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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Up Next: Gulf Shores with Family, Then Choctaw...for Poker.

Well, I think the wave of controversy has passed! On the day I posted my last blog I got 300 hits. Then the next day...when the 2+2'ers caught wind of my post...and someone posted it there...I got 744...then it went 320, 240, and finally...a normal day's worth at 110. The thread over on 2+2 is up to 32 pages...and some are calling my friend...who revealed himself in the post, Barth a one-post legend...for his 'well-written and unbiased' account of what occurred at his WSOP Main Event table...and which surely would have resulted in some MAJOR controversy had the Poker Gods not brought the karma-induced 5 on the river for David 'Doc' Sands. Think maybe the staff at WSOP (and likely Sands himself) took a collective sigh of relief when that five hit the river.

In case you're wondering what became of the old man who lost his father that day? Who now had quite a healthy chip stack? Well...his chips returned, but he didn't, getting blinded out of the biggest tourney on Earth, so he could fly home (India was what I'm hearing he was from) to be with his dead father and presumably see to the funeral arrangements. 30 pages of conversation about this topic on 2+2 made for some very interesting reading.

At one reader identifies another reader as a guy who previously owed him $50...and they conduct their own little 'love spat' over several pages of the thread. Pretty stupid, but at times entertaining. For the record, Doc Sands himself, who HAD to have heard about the thread...never once ducked in to leave his comments, or offer an explanation. And for that matter, my friend Barth chose to take the high road (a lot having to do with the fact he's been tucked away at a no-internet-having retreat somewhere in the Georgia mountains for the past week) and not leave any kind of follow up comments or answer any questions. The 2+2 crew can get pretty rough...and its usually a good idea to just steer clear of their courtroom tactics!

So, a couple of their readers who read my post, made comments alluding to my 'credibility' because of my ad banner for Lock Poker on this site. Now, I know Lock has had some major issues with getting people paid out in a timely manner. As I write this, I've just received an email yesterday that my most recent (6 weeks ago) cashout request for $3,000 has just been processed and is being express mailed to me. So that makes three cashouts this calendar year that I have gotten from them. One thing I've noticed is that their numbers are down quite dramatically. It used to be when I logged on there would always be between 4,000 and 5,000 players online. And lately, its been between 1,500 and 2,500 usually. Which sucks for a worldwide server. But it's been great for all the overlays that their guarantees are forced to pay out. I don't know what the big hangup with people regarding Lock is, other than the cashout issues....but some of these people left comments that were just nasty. Like...I am knowingly cheating and stealing from my friends by being a part of Lock. Huh? How am I stealing from them? Or cheating them? I don't get their money. By signing up under my affiliate link...they are just getting themselves 35% rakeback. Period. How do I gain from them? I don't! And if they sign up using the bonus code 'thefuture' they get 200% on their deposit. That has nothing to do with me either.  

Hell, I don't know, I think sometimes, people just need something to bitch about. And poker players being poker way to piss them off the most, is by not paying them...or making them wait. The way it's been explained to that because Lock dares do business in the US, where other poker sites have chosen to honor the DOJ's order to stay requires them to do a lot of bobbing and weaving...stick and moving...when it comes to who they find to process their checks. The check processors have to be VERY careful it's a little bit of artful dodging involved, I think. I know that all three checks I've gotten from Lock have been from different banks and/or processors. So...if you are someone who plays on Lock..or wants to, just keep that in mind. And I might also suggest sending frequent payment requests to their cashier department. Seems to help.

Meanwhile...on my own poker club on Pokerstars...I've been getting thrashed. Lots of bubbling. Lots of losing in the most incredulous fashion possible. I have a gal who is a member that also went out to Vegas to play in the Main Event. Discouraged after a bust out in one of the prelim events, I made an attempt to kind of reel her in, talking her down from the ledge, and explaining all the reasons why I thought she should play the Main Event. She did...and wound up cashing...for somewhere in the neighborhood of 450th place or so. I was really happy for her, and proud to have a poker club member who cashed in the main. Joining her was another one of our players, who got even deeper. We have some really decent players in my poker be sure. But holy cow...we also have some major donkeys!!!!

