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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Last Minute Cash to Save the Summer

Greetings. I'm coming to you from Houston. Parked on the side of the highway under an overpass. Why you ask? I was tired. Too tired to drive, but not too tired to blog. Huh? I can't begin to make it make sense, sorry.

I started driving a couple days ago. Then...I got to Albuquerque...that place Bugs Bunny advises everyone to take a left at. So I did...and went to the Sandia Casino, where the dealers call clock on players who they feel have had plenty of time to act on their hand. Yes...the DO work on tips, believe it or not.

When  I left...four hours later, my car was making a sound that said "you're nuts if you think I'm getting back on the freeway!" About that time the engine light and everything else started flashing. Oh shit! 7 years ago...while on the way to the WSOP for the the same car...I caught a rock in my radiator...which then drained my radiator...which caused my engine to overheat and seize up on me. It was bad. Real bad. This one, fortunately wasn't quite as horrible. Two blown cylinders, new spark plugs, ignition coil and fuel injector replaced for a total of $762.89 and I was back on the road to see my princesses at home. That was about 22 hours ago.

How did cash session go at Sandia? Well...I sat down...won $105 on the first hand....then $80 on the next...and within one orbit my $300 was $600...and the players all thought I was sent by Satan to  ruin their Sunday. I knew it would turn. It always does. And it did. My AA got cracked by 66. Then again by 5-7. I went up and down for awhile until I finally decided, since it was movie-watching time in my car...that it was time to split. I left with a $120 profit. Whoopee.

Prior to that...I was having a very unusual conversation with a guy on my right. He was drinking...and had been drinking for awhile. His mood and content grew steadily more stupid by the minute. He was also an absolutely horrendous player who had to get lucky to win hands. So near the end of the session, I had gotten a pretty serious call from a friend who I'd been working with all day to arrange for Chad Brown's WSOP bracelet to get to NYC before (sadly) he passed away. Well..after offering to pay the shipping for same day Fed Ex, and being told not to worry about it...that WSOP would take care of it...someone (I don't know who, or I'm not pointing any fingers) dropped the ball and it didn't get sent. So I'm sitting there talking to this a very hushed as to not disrupt the game, when all of a sudden, after about 1 minute or two...this idiot says "Hey man...not trying to be a jackass, but you know that we ALL know you aren't really talking to anyone on the phone, right!??" 

"Huh? Are you kidding? What are you? Five?" So I put it on speaker phone and let him hear. Then my friend asked what the uproar was about, I told her "Some asshole is telling me I'm not really talking to anyone." He ended up catching hell from the dealer and the other players. Then he busted and disappeared, despite saying he'd be back. I predict that guy ends up in a trunk some day. before I get to the exciting news...about who our TWO (of a possible, and hopeful three) WSOP Grinders are...I will tell you about my final tourney in Vegas.

Electing not to play anything where I would have to come back the next day, I opted to play the $1040 at Golden Nugget. They only got 33 players...which to me was fine, especially since I knew if I made the final table the structure would still be good. I'll just cut right to the chase: I took 2nd for $8000. Did I do anything different than I'd been doing all summer, only to fall short time and time again? Hell no. I was card dead as hell early. Then caught a few hands in the middle to get paid off...then got some big hands late...getting QQ to hold up twice, against AJ and A10...then fading El Diablo...aka K10 twice in big pots. I pretty much dominated the final table...and with three left...four actually...had half the chips in play. 

There was some chirping about doing a chop...but the way my summer had gone,  I wanted to go for the $11k...all of it. I also felt like I was the best player...and since I had the most chips, a chop seemed ridiculous. Jason Faircloth from Houston, who I got to know pretty well throughout the day would end up getting heads up. I had a big lead on him and decided to go for the kill, when on a 6-7-8 flop I held K9. Turned out he had 99...and I  didn't improve...and it crushed my stack. I was sitting on 43k compared to his 450k...with the blinds at 6000/ didn't look good. But I  rallied. Doubling up  with J7 vs. J4...then catching more hands...until eventually I had the chiplead back somehow. We played heads up for THREE HOURS! It was pretty awesome. Then it ended. I raised with K10h. He re-raised...and I called.  I flopped a royal flush draw...Ah-4x-Jh....there was no way I was folding...him either! He  flopped a set of aces! Yikes. The Jack on the turn left me only one out...the King of Hearts. No dice! And I was the 2nd place finisher.

But it was a really good day. I also got to spend a majority of the day sitting next to Larry Gurney, who  like me is a good friend of Chad Brown. We talked a lot about him...and how he was doing  back in NYC. We had a few bloody mary's together before he busted out with about 12 players left. 

Speaking of Chad...he did finally end up getting the bracelet last night! And according to  Perris Calderon who has been by his side almost non-stop the past week...he  responded when they put it  on his wrist. That made me really, really happy when I heard that. I have already said a lot about Chad...and the friendship that we have shared over the years...I really don't think there is much more I can add to what I've already said. It's amazing the outpouring of love and support that he has gotten from not just the poker community but people in the acting world (he used to be an actor) his former teammates in baseball...and friends and family. Chad was a one-of-a-kind person. If I could be even half the man Chad was...I'd die feeling really good about myself. I've never known ONE person who ever said anything bad about the many people do you know that you can say that about? I'm really going to miss my buddy, a ton. But I know, having talked to him a lot the past 2 or 3 months on a regular basis..that he was/is totally at peace with passing on to the next place, wherever that place may be. Rest in Peace old friend!

Okay...brighter news. I have officially raised MORE than enough to cover TWO of Monkey's WSOP Grinders for this year's Main Event. And I pretty much based my decision on feedback from other well as the results of the poll, combined with my feelings on all the players. Here's the good (or rather...better) news! Though I am about to announce two...there is still time to get the THIRD Grinder into the Big Show! And since the two guys I am about to name have probably got friends, family and fellow players who will want a piece of their action? Guess what? Any share they buy in the next week? Will not only get them a share of their buddy...but also go towards getting a third guy in. So...without further adieu...I am happy to present a Main Event entry to:

JOSH REICHARD of Wisconsin   and BJ MCBRAYER of Tuscaloosa

These two guys will try to give us investors a great sweat as they shoot for $10,000,000 later this week! Now...if you check the would appear that Wild Bill Phillips is garnering the most votes, along with Christian Iacobellis, who I know is already IN Vegas...thus eliminating any last second travel needs. Whereas, conversely, I know Bill is back home in Louisiana...and who might have an issue getting out to Vegas within a week to play. Not sure about our other two candidates, John Westra and/or Kai Landry. I just know I am still getting a LOT of interest from people wanting to jump on the bandwagon and get 'their sweat on' for this year's Main Event. Personally? I can't wait! I have a really, really good feeling! Now...if you want in...I still have shares. They are $200 per share...and a total of 150 shares will get 3 players in. The investors will enjoy a 65/35 split...the players, on the other hand...get a freeroll...with no makeup of any kind to worry about...just a chance to play for 35% of $10 million!!!! If you want a share....I will need your money ASAP! Best way to send to me is Wells Fargo Surepay or Chase Quick Pay. If interested...shoot me an email at

Okay...that's my much-needed update on to get back on the road and get home to my girls. And hey! How bout the USA go and upset Belgium today, too!?? That wouldn't suck too bad, would it!??


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