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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Choctaw...Here We Go!!!

What a crazy week!

I was supposed to be getting up here on Tuesday. But here it is Saturday, and I just got in early this morning. And for some stupid reason (maybe the hard mattress...or maybe the 'homies' out in the parking lot at 8am showing off their new booming speakers in their Olds Cutlass with the rims that are worth more than the car itself...that had my room vibrating, and me feeling like I was in Jurassic Park) I couldn't sleep very well. 

So I decided to do all the necessary updates and accounting work for the poker club...and after that went ahead and paid ALL my bills for August. Something is so liberating about paying your bills...all of them...before the month even arrives.  Pretty sure I've eliminated any and ALL distractions that may come my way this week while I am here searching for that 'big score' that will allow me to put a cash down payment on a house...and get out from the 5-year rental we have been stuck in. I hate...HATE...paying rent. But when you're listed occupation is 'Professional Gambler' and your wife's is 'Cocktail Waitress' and your living in the post-housing bust era...getting a home loan is a lot more difficult, and requires about 25% down. Hence...I go seeking that 25%!!!

I caved in against my earlier reluctance and finally bought an iPad Mini last week. One nice feature on it is the Mobile Hotspot...which allowed me to finally get rid of that stupid Verizon Jetpack,..which sucked...but which I was under contract on until July 1st. GONE! $20 a month off my bill. I used the Hotspot for my entire 700 mile drive up here yesterday...and while driving played in every one of my 19 club games yesterday. As an incentive to make each game worthwhile, I placed a $10 bounty on myself in every game. I paid out $150 in bounties. I had $325 in total buy ins. I won $520 with 6 cashes. Yeah...if you are a mathematician,  you've figured out that I broke DEAD even! But we had one of our best Fridays, numbers-wise...ever. And talk about cutting down on the boredom of the drive. It went by SO fast. 

Earlier this week...while in Gulf Shores with Squirrel, Carley, and Cheryl's family, I shuttled back and forth to Pensacola to work on my rental house. Lucky me...on the 2nd of 3 days there, I had a couple guys happen by and offer their assistance for, which to me was VERY affordable, $9 per hour. I used them for 5 hours on Monday and 5 hours on Tuesday....gave them both a little extra, and marveled at how much we managed to get accomplished.  It actually made me really miss that great little house and almost wish we could move back into it. I had some great memories in that house. I really loved living in Pensacola, it really is a great little city. Well, my property manager has found me a new tenant...a Marine...who will be moving in this week! So after 14 months of sitting vacant...I finally will have some revenue coming in from that house! Awesome!

While working in the yard over there, the day I was alone, I suffered some form of heat stroke. I was feeling nauseous...and walked into the house and before I knew it...woke up sometime later...with a bump on the back of my head where I had hit the wall after fainting...and my cell phone on the other side of the room. Whoa! I still felt I went into the bathroom and sat under the cold water of the shower for about 15 minutes before I felt somewhat normal again. I called Cheryl and told her what happened, reluctantly, knowing she would order me home. She tried...but I HAD to get that house done. And so I stayed and worked til dark. Later...weird things started happening. Little blocks of my memory were missing. It was weird. And then...and this one was real freaky...I poured a glass of milk. I drank half the glass. Then saw some cookies on the counter. Decided to refill my glass and dip some cookies in it. I started pouring the milk...and despite looking right at the glass...just kept filling it...til it overflowed and spilled all over the counter and onto the floor, before I finally stopped. "What am I doing!???" I stood there, stunned, looking at the milk all over the counter and floor. Spooky. Any brain doctors out there care to tell me what the hell happened to me? Not to mention all the crazy ass dreams I've been having this week!

Football season is almost here! I can't wait. Never been this excited! Seattle Mariners have been on fire...winning 9 out of their last 10 until losing in 13 innings last night despite King Felix pitching 9 innings and only giving up 1 run...bringing a 1-0 shutout into the ninth before giving up a run. Bummer. I know they are 10 out...but nothing is impossible. 

I would be a lot more excited about my Seahawks if I didn't just hear that Percy Harvin, who we gave up a LOT to get from Minnesota, might be out for 6 weeks or longer with a hip injury. Great. Not the news you want to hear on the opening day of training camp.

