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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Breaking Announcement...Playing for a Cause!

Not much to report in the way of victories in the last couple of days. Got knocked out of the nooner by the same crazy SERBIAN!!!! Not SCANDINAVIAN (as he informed me!)...who knocked me out of Tuesday's tourney, this time in the 6-handed. Then lost the 7pm tourney. But I did manage to win a $180 SNG and lock up my seat into the Main Event this Sunday. Also won the entire $200 last longer with 8 players for another $1600. So, coupled with the $1000 I lost in 1/2 in about ONE HOUR...I actually finished the day about even.

Yeah, I won't even go into that one too much...other than to say I sat down, and on the first hand...holding QJ...flop Q-Q-5. With $500 behind. all got in. And other guy had KQ. It was a most inglorious cash session. But at least I had the brains to get up and leave! Or maybe it was due to Adrian texting me from upstairs telling me that the $180 was finally sold and ready to go.


Some dick from the other night...who decides to block me and five other players' decision to play a $125 SNG, instead of a $65 SNG...saying such stupid, idiotic statements like "If you want to make the rules you should buy your own casino" and "who cares what YOU guys's a $65 and will remain a $65" (very original material from this guy) goes and writes an email to someone at IP after, I'm guessing, someone nudged him and suggested that due to my past 'record' he could get me in trouble by firing a message off to someone in management and maybe doing a little embellishing to really make it look dramatic.

Since I never had any words with the guy once the SNG started, and coupled with the fact I was the 2nd one out of it...when I was pulled aside (actually pulled right into the middle of the whole tourney room AS we were going on NO ONE was going to happen by and try to eavesdrop on THAT conversation!) by Bill Bruce and told that I needed to 'be careful,' that it had been 'reported' to them that I had been acting 'out of line' and 'berating' another player from the night before...well, I kind of lost my shit.

See, if I have done something out of line...or berated someone, I will be the first to admit it. And would have very quietly backed down. And taken heed of the warning. But since I KNEW I had done NOTHING to warrant a 'warning' and since the person attempting to get me 'in trouble' was some loser who NONE of us has ever seen before at any made it three times as irritating. I went so far as to produce two players from that SNG as he was talking to me, who completely BACKED my version. Who told him that the other guy was just a straight up DICK.

But what does Bill do? Oh! He gives me a ONE ROUND penalty!!!!! In the CURRENT tourney! This on the heels of having just gotten moved to that table, a table featuring Claudia Crawford, Tim Burt, and Philllip Walsh...a table where I had lost ALL 8 freaking hands that I had played so far. So I was already in a 'not-so-wonderful' mood as it was. But now I get a damn penalty!??? For what he said was acting all crazy in front of everyone. Wow! Anyone ever get accused of doing something you DIDN'T do and NOT act crazy?

Well...whatever. I was talked down from the ledge of insanity by Jim Sterling and Jimmy Somerfeld...thank god, because I was ready to snap. And actually went back to the table and started to run good for about three hours, before the damn Serbian nightmare snapped me again. Man that guy runs good. Oh and I think the douchebag and I have agreed to share a place in Lake Tahoe together for the next WSOP circuit event. By the way, his real name? Like it matters? Is Damien. And hes a pretty sick cash game player to boot. He lives up in Memphis. I need him to stop getting put at my table!


These guys who take pictures for the WSOP events and other events as well...I have added a link to my blog for them. I gotta tell you, they do excellent work, and almost every picture now that I slap up here comes from them. If you want a picture for a family member, or just think it would be cool to remember an event with a customized photo, they can do all kinds of cool things to your picture...even make it look like you won a WSOP ring! So check out their site at IMAGE MASTERS PHOTOGRAPHY! And stop by and talk to Eric if you are I.P. this week.


Dammit! Once again I am running out of time! I literally was planning on (a) going to the bank (b) hitting the tanning bed and (c) going by Best Buy and getting a different case for my new iTouch because I hate the Otter Box I got for it. Just too damn bulky and restrictive...but now I look down and see that it is now 11:37 and today is the $550 NL tourney, and being too late for that one is not an option! I really need to cash deep at least one more time this week, and maybe twice, so I can have a good shot at winning this event's overall point chase and maybe get that seat into the freeroll this summer locked up. And as I mentioned, I am pretty sure I have decided to hit Lake Tahoe after this event. Maybe hook up with my brother Troy while I am there, since he lives in the Bay Area. news you have been waiting for. Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as I am sure most of you who watch the NFL and noticed everyone wearing pink might have figured out. And I like causes. And didn't do a damn thing for anyone yet this year. So...I have gotten a bunch of my good buddies together...including Tim Burt, Kai Landry...and even good 'ol boy Kenny Milam...and we are all going to play in the Ladie's Event on Saturday! Some of us are even going to do it as nature full drag! And here is the catch....well, not catch really, but we are ALL playing for nothing! Anything we win, we have all agreed to donate 100% of our winnings (okay minus our $100 buy in, big deal) to the National Breast Cancer Foundation! However, if one of us wins...we ARE KEEPING THE PENDANT!!!!! I think this is going to be a lot of fun...and I don't want any of you ladies getting mad, since we are just trying to do our part for a good cause! I can't wait to see what my wife has in store for me as I take on the challenge of 'looking fabulous!!!' Besides, I have to start getting ready for my appearance at Day 1 of the WSOP this summer when the bet I lost to Vanessa Rousso has me having to show up and play all day in a dress proclaiming myself to be Vanessa's Number 1 FAN/STALKER/BIOTCH!

I have gotten this approved by Jimmy Somerfeld and Jim Sterling of the I.P. and any of you other brave guys who have nothing better to do with yourselves, and feel like giving to a good cause...join me and my boys on Saturday and lets do something special together! And have a lot of fun! I gotta get the hell in the shower and get down there and try to win another ring! See you all in a few minutes!


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