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Sunday, December 5, 2010

1 for 1 in Atlantic City

Hey everyone. Its Sunday about 12:15. I have to be downstairs at 1pm for Day 2 of the first event up here at Harrah's Atlantic City.

I can't get too much into yesterday's 'stuff' and of course, there is plenty to write about. The most unusual thing about yesterday was that we had the SAME dealer for the first 12 levels. From the first hand all the way to the dinner break....ONE dealer. Never seen that before, ever!

The $350 buy in event attracted 1250 players. Gross! And that, my friends was my reason for coming to play up here instead of going over to New Orleans. No slight on my buddy Steve Frezer...cuz he runs awesome tourneys over there....and its always nice to see him and his crew. But I knew these fields up here would be massive. And they are. And the players are so bad its funny.

I can't tell you how many horrible plays I watched people make yesterday to go broke.

I grinded my ass off all day yesterday...and whenever I would win a big, much-needed pot, I would turn around and get donkified for half my stack and have to start all over again. But about 50 from the money (135 got paid) I caught fire. That and I had an incredibly soft table...and I knew a lot of them were just focused on 'cashing' so I started terrorizing the bubble and picked up about 50k during that stretch.

We got into the money at around 1am...and for the last hour I was card dead as hell and went from 110k to 89k. But its not a real big deal. We are at 3k/6k when we go back today with 40 minute I got plenty of time to get things back on track.

So right now I have locked up another 2.5 pts on the Freeroll chase...which moves me up to 4th now. 18th-27th gets 5pts...and then it just gets better. But hey...this is about the cash now. I had a lousy November all around, and I have an excellent opportunity to get it all back today! First place today is $64,000. Nice, on a $350 buy in! V-A-L-U-E !!!!

AUBURN vs. OREGON. Looking like a pretty good BCS Title Game...wouldnt you say? Pretty exciting day of football yesterday, what I was able to watch of it.

Allstate has another new Mayhem commercial out. Dude is a friggin deer in the headlights. Pretty funny.

My flight up was great. Flew AirTran. Did the $49 upgrade to 1st/Business class and drank free jack and cokes all the way up. Also had Jason Cluxton...from the Main Event at IP (he finished 4th) on my flight...we had a great chat, and then fired up our laptops, got to play online poker and played each other heads up until we had to turn off our laptops on final approach! Made for a pretty good flight.

Okay...there ya go! Time to go get ready and see if I can get me another ring! Or at least another nice score!


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