Been laying in my room watching this special on HBO about women in Pakistan who have asshole husbands who threw acid in their face. Apparently, this acid-in-the-face thing is real big in the Middle East and Southeast Asia...and considered by Sharia Law to (in some instances) be justifiable. How do we EVER think we will EVER see eye-to-eye with these barbarians? I mean...taking reporters hostage and cutting off their fucking heads? That's one thing. But to hit on a rebuked...then break into her house and pour acid on her face because she won't have you? Destroying her life? What kind of human does that? There has GOT to be a special place in hell for those guys, doesn't there? I sure hope so. And if for some reason I go to hell (sure hope not) I will assume those pricks will be in their own little area where fellow hellions can pass by them and do unspeakable things to them. The shit that goes on every day on this planet just boggles my mind.

I hate reality shows. And I've gotten SO sick of all the damn music/talent shows. But....B-U-T....there is a show I have decided I like. And it has nothing to do with the talented performers. It has everything to do with my crush since I waited on her and Seal when I lived in Los Angeles in 1997 and worked at the Hotel Mondrian....Heidi Klum. I can't get enough of her. And unlike most models...she is smart, witty, and funny. And at over 40...her body is just as banging as its ever been. In case you think I'm being disrespectful to my wife...hey...she has Matthew McConaughey to fawn over, which she has done since I've known her. Fair enough...guy is a stud. I get it. And she knows how I feel about Heidi Klum. America's Got Talent? New favorite show.

The November Nine...or October Nine...or whatever the hell they are calling it set, and unfortunately my buddy Chris Lindh didn't make it. Sucks. But I see he has been utterly enjoying his winnings...doing a lot of partying. Good for him. I think the beast from Sacramento, JC Tran will win the thing. I think, and this is only my opinion, that they really need to stop the ridiculous two or three month delay between playing the final table. It's stupid. I mean, seriously...who likes this? 

Fall out from the David 'Doc' Sands saga? As far as I can tell...there was NONE. No reprimand. No suspension. Nothing. So Drew McIlvain gets kicked OUT OF the Main Event in Tunica...for almost the IDENTICAL thing...but Doc Sands gets nothing in the way of discipline? Awesome! Gotta love that double standard, alive and well in the WSOP. Oh well, if there is a lesson to be learned, its that you should strive to win a bracelet, or a televised big event you TOO can become on of poker's 'untouchables.' Cuz dammit, that is just how the business of poker seems to be conducted. Oh well, life isn't fair sometimes, is it?

So this damn baby in England has FINALLY been born, right? Good gawd, were you as sick of hearing about this shit as I was? What the American press doesn't ever let you hear, is just HOW much the English people despise the Royal family...for all of the wealth they plunder, while Great Britain continues to struggle in economic squalor. The millions spent on the Royal Wedding was like a big 'fuck you' to all those people struggling to make ends meet in their country. I mean...I do think Kate Middleton is beautiful and classy and all that, and she seems very nice. But for fuck's sake...I don't care about up-to-the-minute reporting on how close she is to having her baby. And poor kid...from the time he left the womb he is gonna have cameras in his face. Whatever. Have a nice life, kid.

Well, bout time to start getting ready for my first's noon tourney is a $550 buy in...oh, plus $10 'staff fee'...yes, the event is being run by Jimmy Sommerfeld, they always like to kick a little bit extra to their worker bees. I think its a 200k Guarantee if I'm not mistaken. No idea of the structure...but I expect its probably pretty good. All the tourneys up here are re-entries, so I really have to be careful about getting into hands with maniacs who are 'gambling it up' early. Try to manage the pots as much as possible if I can. I really am not interested in burning up a lot of multiple buy ins...especially since I've elected to play this event 100% on my own dime. The Main Event is next Friday and Saturday...with a Day 1a and 1b...and costs $1600. I will definitely play it either way...but will certainly try to satellite into it.

I've only been gone from home for less than 24 hours...and I already miss Carley Grace so much. She has gotten so clingy on's so sweet. We have gotten into this little habit of taking her first nap of the day...usually sometime around 11-2...together in our bed. It is one of those things I cherish...that I will always remember when I'm old and decrepit and she is a young woman. Just looking down at her, laying on my chest...with her soft breath on my neck...I can't describe it. She is the most amazing little thing I could have ever dreamed of having in my life. Being away from her is torture. But it helps keep me focused, and reminds me of what I'm playing for. No goofing off. And going home...whether I run good, or run like always something now where there is a guaranteed pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. Sorry...being a little sappy...just really missing my baby this morning!  :)


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