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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Normalcy...Oh How I Missed Thee...

After an average of 650 hits a day for 6 days in a row...and 5 to 10 comments...half of which I refused to post...I think, possibly, that things have returned to what we call...ahem, normal. Hits are back to a usual rate of 150-200 a day, haven't gotten a single comment today...and the petition drive that Scotty Clark seems to have topped out at around 125. 

Me and Carley...who today turned 6 months old...have been having a lot of quality time together. It's just incredible how much she is growing and changing and becoming a little person. Last night, we went to a pumpkin patch, then the mall, where Squirrel decided she wanted to get her ears pierced. I wasn't wild about the idea...but have to admit, she looked awfully cute with them in. She cried of course...and I hated that, but not for long. In the middle of the night...she managed to tear one of them out. Squirrel couldn't get it back her and Claw just left for the get it re-done. I was left finish 'The Project' which is the reorganization of our garage that I got tabbed to perform. 

I haven't played a single hand of online poker since I got back from my shortened trip to Hammond. Why? Absolutely no desire. Wonder how many new sign ups I have on Lock, and if anyone is actually playing on there?

Claudia got home two nights ago...and was here with Cheryl catching up for a few hours. She had a good trip, and of course was disappointed about going out 10th after going into the day as the chipleader. She was planning on going to Florida for the tourney at Isle in Pompano...before I talked her into coming to Chicago with me. I guess I get an assist for that one! I'm trying to talk her into going with me to Atlantic City to play the Borgata Open. I already have interest from Kai and who knows, maybe a repeat of the Fearsome Foursome...only this time I'm going to try and stick around for the entire trip.

The World Series started last night. What is up with these SF Giants? I never in a million years would have thought Verlander would get shelled like he did. But, well...he did. And whoa...the Kung Fu Panda...Pablo Sandoval...matched a record set by Hall of Famers Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Albert Pujols (just last year) by hitting three home runs...and in his first three at bats. Crazy. Squirrel was about to change the channel to Dancing with the Washups and People You've Never Heard Of...when he came to bat. 

"Wait one second...just for shits and giggles...I want to see if he hits another home run." So with clicker in hand...she froze for a moment...and like that...BOOM! Home run!!!  Wow. Okay, you can change the channel now. And then it was off to see that poor what's his face saddled with the task of throwing that cow Kirstey Alley around. Wonder how his back felt the next day?

The Giants seem like the team of destiny. I picked the Tigers to win the World Series in spring training...and then spent all year wondering why they weren't running away with their division, fighting with the Sox until the final week. They seem to hit their full stride against Oakland and then the Yankees...but dude, if they don't win tonight...they could be in trouble. I'll still pick the Tigers, in 7 games.

David Nicholson  a.k.a. 'Lurky' Nicholson...was supposed to join me for the Alabama game against his weak scheduling undefeated Mississippi State Bulldogs in Tuscaloosa this Saturday. He texted me last night...asking if we were still going. I told him Claw was out...that she forgot about the Madonna concert in New Orleans Saturday. One of Squirrel's chick posse, Jessica Sheehan, works on Madonna's concert a wardrobe something or other. Before this she was on tour with Motley Crue. Cru? Whatever. She's been all over the world on this Madonna tour...Israel, all over Europe, South Africa...what an amazing experience for a girl her age...which I think is like 28'ish. So yeah...Claw has to go to that show, obviously. So once Lurky found out Claw couldn't go, he didn't even reply back to me. Dick.  ;)

That's okay...we are all saving up our energy anyway for NEXT week's big Baton Rouge. It's pretty scary. LSU has looked like crap all season, clearly being way over-hyped as the preseason #1 team...but all that being said? If they simply beat 'Bama? They will be in first place...and control their own destiny the rest of the way pretty much. And since there is no team we 'Bama fans hate losing to as much as those guys? It will be a highly charged environment. There is a good chance we could have a large caravan of us heading up to Baton Rouge for that game. Can't believe I haven't been to a single game yet this year. 

My Huskies are at home against Oregon State. We are only a 4-pt underdog...which I think is a joke. By joke...I mean I think it should be about 10. Our team just looks like shit this year. I don't get it. That being said...the bookies seem to know something, if that line is only 4. So I will pick my Dawgs to upset the Beavers. Pfft...the Beavers...sorry, but growing up, it was always the trendy thing to pick on...a mascot called the Beavers. Still is, as far as I'm concerned. We need to find 3 wins to get bowl eligible...this would be a good place to start!

I watched the third and final debate. Or tried to. I got more of a rush using my stop watch trying to see how many times I could 'bust them' going over their allotted 2 minutes per candidate. Shockingly, it didn't happen very often. Which caused it to become very boring. Who is going to win this election? I suspect Obama will win again. But really? I don't even think it matters. I pretty much hate ALL politicians and think they are a bunch of evil, greedy liars. Who con the majority of society into believing the drivel they are preaching. I've asked the Obama people to stop emailing me 17 times a day, telling me about all the various 'hurdles' they are trying to get over in their fund raising...which has been going on now for FOUR YEARS! "We've almost met our goal! But we need YOU to get us over the top, William!" Yeah...I need you guys? To lose my fucking email address. They finally stopped calling asking me to volunteer going door to door recruiting voters. I won't tell you what magic words I used, but lets just phone hasn't rung once since then.

This mess in Hammond has actually had one positive effect. I now have certain casinos contacting me...letting me know that they would LOVE for me to come play at their events. One of them even offered me a free room. Hmmm...I could make one of two conclusions about this.  #1. They feel bad for the BS I was put through up there, and are just being nice by offering me a friendly casino to play in. Or...#2, they are exploiting my image...making me feel almost like a side show...or a carnival oddity, that they could use to promote their event. 'Come see and play with the Toxic Poker Monkey!' I might be reading this the wrong way...but my gut tells me I'm dead, spot on. Whatever...I still like getting the offers. 

Those who know I'm the Poker Monkey...also know I'm the Pool Monkey...and coming up in Week my annual Mid Season Survivor Pool...or Second Chance Pool. It's $50 per entry...and rebuys are allowed in Week 9 and 10. Sent out the first invite on Monday and we are about 40 right now. If you are interested in playing...shoot me an email at 

Drafted my NBA Fantasy team Tuesday night. Really like my team. But really need Derrick Rose to come back strong from his knee surgery. As much as I hate the NBA...I really enjoy the fantasy league. I'm also delighted to hear that the ferret David Stern is retiring. Although taking his his little Stern-trained Clone...Adam Silver. Is it stupid to ask why a Jewish guy is always the Commissioner of a league where there has been very few Jews to EVER play the game, and is dominated by blacks? If I were black...I think it would piss me off. I think Magic Johnson would make a great Commissioner. Hmmm....

I made a prediction. If the industrial complex that basically controls this country wants Obama re-elected, you will see gas prices drop leading up to the election. Notice what's going on at the pump? And they try to sell us on gas prices being wholly dependent on what's going on in the Middle East right? Notice we aren't hearing much out of Syria? Think that's just a coincidence? Think Assad and his boys just suddenly stopped killing the rebels and vice versa? Please! The government controls the media, unless you forgot. Kind of hard to ignore or avoid terrorist assaulting your embassy and assassinating your ambassador! That wasn't really part of Curious George's plan, I don't think. Yeah, the media is definitely seeming to be on board the Obama bandwagon for another 4-year ride. So I've been sitting here watching the oil I have quite a bit of my personal 'fortune' tied up in oil stocks. If I had to make a prediction...I would say that the Thursday or Friday after the week of the election, oil prices will jump way up. Let's just see if I'm right!

Okay Bye. It's football and World Series games to watch.


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