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Saturday, December 11, 2010

One week in the Books in A.C.

My most recent post got a little 'unofficial' warning from Harrah's top brass to chill out on the criticism if I wanted to keep playing here. Can't say I was totally shocked, since I am acutely aware of who reads this.

But despite the continued attempts to censor me, and my repeated agreement to let them, I will say that since I wrote all that the other day, they have been making a huge effort to overcome some of the things I wrote about. Several things have improved over the course of the last few at least some good came of it.

The gentleman who is running this event, John Arthur, and I have had numerous conversations since I have been here...and I have to say that he is an awfully nice guy, and is genuinely committed to running a 1st class event here, so hopefully the feedback he has been getting from myself and other players will be helpful to them in future events. I hope so, because it really is a great venue for a big poker event...and really attracts large fields.


First thing I want to do is give a HUGE shout out to three of my good poker buddies, and ALL past poker roomies...pretty cool...for VICTORIES down in New Orleans. And I had no idea they were handing out WSOP circuit rings for those wins...but good for them! First it was BJ McBrayer winning an event. Then later, on the same day, Kai Landry snapped off a Hold Em event and Tim Burt won a mixed event. I'm proud of those guys...and happy for 'em too, of course! Love it when my buddies win!

Was rooting really hard for Jason Young up here in the $1k two days ago, the one I got deep in, but then...after running 10k after the dinner break up to 30k...had the misfortune of having a small stack (8k) going all in under the gun, waking up with JJ behind him...iso-shoving...and running into Matt Waxman in the BB with AA. Ouch. I did flop four to a flush, but missed on the turn and the river and was out. But JY made it to day 2...and the money...but with 12 left, ran AJ into KJ and watched the guy catch a king to knock him out 12th. I hate 12th...and he did too, hiding out in his room the rest of the day as irritated as I would have been.


Anthony Chester...who recently left his job at Venetian to go run the poker operations down the road from here at Delaware Park...came up here with Keith Ezykowitz, who he hired to work there, and his new wife Michelle, who used to deal to us clowns as a circuit dealer. We went to a really nice steak dinner while I was on dinner break Thursday in the $1k event. It was nice to see them and catch up on 'the old gang' and their lives. We talked a little bit about a big event they have coming up in April and my possible appearance/involvement in that and some television thing they might be doing.


I've been in my room sleeping all day off and on like I did on Wednesday, I'm not sure why I am so doggone tired on this trip. Plus today there was just the ladies event (which I've decided NOT to play!) and a few satellites for tomorrow's $1650 Main Event. Chicago it was a $1500+100 and same thing in$1650. Zoinks. I played the Omaha H/L event yesterday and had another one of those damn tables, and another one of those damn days....

[wow, when I woke up my Washington Huskies were down 48-47 with 12 minutes left...Texas A&M went on a 13-2 run to lead by 11. Now with 35 seconds left we have the ball and are losing 63-62! Come on Dawgs! This would be a really solid road win...need this!]

So in this Omaha tourney, I was very clearly the best player at the table...and managed to accumulate chips early. But seated at our table was 'that guy' that seems to always terrorize my Omaha tables....the one who wants to play EVERY hand, regardless of having any semblance of a low draw or not....just crap hands...but who always seems to either flop whatever he needs, or river it when he refuses to fold. I did a lot of flopping the best hand and getting beat on the river...or flopping the world and just needing one thing or the other for the nut high, the nut low or both...and completely missing.

Well, the donkey would finally spew off all his chips...matter of fact, I had taken to referring to him as 'Spewie Huey.' It was no surprise that he was knocked out. But I was also short on chips myself. Then our table breaks. At my new table...I get it all in after flopping top two with a nut flush draw. Three handed...and NO low I had a great chance for a triple up.

But this other guy goes runner runner for a diamond flush. And I was punched out. It was like dying from a paper cut. Long, ugly, irritating day.

So I went downstairs and booked a two-hour winning session playing a little $1/$2 cash game...then headed back upstairs for the 7pm $200 Mega Satellite...that attracted 27 players and was paying three winners. At 4am, me and two others celebrated victory, and I had my second satellite win of the trip. That probably had a lot to do with me being so tired today. :)

So today they just had a $230 tourney at 3pm and then at 7pm they are running another Satellite for tomorrow's main but its a $340...I think that its unnecessary for me to play that. In fact, after writing this I might go down to the gym and put in a little cardio workout and then come back to my room and get to bed early. Be fresh for tomorrow's Main Event.

[ Huskies completely shit the bed in the waning seconds...getting one open look to win, then stealing the ball away from A&M and unable to get a decent shot off after that...and lose by 1. So that is 6 blowout wins on the season, and 3 tough losses to Kentucky, Michigan State and Texas A&M...all ranked opponents. Sigh.]


My bowl pool starts in just a week and I already have over 100 entries signed up. Last year we had I'd say we have a pretty good shot at breaking that record. If you are interested in getting into that...shoot me an email at


I am really, really missing my dogs! And my wife. She just spent all day running all over the place doing Christmas shopping for not just her family but mine. Spent a long time on the phone with my brother Jimmy, who has Downs Syndrome and is very hard to understand over the phone. I called him last week and it was frustrating trying to figure out what he was telling me....but Squirrel, who he definitely formed a crush on when he met her earlier this year...had no problem with it when she called him today and talked to him about what he wanted for Christmas.

So I guess he has a great package coming from us. She even bought a gift and a stocking for his roomate. I have the sweetest, most wonderful wife. I'm lucky. And proud. I hope I win BOTH of these Main Events up here so I can stay home until the summer. That would be awesome!!!


Okay...I think I am done for the day. I will try to provide updates tomorrow throughout the Main Event. Hope you all have a great weekend.


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