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Thursday, February 9, 2012

It Won't Be Long....Promise

Fresh off yet another min-cash last night in the 3pm $150 bounty tourney...which of course I had to re-buy/re-enter in after my KK succumbed to JJ in Level 3....and after having bought in TWICE for the $500k Guarantee two-day event...with a $350 buy in...I head back today to play Day 1B of that same damn event trying to make it to Day 2 and a 'decent' cash on this year of nothing but min-cashes so far. I think I am up to 12 cashes now, but the biggest one is for $3700.

Yes, my Super Bowl prediction fell flat for the first time in three years...though if things break they should have, my predicted score of 27-21 New England would have been pretty damn close, as it would have likely ended up 24-21. Whatever. Congrats to all you Giant fans. I did have kind of an epic day in Super Bowl Squares. Granted, I did invest $3200 throughout 9 boards...but I managed to win $4000. So it was a win, overall. Never got my wager in at the window...because the sportsbook here at Riviera is a bit, put it politely, S-L-O-W.

I've got some great photos to share. And a couple videos. And some fun stories. But I don't have time to share them all because, as usual I am running late. But that might be a good thing...running late means I get to miss the cooler beats...and hypothetically, the urge to rebuy before the break. Getting pretty sick of that shit. The fields at Venetian are starting to pick up a little. But there are still NO sit n gos being if you don't cash deep in a tourney to keep your bankroll are playing catch up and burning a hole in that roll. Case in point: Senor Monkey.

My boy Banger arrived from Canada two nights ago...and is celebrating his isolation from years of being pent up in the icy north. He played for 12 hours yesterday...after also having rebought...only to bust in the last half hour of the night. That friggin blows. And I finished 10th out of 157 mutants in the $150 bounty tourney that started at 3. I collected 6 bounties for $150...and when my AK couldn't connect against JJ...I left with another $355 whopping dollars. Oh boy. Huge score.

Eric Baldwin a.k.a 'Basebaldy' reached out to me on Twitter...and when I did that 'follow' thing, he sent me a link he thought might really help me a lot. Apparently, he bought and read this book... 'The Power of Now' awhile back and said it helped him tremendously. So...I thanked him for the recommendation and purchased it on iBooks, so I can read it on my iPad. So now I have another book in my virtual library to keep me busy my efforts to improve on myself.

Okay...gotta hit and run...just didn't want anyone thinking I died. I didn't...just feel like I did about once a day. 


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Anonymous said...

Monkey, what % can an experience player expect to be in the money. Is there any rule of thumb.
When reviewing WSOP tournament results, many winners have only placed in the money a few times. Are you suprised??