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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Minions Poker Tourney This Sunday!

Well...we are a 'go' for launch. This coming Sunday the 29th, at Kai's place...we will hold a tourney that each player is buying into for $400...which will go directly towards making them automatic 2-share owners in this summer's Team Monkey WSOP members, whether they are on the team or not. Currently, with room for a maximum of 20...we have confirmed 10 players. I am hoping to get some we are able to have two tables of players. I am also looking for two experienced dealers who would like to donate their time on Sunday night. Sure we can find a few dollars 'laying around' to compensate someone that is willing to work the whole tourney. Contact me if you interested and available. ThePokerMonkey1 at AOL. 

As for total overall shares...I am now up to 143 sold, not including the shares that will be generated from the Wild Card Tourney this weekend. With 10 confirmed now...that would take the shares sold up to we march to a goal of 250, and a desire to send 5 players to Vegas to represent me and all of our investors this summer. Our 3rd member of the team will be crowned late Sunday/early Monday when one of these players wins the tourney at Kai's place. Then we will start looking to who our 4th and hopefully 5th players will be. In addition to that...I am starting to get the ball rolling on 'schwag' this week...t-shirts, hats and hoodies. I am kind of entertaining the idea of recreating the logo we use on our stuff this summer. While last summer's was okay...I'm eager to come up with something a little more eye-catching. If any of you are graphic artists...well...let's see what you got!!!!

I have invited EVERY person who has sent me an application to be a minion this summer to Kai's poker tourney. If you are still someone who would like a shot at this year's team...and think that your only hope might be paying $400 with the goal of beating a very small field for a $10,000 seat...then email me your interest and qualifications. I'm going to be be considered to play the will need to be someone I consider a serious candidate to make a deep run in the Main Event. I have several investors to answer to...and while this 3rd entry will be potentially 40% funded by the actual players themselves...that rest is being invested by our investment group...they are trusting me to put the best field of players possible in this tourney.

My mom left on Saturday...after a three-week stay. She was pretty sad to leave. We had fun while she was here, and managed to get out and play some poker together. In our last tourney at the Scarlet Pearl last Wednesday...she busted fairly early, and then sat behind me at the final table and watched me win the tourney. She got a kick out of that. Same 'ol drill...guys wanting to take money out for the bubble person (10th) me saying no....guys wanting to chop at 9, me saying no. When they asked 7-handed, I just told them, "Guys...look, I'm not trying to be rude...but I simply do NOT ever chop in this little tourneys. Mainly because I like playing them out. It's fun. Why play all day to make the final table only to quit? Seems dumb to me." So they quit asking...well, until we got 3-handed. 

I think the blinds were 8000/16000 and I was in the BB. The guy on the button shoved all in for 42,000. lets see, 30,000 in the pot (with antes) and I have to call 26,000. Not to mention I had about 150,000 in my stack. I didn't look at my the event I see a horrible hand and talk myself into folding. I called. Told the guy I wasn't looking...and was calling based solely on the math. He was an older guy...and he gave me the 'Yeah whatever buddy' response when I busted his AK with 10-8 offsuit. I wasn't about to argue with him about it. You either 'get it' or you don't. And he didn't. I saw him a couple days later at IP in a cash game...and after answering his question about where I finished, I carefully explained it to him. I think he understood it better that time.

Well, we got heads up...and the other guy had a very large chip lead over me. But he still asked me if I wanted to chop. "No thanks. But I'm just have a huge lead over me...why would you want to chop???" I don't think I got a coherent response. With 4-6h I limped on the button. He checked with Q5. The flop comes 6-6-2. He checked, I checked. Queen on the turn. He open shoves. Ha. Gotcha! I call. I win. Now leader. Two hands later...I raise with AQs. He shoves all in with A9. I call...and I win. Game over. $1100 on a $60 buy in. And in only 3.5 hrs. Not bad. 

