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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Humble Pie is NOT very delicious.

"Hey Monkey, don't you usually run good in New Orleans?"

Yes....that would be the number one quote that I have been asked this week as I continue to get one and two-outed and watch my bankroll continue to dwindle.

There is an element to this game that if you don't learn how to deal with, will eat you alive. I have been here before. Many times in fact. And if you all have been reading this blog for a long time you are aware that I never get too wrapped up in my success and try very hard not to get too disappointed when I'm running bad. The players who strut around like their shit don't stink when their running good, most of us 'serious' players just kind of chuckle at them...knowing that when their 'downturn' hits they will probably not know how to handle it. And it comes. It always comes.

Monday I showed up for the $350 a bit late because I was getting you guys out a fresh blog. Got to my table...and didn't know a single player at the table. Scary. I got some hands early...but couldn't get anything going in the way of building a stack. Then tried to pull a few bluffs that didnt turn out so well. Then, after listening to this little jarhead in the 5-seat clown on the guy in the 10-seat who called every raise it seemed, but never 3-bet...just a total call-station, he pulls his own beauty. He limps in for 150. In middle position. I have AhKd for about the 5th time so far. I kept raising light trying to get action, and WOULD get action but then brick every time. So I decide this time to try and take a pot and gain some momentum. I raise it to 650. Both blinds fold. This kid barely hesitates and calls.

The flops comes Ad-8d-6d. Wow! Too perfect (you would think). He checks. I decide...hmmm...should I slow play it? Or bet it big to suggest that I missed? I go for option B. I bet out 1100. He RAISES! Huh? Is anyone folding here? I'm going to go with 'NO EFFING WAY, MONKEY!!!!' I re-raise him. He ships. Well, I guess he must have like Jd10d. I'm still not folding. I call. He has 2d3d. Wait...what? Deuce three? For 650 preflop? Wow. Well, of course I miss the next two shots at a diamond. I leave pretty pissed off, then experience an accident that results in me doing serious damage to my hand, in fact...I am about 85% certain that its broken. Was starting to think it might have just been a sprain, but this morning I was reaching over to grab my cell phone and hit the top of my hand on the almost brought me to tears it hurt so bad. I just spent two hours icing it. I think I will require x-rays when I get back to Biloxi next week.

Later that day I would play and lose two SNG's. The irritating one was a $230 with a $100 last longer. With 4 left...and this guy I call 'crazy eyes' because well, he has crazy eyes...and is a bit of a spaz...I raise on the button to 1200 (blinds 200/400) with JJ and leave 4000 behind. He is chipleader. He calls with Q10off. The flop comes 4-5-2. He shoves all in. Well...pretty sure no one is folding there. I didn't either. Dealer turns a 10 and rivers a damn Q. I said nothing. I just walked into the room where the nightly was being held...that I had already registered for. That got off to a really good start. I got 7k up to 15k. Then 22k. Then...with three tables left...I was in the BB on a min-raise at 150/300 that got 4 callers. I called with 9-10. Flop comes 8-J-Q. Wow. Nice. I check. First guy bets. Gets two callers. And with about 9k in the pot I decide that this would be a good time to shove. So I do. And get called by the initial min-raiser and his QJ. Matthew promptly plops a J on the turn. Wonderful. And I'm out.

Its just been that kind of week for me so far. I can't complain about ANYTHING else. The turnout is good, the structures are awesome. The staff has been great. Even the caliber of players is relatively solid. I just happen to be running bad. And it sucks. And it is eating at me. Its just really been a horrendous 2010 so far, for me, for Squirrel, for the damn PLANET! I mean...what the hell is going on out there in the Gulf of Mexico? I would have hoped these geniuses with all their money would be smart enough or well-equipped enough to be able to deal with this. Just makes me wonder what they would do if a bunch of terrorists started blowing up oil rigs...would we have uncontrollable gushers all over the gulf? Back two years ago, when oil hit $140 a barrel, and people were screaming for more drilling in the gulf, and the environmentalists were freaking out, I couldn't understand what their problem was. Well, now....I get it.

Yesterday I decided to play the heads up tourney. There were a LOT of good players registered. It was somewhat disorganized...but they finally got it all sorted out. We were all wondering, as we were standing in line....who would we draw! Brandon Jarrett, Dan Walsh, Ben Mintz (there is your name drop portion of today's blog!) and a couple other guys and I were all standing in line talking about how funny it would be if Brandon and I drew each other. So when I got my assignment finally, and walked down to table 60...the first thing I noticed wasnt that it was Brandon sitting there...holy shit. No, the first thing I noticed was the damn dealer. Jo, the Brazilian dealer...the one who has been butchering me for a month. He gives me Kings, I am fucked. At the IP Main Event last week...he's the one who gave me KK against Mr. Cashgame Gamble-Gamble....and flopped him a 5-7-5 full house. Then in yesterday's noon tourney...I get KK again...and lose to a guy with 55...who flops QUADS! When the hands were turned over I could see him cringe. I know, I know...its not his fault. And I don't hate the guy. He's actually a pretty nice guy. He keeps suggesting I go down to the quarter and get with a witch doctor. He might be on to something.

