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Saturday, June 25, 2016


I am often amazed at the power that networking combined with a little integrity and reputation are able to produce! Two days ago, we were stuck on 237 shares sold, but I hadn't really been very aggressive (this month) about drumming up support for this summers Vegas Grinders. 

One blog post and one email to my 2000+ list of people I've built up over the past 15-20 years...and here, at 10pm on Saturday night, I just sold my 300th share! At 50 shares needed per player...we have now raised the full $60,000 needed to send SIX players to shoot for the $10,000,000 first prize! As well as a ton of other cash prizes just to get deep! I'm feeling pretty damn satisfied, sitting here knowing the hard part is now DONE...a full two weeks before the tournament kicks off. 

And with the shares about 80-85% paid for...I likely don't even have to worry about that, either. But just to be safe, I will take names, put them on a wait list...and anyone who doesn't pay by the set deadline, or maybe someone decides to give up a share for whatever reason...I will get them a spot on the investment team. As it stands, we will have a record number of investors this summer...with 107 people purchasing one or more shares. Now THAT...will make for one hell of a rooting section in the Penn & Teller theater should one or more of our players reach the Final Table in November! That would be truly awesome. 

Oh, and PS: to the couple of guys lacking the testicular fortitude to sign your names to your shitty comments? You know, you Captain Anonymous winners you!!!! There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING you can say that is going to cast any kind of a negative shadow on this whole experience. As long as you litter your comments with redundant foolishness, its impossible to take you seriously. IN fact, really...anyone who can't 'man up' and sign their name to a comment...really doesn't even deserve to have it read in the first place. I know how much it must hurt...being one of those people who never has anything good happen to or for you in your life. The bitterness and envy you experience on a daily basis must really be tough to endure. I don't profess to comprehend what your goal is in sending me your shitty comments. It's just ...well...pointless. I would like to say though...that even though I don't know who you are, and I'm sure you will never show your face...should one of these six players...and god forbid the one you won't shut up about...happen to simply cash-let alone run deep...please be sure to revisit my comments section, and offer up your apology for being such a classless piece of shit. Yeah...I know...I won't hold my breath! Instead, you can just curl back up into the fetal position, and slither back down into your feces-infested hole that you reside in a majority of the time. 


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