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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great E-Mail from a Reader!

With today's Supreme Court decision handed down, by a 5-4 uphold Obama's Health Care seemed like the PERFECT day to write my next blog post...titled 'I HATE POLITICIANS!' In fact, there really isn't a better day I can think of!

However...Squirrel just got home early from work....which, according to my calendar, provides me with the final opportunity to get over to Pensacola, finish up my pressure washing on the rental house that I did about 70% of the other day...and meet up with my handy man for the final time before heading off to Vegas on the 'big trip.'

But before I do that...and before I post my seething political rant...of which I'm sure will result in a multitude of feedback (which I love and welcome!)...I had to share with you all a great letter I got via email from a reader of my blog, and who also plays quite a bit of poker. I know who it is...but he wishes to remain anonymous...and I'm not throwing out any hints. But he made a lot of great points that I didn't even really think about...while showing a lot of support for me, which, less than a week before I start my WSOP experience is something that I was kind of seeking.

So...without further is the email.

"Great job Will, Great blog post!"

I hope the follow up one November 1st is even sweeter. Makes it easy to root for you when you share these parts of your life with the world.

Also, as far as the backing deal. I have some thoughts and as long as I remain anonymous you are welcome to share some of them if you want.

I can't stand that people are coming at you because you have a better backing deal then you are supposed to. Would anybody hassle you because your mortgage is two points better than theirs? These people are jealous hypocrites. You aren't scamming anybody you made a good faith negotiation. You set a price they accepted and it's over. Just because it's not standard in the Internet poker world doesn't mean it's not standard in the live poker world. Newsflash... live poker has far better deals for the players and a longer history of them for backing arrangements. I'm had better deals and I've returned the favor when I can. I know of better deals than what you are offering. It's live poker. Stakes are different.

A tiny reason for the disparity in the live deal is because they know where to find the piece of shit if they ever get cheated, and there are less cheating risks because of it. A bigger reason they don't have these backing consortium setting prices and a herd of lemmings suggesting that's the standardize price. Maybe these communists should mandate cars should only be sold at bluebook value, or perhaps the government should step in and back players and set the mark-up. Fuck them.

Like you, I've dealt with nonpoker friends wanting a piece of me forever. "Next time we go to the casino I'll just give you $400 to win me money on the poker table." Ummm, no, that's where I work. If I'm going to win money at a table it's going to be my money, and I'm on the clock. I've always viewed selling a piece of myself to friends, as finally giving these people a chance to invest in me. I'm grateful, I'm appreciative, but at the same time that's not the only way I'm going to get in the game, they really want me to try and win some money... here are the terms. Don't like 'em, no problem.

Truth is most of these guys are looking to put $100 to whatever they feel like risking to enjoy the ride. They are not professional backers looking to maximize profits. Comparing the two is a little bit like comparing the Lakers owner over the last thirty years to the Clippers owner. Jerry Buss is in it to win championships and splash money around on big risks and have fun (any wonder he plays poker?). The other dude has followed a bottom line rationale for most of his tenure and if he wins that's an added bonus. Neither is wrong, but I'd rather work with Buss than Sterling. Suggesting the baseline that backers by profession use is the universal guideline for a backing relationship ignores all the other aspects why somebody is backed.

It's absurd that because some stake dude sets a line somewhere, that you are scamming if you veer off of it. It's like saying because a big company has set a price everybody should follow suit. Horseshit. The first thing I tell anybody when they ask me to buy a piece of my action... "You will probably lose your stake." I'm a very bad salesman... like you I'm the opposite of some con artist trying to grift my friends. Last thing anybody wants to do is lose their friends money, there are many people that I know couldn't handle a loss and I won't do it with them. I'm sure the same is true for you if one of them stepped up and thought getting a piece of you was a guarantee of millions you'd probably decline their investment. I always say I'm only taking this if you are fine with the result which may be we lose this. Sure for the world series the upside is huge, but now I'm almost compelled to say there are far better deals and prices out there if you just want to back somebody. The difference is your backers want to back you not somebody. They understand they may be giving up a little bit, because you are telling them that, but they want to be along for the ride. It's a fun partnership for both parties.

The ratfaces bitching about your sweet deal can't even get a "standard' deal of their own. Fuck 'em. Though, I'm almost of the mindset you don't print this. Justifying your deal over and over again only makes it look you are up to no good even though you aren't. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. In life, you either protest too loudly or not enough... and it's never ever just the right amount.

...sorry, went on a rant there. Probably most of this is not fit for publishing, but remember most of those jokers harassing you are just that jokers


Anonymous said...

Played cash at ip last night...waiting on second flight of my trip to get off the ground....wish you the best on are overdue ...Lee

Anonymous said...

check out the f'n juice at the WSOP circuit event coming to Biloxi in August. $74 juice on a $291 entry fee. You have to blog about that shit. Ridiculous!!

Brian Brashaw said...

Harrah's buying the WSOP was both the best and worst thing to happen to the game. Their monopoly on the brand has led to greed and ever-increasing juice. Ask Shulman, publisher of Card Player about that. That being said, it has thrived all over the country through the WSOPC and the world (WSOPE) and has become mainstream though it started niche. The beauty and allure of poker is its the only game I can think where amateurs compete on the same field as pros and stand a chance.