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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Who Will Be Monkey's Third Minion!???

Well hell's bells...this is getting exciting now! I don't know what these guys are doing...Kai and Wild Bill...if they are just click click clicking all day...or if they have genuinely rallied the masses to their cause! But somehow...and I'm used to it by now, I'm gonna come out of this feeling like the bad guy.

There is no doubt in my mind we are going to get the third guy in...and I've also personally bought a few pieces of some other players I'm going to have a healthy sweat for the WSOP this year...despite not getting to go there and run over it (tsk tsk) myself!

Today is Thursday. Been running errands like crazy since I got home. Carley has been like glue...refusing to leave my side for even a second. It's so cute. And it is so amazing how much she has changed in just the 5 weeks I was gone. She's learning so much at school..and is so much more animated. She cracks me up. This weekend, tomorrow, we are leaving for Gulf Shores for the 4th of July weekend with friends. She has her best friend Abbey from across the street coming with us it will be a great time for all of us. where are we at? I've been adding people to the spreadsheet all morning and taking in payments. I've already handed off the full $30k to my friend Barth...who is flying out to Vegas today sometime...and will meet up with my 'horses' or 'minions' as they've playfully been labeled by some! Close to 85% of the backers/investors have already paid...which is a relief! As I write this...we have sold 128 of the 150 shares...leaving just 22 shares before we are SOLD OUT! In my mind its a foregone conclusion that this will get done.

What I would like to ask my investment group if they have any aversion to  pulling out $2000 of the $10,000 from any of the players who might cash...and use it for the 3rd last second player who will have to make a very expensive flight to get there by Monday's last well as hotel. Assuming  one or more cash...I wouldn't think it would be too much to ask, since we will all be making money in that case! Kai and Bill are both family guys with three kids..and I would really like for them to not have to suffer the burden of taking  all that on...then go and somehow not cash. It would leave a rather bitter taste in their mouth probably. this will be my final post regarding the sale of shares to get on board! The details? Simple. We are selling 150 shares. ONE  share cost $200. The  investor group gets a cut of 65/35 on anything won. The 10k buy in is immediately refunded if the player cashes. Taxes are something we've worked out ahead of time and each players will have signed a contractual agreement for all scenarios. Players have agreed to use all forms of communication to keep the investment group 'in the loop!' That includes Facebook, Twitter and the MyStack app that the WSOP utilizes where each player can self-report their chip stack. I will accept payment in the forms of, Chase QuickPay or Wells Fargo Sure Pay. For info, or to let me know you want in...shoot me an email ASAP to I want this put to bed before I leave for the beach!


EDIT/UPDATE at 3:30pm Thursday! I posted this blog...made a post on Facebook/Twitter...then sent an email to my 1800+ email list for pools...and BOOM....the remaining shares I had for Player #3 were GONZO! such a tremendous amount of overflow requests...and payments attached to them...and a request from several people to get a FOURTH MINION in...that I couldn't realistically say NO! So...I went with it...against my wife's she somehow thinks all the 'extra work' is going to somehow cut into our weekend and result in me being behind my computer all weekend. Ha! Fat chance! As I post this...we have sold out 42 of the 50 shares required to send the FOURTH MONKEY GRINDER to Vegas to try and help me make up for my shortcomings this summer! This is going to be fun...a LOT of fun!!!!

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