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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

College Football Much?

So, yeah...I kind of screwed you guys. Telling you I was going to be coming out with my fearless bowl predictions and then giving you zilch in return. Pretty sweet eh? Yeah I rule. In defense of myself, I'm pretty sure my predictions so far would have been utter dog shit through the first 8 games, unlike my buddy 'Banger' who is currently 8-0 in my Bowl Pool, the only person out of 156 who is perfect so far.

Y'all may have noticed just how close the voting was in my little poll over there in the right margin for who YOU think the Heisman Trophy should have gone to. I figured when all the players got an award of some kind at the awards show the night before the Heisman presentation....all EXCEPT Robert Griffin III, that it could only mean he would take down the Heisman. I was right. Honestly...I think he was deserving of the award. It was a delight listening to ALL the Heisman candidates talk during interviews...well except for LSU's Honey Badger...who apparently is playing on a team who doesn't screen for marijuana, or has an amazing supplement he's using to mask all that dope he's smoking. Had he not had such a fantastic final two games...he wouldn't have had to be up there embarrassing his university. We could have instead got to listen to another solid kid, like Kellen Moore or Case Keenum.

The main reason I wanted Trent Richardson to win...was because when Mark Ingram won, 'Bama won the title. Also in that year, the Saints won the Super Bowl. I have convinced myself that 2011 is running a parallel course to 2009. And that was part of the puzzle. However, Mark did NOT win the Doak Walker award that year...not sure who did, but no Bama running back had ever won that award, and Trent that is pretty special.

Bama started as a 1 point underdog in this BCS title matchup...and now is a 1 point favorite. I have no idea what swung the line 2 points...but I would much prefer they go into the game as an underdog, for the psychological advantage.

On Thursday night, the #1 team in my heart, the Washington Huskies, take on Baylor...and RG3, this years Heisman winner in the Alamo Bowl. I love my Huskies...and yes, we beat Nebraska last year in the Holiday Bowl as 14 point underdogs...but I just don't see us beating Baylor. Our defense is horrendous.

Watched the Saints on MNF last night...and damn did they look good, destroying the Pidgeons from Atlanta. And what a treat...getting to watch Drew Brees eclipse Dan Marino's 27-year old record for most passing yards in a season...and doing in dramatic fashion, with a 7-yard TD pass to this season's free agent 'steal' Darren Sproles...who has been my fantasy GOLD for the past four seasons. Listening to Drew talk after the game...and watching how he conducted himself right after setting the record, I just hope New Orleans as a city knows what a special treat they have been given, getting to see this guy play for their Saints. What a class individual. Not given much of a chance coming out of Purdue...where he was coming off a Rose Bowl clobbering by my Huskies (that was a nice day for me!) he was deemed too short and lacking arm strength, but was still taken in the 2nd round by SD. The rest is history.

But today, as I peruse Yahoo...I see them trashing him and the Saints...for what they call an 'anything but classy' running up the score. Funny, none of the Falcons were bitching about it. None of them. I think with the entire nation watching...and at home in front of his adoring Payton made a decision that he knew would maybe be questioned. But to was a no-brainer. I mean, come on...come back next week needing 30 yards? Or just get it taken care of, and have the option of resting Brees along with a lot of other starters next week in preparation for a title run?

I woke up this morning with a pool of dried blood in my left ear. I have no idea why...but can't seem to find anything that would point to this as being 'normal.'

Redbox is a great thing. But when you take out two movies on Wednesday...and it takes you until Tuesday to watch $1.20 per day...its kind of stupid.

When the girls at the Beau Rivage get pregnant...they eventually outgrow their tight little cocktail uniforms, and have to resort to their maternity uniform...or what Squirrel has labeled 'the fat dress.' Well, yesterday was the first day she went to work in her 'fat dress' and frankly, I think she looked gorgeous! She is finally starting to show...and I love it. Meanwhile, my mother continues to bombard us with clothes for our little SquirrelMonkey...who it is appearing will be given a name we are almost completely sold on, unless something comes from out of nowhere and blows us away. But its looking like Carlie (or Carley...thats still in debate) Grace Souther. Grace was my Great-Great Grandmother who I loved...and I just think its a pretty name...and flows nice with Carlie. That was a name Squirrel liked a lot, and I like it too.

Congratulations to Jennifer Parrish for her new baby....who came out just over TEN POUNDS! Wow...last time I saw her she DID look like she was trucking around a pumpkin in there! Then one day after Piper was born, Jenn celebrated her birthday. Pretty nice birthday present.

Hey, I meant to put this up on my blog a few weeks it might have helped a lot more going INTO the Christmas buying season. But as always, I got sidetracked. I suck. Cheryl and I have a girl we both are very fond of, and who a lot of you poker players probably know. Melinda Harvison. She used to deal at the Beau for quite a while. She was one of the few dealers there I never once caught a snotty attitude from, and her love of animals makes us, well...two on the same wave length. Well, Melinda got together a lot of her savings, and bravely started her own little business making dog collars, the kind that are waterproof, and don't get all smelly. And they come with cute, fun little words on them...and in stylish colors. She told Squirrel about what she was doing...and even gave her two freebies for our little beasts.

She didn't ask me to do anything to help put this new ad on my blog for her....but I thought it was the least I could do for someone we both like so much. She recently got her own kiosk set up at the Mall here in Biloxi...Edgewater Mall. She also has her won website set up for the collars....CLICK HERE to check it out, or go to the link that I have added to my little ad space over there on the right-hand side. If you have pets...and feel like spending a few bucks on a new collar for them...throw my friend Melinda a bone and check out her stuff. Tell her Monkey sent ya...I'm sure she might offer you a deal of some kind. No promises though. (that will function as my legal disclaimer!)

The mystery of the bloody ear has been solved. I somehow incurred a laceration...also called a 'scratch' sometime while sleeping last night.

The Middle East is blowing up again. Syrians are dying by the hundreds. Egyptians are pissed that they got duped by the military. And now that we have left Iraq...the new Civil War is set to begin...which, honestly, would have happened exactly the same way if we had just gone in, killed Saddam, did whatever else we were trying to do there, and left, in say....2004? Instead...we let 3 or 4 thousand troops get killed, thousands other maimed, and countless more messed up in the head. Yeah...Iraq was a really good decision. Well played Mr Bush and Mr Cheney. What's going on in Iran? Who knows? It's clear that the race is on to either covertly destroy ALL of their atomic facilities, or get the CIA to fund an overthrow of their government by the youth of Iran...who happen to also be the majority, and who also happen to clamor for the niceties enjoyed by most Americans. Yup...2012 should be a very interesting year.

Remember when Sineed O'Connor was young, and pretty...and a top 10 singer? And that bald head left people saying things like..."Damn, she'd be hot if it weren't for that bald head! But then again...she is still I guess it's okay." Did you ever utter that phrase? Well, four marriages, 40 lbs, and no hit singles later...I think maybe now would be a good time for her to finally abandon the bald look and perhaps grow some hair. Her recent marriage just ended after 18 days. You heard me. DAYS.

Good news for Star Wars fans...specifically Darth Vader fans. Yes, I am talking to YOU Kai Landry. The University of Oregon...always one to flirt with the edges of fashions boundaries, are at it again. Nike has presented them with a very interesting, state-of-the-art uniform to wear in this year's Rose Bowl. Good luck, Cyborgs!

Okay. That's enough for today. Somehow...the mailman came today and DID NOT bring a package for 'Baby Girl Souther.' Has to be a malfunction at the post office!


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