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Friday, June 17, 2011

NO! I am not DEAD!

This is what we call a SUPER FAST blog update. Its about Day 22. The wife flew in last night. We have gotten a separate room at Treasure Island. Its pretty nice. I was able to check us in early (before she arrived) yesterday because after this French, Harry Potter look alike who was raising in the noon Venetian tourney about 80% of the time...once again raised (to 700 at 100/200 w-25) and was called by a tool shed from Arizona...I looked down at AA and made it 2300 to go. The Frog folded, but cold, dead eyes from Arizona had no problem calling the tightest guy at the table's raise with KJ. Dealer promptly serves up a K-J-3 flop and Monkey was history. 

So yeah...I strolled over in the 328 degree heat and got our room taken care of. Then walked to Fashion Show Mall and did a little shopping. Send my Dad his Father's Day card...the last one he will ever receive while a guest of the State of Washington. Then picked up my lovely wife...and took her to Kaizen for sushi. Then we called it a night.

I had pretty much planned to spend the next five days entertaining her. But then Claudia, her new best friend, decided to show up with Gabe. Which now means they will be spending time together doing girl things during the day...which means I am freed up to go try to make her some money to shop and party with. Today...since it's a $3k PLO at Rio and a $2100 at Venetian...I expect the 2pm $235 at Rio to draw near 800. I will be one of those donkeys.

There is a guy roaming the planet who has a name that sounds like a combination between a bag of beef jerky and a brand of cigarettes. Shortened to TBC...I think its like Tony Big Charles or something. He has a very large, misshaped head. He pulls his pants up to his chest like an old man playing shuffleboard in Boca Raton. And he talks like Elmer Fudd...forgetting that 'S' is a letter in the alphabet. Now, I wouldn't be trashing this clown...were he now so abundantly arrogant, for no apparent reason whatsoever. I was warned about his presence by a loyal blog reader in Texas.

And then...he appeared, right in front of my face at my cash table at Riviera on Monday night...the night Monkey's Midnight Madness died on the operating table due to a lack of interest. Charlie Townsend and I got to witness this freak of nature for about two hours...and it was one of the more humorous things Ive ever been a part of. Charlie has been crank calling the guy for the past three guys.

At one point in the 'experience' he says something like "Well, maybe if you had your own poker blog you would understand what I'm talking about."  I looked at Charlie, and just grinned. This guy doesn't exactly have a blog. He has an account on a poker site...and makes blithering posts on a daily basis. He lives on a shoestring budget...currently residing at 4-Queens Hotel after having just vacated Circus Circus after using up his Video Poker-earned comps there. 

CLICK HERE to get a peek at this dipshit. If you dig around further you can see what he had to say about me. Please, please, please...watching this interview this guy did with the Geico Caveman...I'm pretty sure they are spoofing him. If not...I need to find a new planet to live on!!!!

HERE were his comments about ME....CLICK HERE!!!!

Okay...I have to hurry up...and get going, or I will be fighting with the wife on her first day here! Don't need that. But I also am sick of all of you texting me and emailing me demanding an update!!! Not sure which is worse!

Two days ago, I had my best day in Vegas so far. After getting 2nd in the nightly...I took a day off. Came back and played the nightly two nights later...and made that Final Table again...finishing 6th...for $850. But that was a tease. I walked over to SNG Land and discovered it was open. And flourishing. Nice!

I enter into a $80 SNG and a $130 SNG at the SAME time...never ran back and forth...but could feel myself running into a conundrum as we got down to 4 in one and 5 in the other. Long story short because I don't have enough time to get into detail...I won them both! Not sure I have ever pulled that feat. I lost the next one after that...5-handed with AK vs. 77 and bricking the flop...but then played one more and won that one too! So it was without a doubt my best day since I got here...and restored a lot of well as a shot in the arm to my bankroll.

I bricked the $550 'Position Poker' tourney at Venetian the other day...a very unusual format that mostly just confused everyone. I played that for 8 hours before losing. 

Big, huge shout-out to my buddy BJ McBrayer from Tuscaloosa...who played, and WON...the $1k at Venetian yesterday on the 3rd day of the event. Awesome!!!! 

Okay...there ya go! Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there! Probably going to play the $1500 at Rio tomorrow. Bout time I get my feet wet with a big-time event, after bonking the $1000 Rio event two weeks ago.



Anonymous said...

Dead on comments about TBC by the way!!!!

NOBODY should feel sorry for that douche! He has a big mouth and some day someone is going to shut it up for good.

This is a 42 yr old loser without a chance of ever getting a girlfriend or anything even close to a he tries to go out of his way to "hate on" those that have a good life, etc.

TBC is a joke!

Anonymous said...

hi im that german guy playing some of the venetians tubros at 7:00 with u i woul love to see that photo from that old guy pointing his middle finger makes him look real stupid

Anonymous said...

Not only did he play and WIN 2 SNGs at he same time, he bought into table number 3 before nailing the other 2. Pretty amazing . If the Venetian would give him a dealers chair on wheels he could probably go for the guineas book of world records . LK new orleans