introduce to everyone...someone MOST of you Gulf Coast poker players know already, KENNY "TRUCKER" MILAM to the team for a return visit from last year. Why did I pick Kenny? Since he didn't cash? Well...a few reasons. (1) I like Kenny! (2) Lots of people LIKE Kenny! (3) Me and LOTS of people, investors included...are aware of Kenny's style of play...and KNOW he is fully capable of making a deep run in the main event. (4) Kenny almost...and really SHOULD...have cashed last year...going out right before the money, which really crushed me emotionally. (5) Kenny has had a rough go of things the past few years...and a big score would do GREAT things for him in his life...and one thing I love to help people get on track when things aren't going so great. We have a few people on the team this summer who kind of resemble that..without me revealing too much. And as a guy who has had my own shares of ups and downs in my life...I always hold out a lot of sentiment for people who can use a little hand. Or in my case...a freakishly large hand!!! :)

We have close to 150 investors now...a record in the five years I've been doing this. A great great support unit behind these folks. With the special group set up on Facebook (private group) it also opens up a nice space for the investors, players, friends and family to talk among each other, answering questions....showing support and giving frequent updates. I can't believe that I waffled for months on this and almost DIDN'T do it. What was I thinking? Now I'm beyond psyched to get this thing going again!!!!

FIVE's TEAM DAY at the Rio....then at 7:30...TEAM DINNER at Carmine's. Gonna be a great day!!! 

If you would like a last second PIECE OF THE ACTION on this summer's team...I have a hard 40 shares left to sell. $200 per share. Just email me if you are That's it. EIGHT. I won't go beyond that. Just not enough time. If I sell all these shares before the team meeting...I WILL name that person...and hopefully they might be able to be here to be in the TEAM PHOTO! For now...I am heading to the pool!!!!!!


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