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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Day that Shall Live in Infamy....Don't Forget those 2,402.

First things first. I know that December 7th is a big day for a lot of us in the Souther family. Yeah's the day we go in and find out if we are going to be having a girl or a boy. And the anticipation is eating some people alive. (yes, I'm talking to YOU mother!)

But mostly, tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The USS Arizona takes 4 1800 lb bombs and creates a blast felt around the entire island and moments later capsizes and kills 1,177 navy and marine personel on board the battleship.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, assembled with his Cabinet members and his War Staff, officially declare war on the country of Japan in front of Congress

The 'War Machine' kicks into high gear, after the attack from Japan
It's amazing to think this happened 70 years ago. Even more amazing is that their are still people who survived that attack alive still. Granted most of them are in their late 90's...but the day still lives in their memory, as it does for most of us collectively, as a nation. 2,402 men and women died on that day, with over 1200 wounded. Some remember Pearl Harbor as the day a cowardly attack by Japan thrust us into WWII. But as history and uncovered documents have may not have been that at all. 

There have been a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding what 'actually' happened on 9/11. A lot of them are pretty far-fetched. But some of them are awfully compelling. One thing remains true. Prior to Sept 11, 2001...our ability as a nation to go after terrorists was extremely limited, due to our foreign policy and the laws of Congress. So what we did was basically offer ourselves up as sitting ducks to most of the terrorist organizations. They knew they could attack us and we wouldn't be able to do anything about it, other than say all the same things after the attacks.

This is actually a full-length documentary...called 'Loose Change' and covers a lot of those theories. It is, without a doubt, one of the best I have seen...and I have watched a lot of them, and read a lot of books about 9/11. But I'm talking about Pearl Harbor today.

It is pretty well documented that a stream of information relating to a strike on Pearl Harbor from Japan was fed to FDR two days before the eventual attack. It wasn't a mysterious 'accident' that the aircraft carriers were sent to sea two days before the bombing took place. It was also known that the US economy was struggling mightily, and was itching to get into the war in Europe, so it could boost it's industrial output, and be able to sell its goods overseas. FDR wanted and needed to get into the war. So when Japan sent their planes, the US played possum, for lack of a better word.

Why was this never examined further? Well, for one..we weren't living in the age of information like we are now. Back in 1941, the US Government pretty much controlled the flow of information. So you got whatever story they wanted you to receive. Had this been discovered, what would the result have been? Lawsuits by the families of those killed? Would FDR have been impeached? Maybe brought to trial for treason? Or would they have looked the other way, since, after all...we did get into the war, and did win the war, America's greatest military victory of all time. Right? How would that have gone down?

The older I get, and the longer I live in this country, the more disillusioned I get with the ones who make the decisions on our behalf. I mean...we were founded under the idea that 'we the people' formed a union 'for the people' and all that...but increasingly it becomes so much more evident that this nation was created so that a very small minority of businessmen and politicians can steer things to go in whichever direction it most benefits them. I had these feelings 3 years ago...when, while in Hawaii on vacation with my family, Cheryl and I took a trip to Honolulu for the day (from Maui where we were staying) to tour the city and see Pearl Harbor.

While we were there I saw a lot of families who you could tell had lost loved ones in the attack. Reading all the names on the plaques...seeing the memorial at the site of the sunken USS Arizona...I wrestled with two emotions, anger and sadness. A lot of families who lost people in that attack don't want to hear about 'conspiracy theories' that the President and his War staff knew an attack was coming. They prefer to think they lost those people in a surprise attack to an enemy they could find it easier to bring themselves to hate. That somehow makes/made it easier for them. But when you go through life (as I have) asking questions, seeking answers...and wanting to know more than what is being spoon fed to you as a society, you may have done as I did on that day back in January of 2008...standing over that watery grave to hundreds of brave, loyal sailors...and felt pissed. 

That was what I felt. Angry. Because I'm pretty sure that most of those young men and women were effectively sacrificed so that our leaders could use that event to get into the war with Germany and Japan. I guess we are supposed to go with the old adage that they were what the war planners refer to as 'collateral damage.' I'm sorry, I just don't 'get with that' line of thinking and never will. I think to play with people's lives for political gain is a travesty. Unfortunately, it will never stop, probably.

So...on this December 7th, I suggest we say a prayer, for those who 'sacrificed' their lives for our that we could walk through the newly opened door afforded to us by Japan, and crush the evil Nazi empire, along with the Japanese Imperial Navy as well as its army. I guess it shouldn't change how we view those brave victims of Pearl Harbor, I would just prefer if they were remembered accurately.

