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Friday, May 30, 2014

Vegas Needs a Report, I Know!

This will not be a long post. It can't be. I have to get to Venetian and get into the $600 tourney, Flight 1A. Hoping I can bag chips and spend tomorrow sleeping in and laying at the pool then come back Sunday to go for a big win.

My first event, I played 1B..bagged a smallish amount of chips...then came hot, and got down to 2 tables before I wasn't able to get a guy to fold AJoff to my 3-bet with 88...a clean flop had me hopeful for a double up...but then he turned and rivered a jack to  knock me out with a $2700 cash. 

Next I played the $300 Black Bounty Chip was paying 15. I got down to 27 and had AQ lose to A10 to finish short of the money.

I bricked an Omaha tourney...where I kept getting beat on the river...and also was getting my soul owned by an OMRG who kept three-betting my raises with hands like AA23 with his hands of 3-4-6-9...and worse. Didn't matter, he kept beating me. It sucked.

AQ was again the out hand in yesterday's $500 two-flight event. I was started slow...but by the 6th level, had my 99 flop a set to get a set of 4's and a guy with top pair to commit their whole stacks to me. Then on the last hand before the 3rd break I busted a guy with JJ with my QQ and now I had 90K. I got it to 105k...then the chain of disasters started.

I raised to 2200 at 500/1000...with AA...the first time I'd seen them this tourney. This old guy just jams 32k all in...with KK. Of course I called, and of course he hits a king. Here we go, I thought. Not too long later....I flop a set of 6's on a board of 6-7-8 with two clubs. I check, the kid (scrawny little dork with no emotion who bet like a robot) bets...and I raise him. He shoves all in. I can't fold. He has AQc. He gets there. Down to 22k. Blind down a bit....then shove AQ and get called by AJ. Everything is looking like a double up until the river brings a jack. Unreal. A double up there and I'd have been right near the average with only 15 minutes left to play. Then I'd have gone back today and tried to get another cash, only deeper this time.

Instead I went and got some sushi at Kaizen...then came to my room, was asleep by ten and slept until 11! 13 hours of much-needed sleep. I also have not been able to shake this damn cough that is either bronchitis or pneumonia...the doctor wasn't sure. All I know is I've been taking my meds, and drinking a ton of water...and it still persists.

One great thing happened yesterday, as my New York Rangers won a squeaker in Game 6 at the Garden to beat Montreal 4 games to 2 and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 20 years. I'm really hoping LA wins over Chicago so I can drive to LA for either Game 1 or 2 next week! I've never been to a Stanley Cup Finals game. I've been to the deciding game of a World Series, four Super Bowls, BCS title games, NCAA Final Fours and NBA Finals game...but never a Stanley Cup final. 

Tuesday night Annie LePage hosted her annual Pre-WSOP dinner at Maggiano's and I went to that. It was fun, and the food was great.

I'm staying again at the Riviera...where they've done a little remodeling and upgraded the pool. Got another good rate. The weather has been sunny and hot every day so far.

I miss Carley like crazy...and she has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming for 'Dada' which breaks my heart and makes the bad beats even harder to take. I mean, if I have to be here and be away from her...I better be running good and making us some money.

The fashions of Vegas have failed to disappoint, as usual. Just watching the people walk by is so entertaining...there is, of course, those who are dazzling in what they've chosen to wear, and you have to just marvel at how they manage to stay looking so good, and then of course you have those who you just wonder who let them leave their room looking like they look. Wondering what went through their head that allowed them to put on that outfit they are wearing. It makes trips to Vegas very entertaining.

I've obviously got plenty more to write about...but I don't want to be the horrible players really do like to give away their chips early. Rebuying...whether it be for 400, 500 or 600 bucks...doesn't seem to be an issue at all for a lot of these clowns...and anytime you flop a set or a straight,  you have an excellent chance of getting the guy who flopped top/top to double you up. 

So...with that being said. SEE YA!!!!


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