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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Off to see the Doctor

Wow, its really been 6 days since I blogged?

Well, I suppose a lot has happened since then. I could reallly pretty much just summarize it into about three paragraphs...that would make it real simple. For me. But that just wouldn't be my style, now would it?

I have exactly 30 minutes before the doctor appointment my wife has been hassling me to go to. The one where I find out if I need some kind of medication to regulate my mood. This could be something that I try to make light of, but I just simply can't. It's a serious problem.

As I write this I am looking out my patio door into my screened in porch, where my dogs hang out. Mollie, she of the newly laid sod prancing around out there with a turtle in her mouth. Yep...a turtle. Yesterday, it was a gecko. Where does she find these creatures? Turtle? This is the third time a turtle has shown up in her mouth.

I also need a refill on my Crestor...the wonder-drug that has sent my skyrocketing cholesterol level plummeting to manageable levels. Not sure what he is going to be able to determine about my mental state. I just know that I am currently in a state where nothing about poker makes me feel joy. Even contentment. And the thing about poker is that nearly every tourney you play...ends in defeat. And if I get 2nd or 3rd....or 4th through 8th...I'm never happy then either. If I should win...I usually forget about it very soon. That can't be healthy. And I just dwell on the losing. How I lost (bad beat, suckout...whatever) why I lost (bad call, bad read) and how much I lost. Pretty much everything about poker is driving me nuts. When I am at home with my dogs...and my makes me wish that I could just be with them...all the time. Buy an RV...load them inside, and just go places together. I wouldn't miss poker one iota.

But I can't. Not until I rip a huge score. Then I can. And go back whenever I feel like it. Because as I celebrated 6 years of freedom from the 'working world' and the jackasses who control it yesterday on Cinco de Mayo, I realize that this is what I excell at. This is what gives me the best chance to secure financial independence. I have been within a few cards here and there, a river card one day, a one outer another day...blah blah all know the having that ONE huge score...that allows me to say "Sweetie, go quit your stupid job" or..."Hi! I would like to pay off my balance please" to everyone I owe money to....or "Yes, we would like to take THAT one over there....fill it up with gas please!"

You're just never truly happy doing whatever it is you do to make ends meet, I'm afraid. Okay...I have 20 minutes to get to the doctor. I will write more later.

But to summarize. I took Saturday off. Didn't play the 1k. On Sunday, I played the freeroll with 384 other psychopaths. I finished 12th. Only 2 people won a WSOP Main Event seat. Then at 4pm, I fell 11 people short of winning a seat in the $100 rebuy mega. Had a lot of chips all throughout only to raise on the button with AA and run into this lady with KK who found a king. Crippled me. Was out a few hands later. Then in the 8pm Mega...I flop a straight with Q9 (J-10-8) only to have 'Herbie' who plays a lot of cash game.....float my flop bet with overs (AQ) and nail a King on me....putting me out of that one.

I came back the next day...not wanting to buy into the Main Event for $2100. Just knew it was a terrible idea. But hell, I had made 7 Final Tables during this event and just felt like I was SUPPOSED to be playing the Main Event. So I bought in. I had no regrets I went from 15k chips to 24k rather quickly. Things were going very smooth. Then it happened. The one dipshit at the table...who had been, well...pretty much a moron this whole event....limps in with another guy for 300. I had been not re-raising with AK all day...about 3 times in my BB...and completely missing the flops and not regretting it. So this time when I see KK....oh no! We will be raising this time! I make it 1500 to go. First guy folds. But 'cashgame Carlito' decides...."I really want to see a flop with this hand" and calls. Flop comes 5-5-7. He checks. I bet 2k. He calls. Oh no! 8-7? Turn is an ace. He checks, and I check to try and pretend like I am trapping with aces full. The river was a 2 or something....wishing for a damn K there. He bets 2500. I decide to represent aces ...and raise to 8500. He calls. And turns over 5-7. Motherfucker!

I never recovered from that. Then eventually...when I got moved to a table full of good being David Diaz...I thought I had a golden opportunity to wrestle away a really big pot. This lady, super tight...raises to 1800 (300/600)...I look down at 10-10....hmmm.....12,000 chips. Tough to smooth call there...but I know her...she has AJ or AQ probably. She will likely call my all I should just gamble and flat her here. So I do. Well, then David, on the button, starts fiddling around....uh oh...he's about to fire out one of his patented 3-bets I think. Yep...he makes it 3200. Back to her. She hesitates but finally calls. Okay...its official! I KNOW I have her beat! She would have she didn't have too many chips at that point. Now I know I can get HER to fold if I shove....its just a matter of knowing whether Diaz was 3-bet stealing there or not. I take the risk and shove all in. David says..."Ohhhh Monkey....setting a trap weren't you?" Which I took as being correct...and that he would be folding. But then he seems conflicted and then calls. ????? Really? Uh oh!  The lady folds.  He turns over QQ. Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I was wrong!

Erin Holt puts out the cards....all spades. No tens. Great...and I don't have a 10 of spades. He has the Q of spades. I need a one-outer to win. Nope, not me...I don't run that good. I was out. But no regrets. I did what I thought was the right move/play there. It just didn't go the way I was hoping it would. I was pleasant on my way out...though I was really kicking myself for having played at all.

Okay....its 11:20...damn, I gotta go. I will finish this later. I've had quite an online odyssey this week.


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