When I saw him at the table, I really did come very close to going and unregistering. If you took Jo, Mark Cain, and Erin Holt...and put us all on a boat together...I'm sure I would be fish food by Day 3.

But I played. And Brandon and I really played small ball throughout the first half hour. I had about a 3500 chip edge on him when Jo decided to give me KK. I raised. Brandon called with A4c. Flop came all rags...but with two clubs. I bet pot. Brandon called. He turns a gutshot wheel, he gets almost all my chips. Jo's face again melts into sheer panic. And I again had that 'kicked in the stomach' feeling. I didn't quit though. Trailing 21,500 to 2,500 I fought like hell to come back. I did manage to double up twice...and got back to as high as 7500. But then, as 300/600 he gives me 66...and gives Brandon KK! His Kings held though. And I was out. We were the final match to at least I had that to cling to. Whatever.

The thing about playing Brandon heads that I KNOW he really prides himself as a great heads up player. And sitting in my living room a couple weeks ago and watching him play was kind of ironic, I'm sure that was entering into his thoughts as well. But Brandon is just one of those players who I have always been able to read very well. So with him and I playing, and him really kind of understanding that...he knew he was going to have to tread lightly with me. That him and I would likely come down to who got the best cards and was able to reel the other guy in. And thats pretty much what happened. I had a top 5 hand, and he had a decent hand that became a great hand after the flop...and I got skewered. For me to beat him in our match...I'm not sure what that would have done to him personally. I know that in that little online community of theirs, none of them probably regard me as much of a heads-up player. And I will admit, three years ago, I would have been terrified to play a heads up tourney. I now happen to think I am above average. Certainly not great by any stretch, but not awful either. There were a LOT of good heads up players in that tourney...that is a fact. I just don't know how Brandon would have handled getting beat by me. Its probably best that it ended the way it did. I didn't want to have to go talk Brandon off a ledge later!!!

And that was it, I called it a day. Came back to my room with BJ and took a nap. Then woke up and him and I played some online poker...some of the SCOOP events and I played a $5 Omaha H/L tourney with 507 players...finishing 5th for an amazing $135!

By the way, I appreciate your comments regarding the KK hand the other day. I realize that I COULD have folded there, still had 9k in chips...and been just fine. But I think, in the have to trust your instincts...and if you KNOW you have the best hand, and have a shot at a clean double Level 1 or HAVE to seize on that opportunity. And if the clown sucks out? Well, you just have to be willing to accept the consequences. I just wanted you readers to know...that whatever you guys put on here, I generally appreciate and respect. Especially when you sign your names to it, and don't post as ANONYMOUS. I hate that word now.

I also really appreciate it when you guys and gals come up to me and introduce yourselves to me and tell me you read this blog. Some of you seem embarrassed when you do it, or act like you are bothering me. NEVER! Please don't feel like that. I am just an average joe-schmo trying to get ahead in life by playing this stupid card game. Trust me, if you take the time to read anything I have to say, and are the least bit entertained by it, I am flattered. I love meeting all of you guys. And frankly, I have to say, its really affecting how I act at the table these days. Sometimes in the past I can honestly say that I didn't care how I acted after a bad beat, or what I said to someone I thought was making a stupid play. But now, I almost feel a certain sense of responsibility to act...mmm, not sure what the word is here. But to think I have someone who reads this on a regular basis and then I offend them? Wouldn't make me feel very good about myself. So I think with that, coupled with this medication...I am getting a lot better about just laughing certain things off and not letting them affect me.

I'm going to try and get back in there today, get some good run going, get some money back in my pocket and have some fun. This city is supposed to be fun, right? Everyone comes up to me and asks how I am doing, and I hate being phony and telling them..."Oh pretty good, how are you?" it sucks! I want to be like, "Oh man...I am GREAT!!!! how the hell are YOU!!!???" Sounds a lot better that way, doesnt it?

Y'all take care...and I hope to see you at the table!!!! Be nice to me! No nasty beats! If I tell ya I got KINGS, I GOT KINGS!!!! FOLLLLLDDDD!!!!! Okay, unless you aces...then its just a cooler!



Anonymous said...

Choking on humble pie..i've played in 3 events so far with a big goose egg of cashes...variance?, donking off? who knows... once i flopped a wheel, money goes in and was beat by dude drawing with 6,7 dealer promptly rivers the 8; i'm out the door. So after that 3 day soul crushing, i drive 2 hours home to find out my wife has left me for a Vanessa Selbt? lookalike; and it gets worse from there; i had left her and her carpet munching dike friend a voice mail that they did'nt find amusing; i'm awakened by cops banging on my door around 2:00 am and arrested for various "threatening" charges, they have a warrant,search my house, find my weed/pharmacy stash, along with unregistered automatic weapons, more charges.
So, i feels ya son... life aint always chocolate covered strawberries. On a brighter note, my cousin is the assisant DA, so i was incarcerated for less than 2 hrs, and i layed off the contraband on my future ex.

game2eazy said...

Monkey u better ship last night after getting me wasted and knocking me off with j3os haha gl buddy nice metting u in new Orleans see ya in vegas