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Monday, February 20, 2012

Back for Day Two in Venetian Main Event

Don't have a lot of time to write this morning....errr...afternoon. Finally got a good night of sleep, with the aid of Doctor Ambien. And with the benefit of maintenance fixing the curtains in my room at Venetian so they would shut, turning my room into the dark cave I require for deep, uninterrupted sleep!

Yesterday was an incredibly long, 11-level grind...with a lot of excellent players on both of my tables. As always, Main Events always bring out the best players...thus, the necessity to make as few critical errors as possible is magnified.

I started out hot, turning 20k into 24k by the first break. The next two levels were disastrous, as I fell as low as 3500 in Level 3. But patience, and a few lucky breaks...saw me rebound, where I hovered around 8k for a good while. Finally caught a CDU when I got AA for the first of three times. All three times I got them I either limped in first position or flatted behind a raiser, and in all occasions got paid off handsomely. It's kind of how I have decided to ALWAYS start playing AA to get the full value from the hand, being open to the possibility of folding them if necessary.

I have quite a bit to write about...but not the time. We are back at 2pm...which is in about 15 minutes. One good bit of news is that we are moving back into the the walk won't be nearly as far. I bagged up 46,000 chips last night...and we go back at 800/1600 I think. Here is the chip counts and table released by Venetian this morning.

Not sure how well that came through. It looked pretty small on my end. One guy who didn't make it out of Day 1...and who I had a basically useless conversation with after the first break, was Matt Stout. That little troll who has been bashing me behind my back all over America...and who I promised to punch in the mouth the first time I saw him. Well, I decided to take the high road, and give him an opportunity to 'discuss' his issues with me like a man...and possibly hash shit out. Didn't happen. Instead he just stood there, with this smug smirk on his face...that I wanted to just wipe off with the backside of my hand. There is no reasoning with that twerp. So when I watched him get up and leave after running out of chips, it gave me a small semblance of satisfaction.

Okay...thats it. Gotta run. First place is $140k. The money hits at 27...and pays a little over $6k. Not interested in that number. Won't even get me to even on the trip. table or bust for this Monkey!!!



Anonymous said...

Good for you on the weight loss Monkey!!

At our age, the pounds get up there pretty quickly....throw in a little exercise and more weight will come off plus you will get sick less and feel a whole lot better overall.

Good luck at the tables!

Anonymous said...

I'm on a GREAT weight-loss plan at the moment. It's called a PAINFUL CAVITY. I probably have an abcess, too. Can't get into the dentist for another 3 days, so I'm on a soup diet. It's working!