Well, the other night, I'm playing with this gal...and when we got heads up...she had me 3 to 1. I managed to double up on a hand. Then on the very next hand...I raise with QQ. I think the blinds were like ...oh I don't recall, but I raised 2.5x the blinds. She calls....with NINE suit. The flop comes J-10-9. I had about 5400 in my stack...and she fires out 4200...which was about twice the pot. I go all in obviously...she has to call, whether she has anything or not. Turn is a 9. River is a 9. I couldn't believe it. I said nothing. She said nothing. But later on her Facebook wall, I see her post "Played some online poker...and made a really terrible play...(describing the hand)." Well...okay, at least she acknowledge that it was a horrible play. was one of my higher buy in tourneys...and I was really needing a win. It's been that kind of week. 

But the club is going great. The numbers HAVE picked up since WSOP ended...and I have taken in 4 or 5 new players in the past week or so. I still have about 20 open spots in the club and would love to get some more new blood in there, especially with players who are serious about playing a good amount. If you are interested in getting into my Pokerstars Homegame Poker me and I will get you some information on how to join.

I've finally made my poker plans for the next 30-45 days. I've decided to play Choctaw on my own dime...see if I can make that work for me. I was going to go up...well today, actually...and play the whole event, but then I found out my wife's family is coming down from North Alabama for a week at the beach in Gulf Shores...and I didn't think it would be very nice of me to jet off to Oklahoma and miss all of them, plus...what's not to like about 3 or 4 days in Gulf Shores? Also, I need to get over to Pensacola to put the finishing touches on what needs to be done on my rental house over there. I worked on the yard a little bit last week...and this week, found out that my leasing company has FINALLY found me a tenant. And it's a dream tenant. (knock on wood) A Marine! Can you say: Reliable? Respectful? Organized? Dependable? I can't think of someone I'd rather have living in my rental house! So I will spend parts of Sunday and Monday doing yard work and other stuff to get it ready for him to move in sometime in late July or August. So psyched to have that finally out of the way. It's been vacant for the past 15 months. Brutal!

So we will stay there til Tuesday....then I come home, not even unpack, then drive to Choctaw the next morning...where I am staying off site from the casino because everything up there is booked up. Which is fine. I will get about a week's worth of tourneys to play, including the Main Event. Hopefully I can make a decent score somewhere...since I'll be playing for 100% of myself for a change. 

After that, I will come home for Squirrel's birthday on August 4th...then on August 11th, Kai Landry is having his big poker tourney at his house for that big, ugly ass trophy that I won last year! It should be a really fun night. Then a few days later, I will drive down to South Florida to play the back end of the Hard Rock event...which actually starts around August 4th. That will be a huge field down there...and should attract some really good players. A good friend of mine, Chris Lindh...who made a pretty deep run in the Main Event...before busting 16th I think (for about $357k) is talking about going down for that event...hope he does, he is always a lot of fun to hang out with. Probably in a damn good mood right about now too! And he knows I'm one of the few poker player friends who he doesn't have to worry about badgering him for staking deals. I'm serious, one of the worst things about being a somewhat well-known poker player...and making a nice the ridiculous amount of calls and emails you get from fellow players giving all their wonderful presentations on why you should want to back them. It's really irritating. Anyway, I'm so happy for Chris...he's really been through some major BS the past couple years...and some tough times. He's a great dude, and really deserved having something good happen to him like this. I just wish he'd have made the final table.

I only really know one guy at that final table...and he is someone I've called the 'Player I fear the most' in poker. JC Tran. Dude is absolutely insane...just a beast. Plays anything. Bluffs like a motherfucker. Has zero tells. The guy is just an awesome poker player. I have been waiting for him to make a big final table like this. Really kind of surprised it took as long as it did. I fully expect him to run over that final table. 

So that's it. Choctaw, on my own dime. Hard Rock...on no one's dime yet...depends on how Choctaw goes. Some time with the family. Some yard work, both here in Biloxi and over in Pensacola. And before we know will be starting up!!! Hallelujah!!! Can't wait!

I was going to offer my views about this whole Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman verdict and chaos afterwards...but decided I wasn't in the mood to get myself riled up. Plus...I'm sure you are all just about sick of hearing about it. So I will refrain!


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