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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Yes...there IS good news to report.

The bad news is that it's Tuesday...the day I do all of my Fantasy League and Pool updates...which takes me about three hours...and which I've been up doing since 10am. And I have to be back for Day 2 of yesterday's $350 'Nooner.'

Which now marks the 2nd consecutive tourney that I have cashed...which, after the drought from hell feel marvelous. In the $550 the other day...I played with 648 other fools...and finished 45th for a whopping $1125. Then went downstairs, sat down in a $210 SNG...and won...with a juicy last longer....$ two hours, which kind of put things into a weird perspective.

Yesterday I had another smooth day...until the two levels after the dinner break...which were horrendous. But then I got a double up with KK vs. QQ and took  the same guy out with QQ vs. his AK. 728 players started...we made the money at 81...and played down til 2am, when we were left with 45 players. First place is $46,000. If I bust now I think I make about $700. No Thanks!

I head back with $108,000 2500/ I have about 20 BB's.Could be out quick if things don't go right...or could catch a few hands and chip up to half a million and make a charge for the Final Table. I'm rooting for that last scenario.

Both of my predictions for the World Series proved to be FALSE! It will NOT be Detroit and Milwaukee...but instead St. Louis and Texas. should be a good series.

My Huskies won AGAIN...and at 5-1 have finally cracked the Top 25 after years of futility. Steve Sarkisian is 'The Man!!!' LSU and Bama continued to roll...setting up that huge matchup in Tuscaloosa in a few weeks that I can't wait for!!!!

My sister had booked us a trip to go skydiving today for her birthday. I was going to drive up to Wisconsin and meet her. Two problems came up though. (a) I made it back for Day 2 of this tourney. And (b) you can't weight over 250lbs with clothes on...and I am tipping the scales at about 254-256 right now. Sorry Sis. But let me win this tourney and we can find SOMETHING to go frolic in!!!

Okay...that's about all I have time for! Praying for a good day today!!! Need it...need it bad!!!


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