Regarding the Beau Rivage, and what I thought was my 86 being lifted? has not gone as smoothly as I was led to believe it would. Where it gets weird is here: for the past 4-5 years...and after I was unceremoniously booted because a high-roller didn't like me and went to his casino host and demand that I not be allowed to play or he wouldn't come back. This, after I put a bad beat on his wife in a tourney. It was utterly ridiculous. The guy was a total fool. But he was a whale in the casino so his voice carried weight over mine, the measly, piddly poker player who the casino could care less about. All that was fine. I was told I just needed to sit out the rest of the event and could come back and play the next one. Until I wasn't! Because when I came back for that...I was met at registration by Johnny Grooms, who asked why I was there, then proceeded to tell me I was still 86'd. I felt lied to, because well...I was lied to. When I asked why I was still 86d..and what I needed to do to get back in...I was told "that decision is TOTALLY out of my hands...and it is completely up to SECURITY." 

I was told this three times over the past four years. That it was totally a security issue. So I just gave up. But once Grooms left, I figured I might as well try one more I wrote a letter to the head of security asking to be reinstated. A week later, I got a phone call from the security office, telling me that my trespass had been rescinded, and that I 'could return to the Beau to play poker again.' The only demand/request, was that I wait 48 hours until it cleared the system and I wouldn't be accidentally kicked out by security. I complied, and waited a week before I went to play for the first time.

And, so...I went to go play cash game, with our two mothers there playing slots. 5 minutes wife came in to the poker room, telling me that someone was going to come talk to me about what they expected of me. Standard protocol I assumed, telling me how they expected me to act, etc. I put my wife's mind at ease by assuring her I would agree to whatever they said and remain 'chill' about it. Well? They came and pulled me from the table as expected. But what followed was unexpected. I was instead told that there was a protocol they had to follow, that while they knew I'd been allowed back in by security, I had NOT been allowed back in by the poker room. That they, as a team, would make their own determination separate of security. That I needed to leave that day, then go home and write a letter to the current poker room manager, asking to be reinstated.  Which I did, that day.

Was this disappointing? Well, yeah, obviously...since I'd been told for the past five years that the decision to let me back in was totally up to security, and NOT the poker room. But now? I guess when the old manager left, and the new manager was hired, perhaps they adopted their own new set of rules pertaining to letting previously 86'd players back into their room. Either that...or Johnny Grooms was just lying to me. Which I'm sure he would NEVER do, right? of today, it's now been two weeks since I wrote that letter. I wrote the manager last week, asking how long I should expect the decision to take, since it had been a week already. I was told he'd been busy, but would hope to have it addressed and resolved this week. Not much I can do or say but sit back and wait on an answer I guess. I will say, that through a fairly reliable rumor mill, a player had mentioned after I posted on Facebook that I had been allowed to return to the Beau, that the dealer at his table had steadfastly insisted that I would NEVER get back into the poker room...despite what I had posted on my wall. So I'm not sure how to interpret that, and after sharing that with the poker room manager, I was told that it wasn't the case. I don't know why (a) a player would just make that up and/or (b) why a dealer would be blurting that out while working, if there wasn't something to it. I have no idea who that dealer was...or what possible issue he or she may have or had with me in the past. I mean...I'd have to think that after 5 years, it would be silly for a dealer still working there to have that much personal angst against me to say something like that. It's kind of odd too, considering I rarely even played cash game at the Beau. Ever. Most of my poker at the Beau had been tournaments. 

Well...whatever...that is where things stand now. For all of those who keep asking me when I am going to be playing there, since they saw my post and wondered what I was waiting for. I absolutely would love to be playing some of their weekly tourneys there. I am fond of the new managers they have there, both in the poker room, and the tournament director. Guys I THINK I've always had a mutual poker friendship with. Even the floor supervisors are guys I've always liked. So honestly...if there is ANY issue with letting me return? I can't imagine what it could possibly be. Unless there are a couple of long time dealers who have some kind of personal issue with me that they've been holding on to for years. Which as far as I'm concerned...would be ridiculous. But...this IS the poker world we are talking about, after all. 

That's all I got for you today! Carley weaseled out of going to school again today, so I should probably get off my computer and go do something to entertain her! 


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