As for 9/11? Well...that's a whole other story for a different day. But lets just say, since 9/11 we certainly haven't had a lot of problems or restrictions as it pertains to 'going after terrorists' where they live, eat and sleep, has it?

Moving on....

Just saw where Charles Barkley appeared on the Dan Patrick show today or yesterday and went off on Skip Bayless, calling him the analyst he hates more than any person in the world! I've attempted to include the clip above. It may or may not have loaded right. Some people don't like Barkley, and I didn't used to, like 10-15 years ago...but as time goes on, I find myself agreeing with the Chuckster more and more. And where Bayless is concerned, I friggin hate the guy too. Here is a great clip of him getting absolutely OWNED by Jalen Rose a few years back. Pretty funny, especially if you hate Skip Bayless.

For some dumb damn reason, and because I was asked to, I went ahead and started up an NBA Fantasy League. It will be a live-draft league...and have no more than 12 teams that compete in a head-to-head weekly format. $150 to play. Think we have 8 teams already...if you are interested, send me an email at  I also started a $50 SQUARES grid for the BCS TITLE GAME. That is already 35% full. I anticipate filling two or three of those boards. Same deal, email me if interested.

 Speaking of BCS Title game...yes, it IS now official. Meeting, again...whether some people like it or not, on January 9th...will be the LSU Tigers, 13-0 and Champions of the SEC and the 11-1 Alabama Crimson Tide. The early line is LSU-1 with an over/under of 40.

The smack talk has already begun....with two posts on my Facebook already getting over 50 comments. Unfortunately I have just as many LSU fan-friends as I do Bama fan-friends. And well, I pretty much have come to loathe almost everything about LSU, so it makes for a pretty spicy 35-day period ahead! I know some think Oklahoma State should have gotten a shot...and when I hear LSU fans whining about it??? It just tells me that they WISHED it had been Okla St. because they are afraid of having to play Alabama again.

The ones I like are the LSU fans who accept the challenge, who are glad it was Bama, because they honestly think the Crimson Tide are the ONLY team capable of beating them. And they want the chance to prove that November 5th wasn't a fluke. Now those kind of fans? I respect. And when the dust settles on November 9th, those are the kind of fans who I will either shake hands with and accept their congratulations, or shake their hand and do the same, and praise them for a great season. 

There are TWO DOGS in this fight! And you can NOT have it both pick your poison, and don't look back! Your either a Tiger fan...or your a 'Bama fan come Jan 9, 2012!

Now the scramble is on for tickets. Now, personally, I had my National Championship 'experience' back on January 1st, 1992...when my Washington Huskies beat the Michigan Wolverines and their Heisman Trophy winner, Desmond Howard 34-14 to claim a share of the National Title. It was incredible. The stadium, the field, the outcome. It was an electricity I have only felt about two or three times in my life. Now I am a recent Bama fan, admittedly, partially influenced by my Alabama born and raised wife. 

When Bama played Texas a couple years ago, I really tried to get us tickets to go out to Pasadena, but things were a bit tight financially, and we had to pass on the chance. Well now, with it right here in our own's incredibly tempting to, as they say...'do anything' to let Squirrel live that dream that I got to experience. Only problem is...we have a baby on the way, and I'm not exactly tearing up 2011 with my poker skills! So we have to be careful, and responsible, about where we spend our 'disposable' income. Plus, I will be in LA for the WSOP-C Bike tourney...and would have to fly home the night before, go to the game, then fly back to LA the next it will take some major scrambling for sure. But yeah...finding 'reasonable' tickets to what I think will be one of the greatest title games we have witnessed in definitely on my list of priorities. 

There are a couple of LARGE wagers floating around out there...a lot of them witnessed on Facebook. I am not going to divulge them here on my blog, out of respect to those guys' privacy. But I will tell you that I have placed two wagers, one with Jason Lipscomb and one with Bryan Lanoix, both HUGE LSU blabbermouths and 'Bama haters...and collecting a little Baby Bonus money from them would be awfully sweet!!!! 

So yeah...enough of that...for today anyway!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!

So here we are two days away from the start of the Harrah's New Orleans event and it STILL hasn't found it's way onto the website with all the listed events for December. Grrr. Frustrating. I see the one at Goldstrike just got added. Just added, and it says it started December 1st. Hmmm...that's weird.

