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Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 1. Hammond. Whoa...where to begin!!??'s 2:48 a..m. Claudia and I are now recovering from our late-night run to McDonald's to pollute our bodies with horrible (yet delicious) food. I see the ke:

You have GOT TO EFFING kidding me! I am about to toss this new DELL out the window! I literally just spent the last TWO hours writing an incredibly long blog...and this stupid muther-effing Dell...just went schizo...and deleted ALL but the first two sentences. And usually blog editor will save it every couple of minutes as a draft. Nope. Gone. Just gone! And now its 4am and I am dead tired. 

I'm so pissed. And yes, Clownboy in the 9-seat...I (as promised) ripped you to shreds in very riveting detail ...all lost because of this schizophrenic piece of shit new laptop. I can't do again. It's too late now...and I just can't duplicate this level of greatness.

SUMMARY: Played Day 1a $365. Total players 1,063. Played down to 130 players. I was one of them. So was Barth. Kai and Claudia busted before dinner break. I bagged 156k. Barth 95k. Blinds will be 1200/2400 when we come back. On Saturday at 2pm. Claw and Lord Puddingsworth (aka Kai) will come back tomorrow and fire a second bullet in Day 1b. Me and Barth will take the day off and do...well, something non-poker related. 

TABLE ANTICS:  Plenty. Most involving clown boy...who has already let us all know he is winning the tournament. Shared with us that he has been winning tourneys left and right...however, when it came time to bag his chips, he had no clue whatsoever on how to do this simple procedure. He was one of the most 'quotable' players of all time. And I slapped in about 4 or 5 in this previous 'gem' of a blog post that 'new Dell from Hell' decided to erase.

The longer I continue to write now, the more angry I become that my first draft is lost forever. That should tell you just how emotionally invested I get in some of these posts. I'm just going to end this right now. I need time to recover from the loss. 

Monkey (on blog tilt)


scottyclark said...

"...and I just can't duplicate this level of greatness" was my favorite part.

joshua said...

poker money clown is coming for ur ass