Thursday, December 08, 2011
Harrahs Theatre at Harrah's New Orleans
The WSOP is back at Harrah's New Orleans with the 2011 Bayou Poker Challenge! See below for booking info and tournament schedule.

$84.00 SNGL/DBL

1-800-445-8667 RESERVATIONS
Tournament Schedule
SINGLES $45 $65 $125 $240 $540 $1,025
6PM $200 + $30 MEGA (WIN BUY-IN CHIPS)
FRIDAY*9-Dec 1PM* $300 + $40 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
5PM* $200 + $30 POT LIMIT OMAHA
8PM $100 + $25 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
SATURDAY*10-Dec 1PM* $500 + $50 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
5PM* $200 + $30 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
8PM $100 + $25 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
SUNDAY*11-Dec 1PM* $300 + $40 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
5PM* $200 + $30 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
7PM $100 + $25 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
MONDAY*12-Dec 1PM* $300 + $40 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
5PM* $200 + $30 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
7PM $100 + $25 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
TUESDAY*13-Dec 1PM* $300 + $40 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
5PM* $200 + $30 PLO w/$100 REBUY
7PM $100 + $25 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
5PM* $200 + $30 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
7PM $100 + $25 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
THURSDAY*15-Dec 1PM* $300 + $40 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
5PM* $200 + $30 PLO FREEZEOUT
6PM $300 + $40 MEGA MAIN EVENT
7PM $100 + $25 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
4PM $100+$25 W/$50 REBUYS MEGA
8PM $100 + $25 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
9PM $100+$25 W/$50 REBUYS MEGA
SATURDAY17-Dec 1PM $1500 + $100 NLH MAIN EVENT
3PM $200 + $30 LAST CHANCE NLH
8PM $100 + $25 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM
12PM $100 + $25 NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (SENIORS) 50+

Well, I tried to clean that clip/paste up a little bit but had no success. But you get the idea. If you want all the details, just click on that link up there and it will take you straight to their website. Admittedly the room rates they offer there are never very great, and a lot of times they magically sell out before you get there. There are a couple of decent hotels around Harrah's that I will stay at when I go over there. My favorite...and don't get me wrong, its not an awesome place...but as a poker player, who is just looking for a place to sleep, it's not bad at all. Its called The Pelham, I've stayed there about 3 or 4 times. And I often see dealers staying there as well. I just did a quick search on prices...and for the average rate of $69 is coming up...which compares to everything else that is around $105 and up. Not sure what the Harrah's rate at the Hilton is, but I'm guessing around $90 plus tax like it usually is. Oh, the Pelham? It's literally two blocks north of the casino. 

Oh boy. Squirrel goes to work at 7 tonight. Its about 5. What are we watching? One of those shows about 'Pageant Moms' and their bratty, snotty, annoying little girls. Wow! I would just like to thank Ladelle (Squirrel's Mom) for raising her right, knowing that if I have a daughter I will never have to deal with this ridiculous BS from my wife and daughter. Hooooooly #$&%!!!!!!
Took Jasper to the vet yesterday to do something for the wife. She was getting tired of his breath. Cost to get dog's teeth cleaned? $265! Yeah, well...they have to sedate him for it, and to do that, a blood test is required to make sure he CAN be sedated. He has never been kenneled, so when I dropped him off...he would NOT go in the cage. It took three of us to wrestle him in there. Then when he was done, they called immediately because apparently he would not stop howling. 

 Silly dog...he's so spoiled. I really do NOT think he's aware that he's a dog. Oh and yeah...his teeth look great. A lady I had at my table at IP a while back is one of those wonderful people who rescues dogs and I think she might be a breeder too. Well, she recommended I put extra virgin olive oil in my dogs food, that it was supposed to aid in their digestion, to help with arthritis, and among other things...makes their coat shine. She said she had a black lab that lived to 17 years old! Well, none of my labs have made it past 10, and Jasper is I was SOLD! Him and Mollie have been on the oil now for about 40 days...and their coats looks amazing. We also quit giving him the medication he was on for his bad hips about a month ago...and not once has he whined or appeared to be in wow! Maybe there IS something to that! Hope so!

Okay...that's about enough for today, I think. I need to go to the gym today. Among other things. Hey! Don't forget to log your vote for the Heisman Trophy right hand side up there. Trent Richardson currently holds a very narrow lead over Andrew Luck and RGIII.


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