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Monday, November 1, 2010

Final Table...2pm...Omaha H/L

I must be speedy. It is 1:06pm. We head back, 7 of us...for today's Final Table of the Omaha 8 or better. We are all in the money. 1st place is $6500 or so.

I have a target. His picture was taken. It was photoshopped to protect his family's embarassment at being related to him. I have labeled him the Asian Sprinkler. Cuz that is what he does with his chips. That and suck out a lot.

I am not posting it on my blog. Why? Public domain. Picture in a casino. Not taking a photo and posting it here. Why? Want to play in the Rio Main Event this summer. Following the rules. Ahhh...but if you are a PRIVATE member of my CAN see it there.

OMG...what is gonna happen first? Me finishing this entry, or me going to take a piss? I am about to die...but have mentally convinced myself that I can pull this off. Just don't see it happening.'s Monday.

Real quick...okay I can't stand right back. ARGHHHHHHHHHH

Okay, much better. Another disaster for me in Fantasy this weekend. My Huskies AND my Seahawks got KILLED. Bama got some help though...with Mich State and Mizzou both going down. Nice. The World Series is almost a wrap with SF's win last night to go to 3-1. Good for them. And good for Westside Bobby from SF, and longtime friend and long-suffering Giant's fan.

Friday night I got 12th in the nightly. It sucked. But then won the one and only SNG I played. Went home, slept very little, came back at noon...and sat through a 6 hour shit storm before running 88 into AQ blind vs. blind. Yeah I lost. To Debby Lee from Atlanta...a very sweet girl. GG.

Then I went to play the 4pm...which I had bought into as an insurance policy when I was shortstacked in the nooner. Guess how many hands I played? Um....ONE! JJ vs. AK no good. GG.

Time to go for the hat trick. The 7pm nightly. Got Squirrel's dad at my table. Great. He hasn't been running too good, so was making some pretty ill-advised folds early to maintain peace on the homefront. Finally he got moved, thank god, and I set about accumulating some chips.

I won't bore you...about the time I started ordering dirty martinis...which meant I had to go scrounge up a martini glass from the sushi bar because they refuse to serve us martini glasses in the poker tourney room (actually a very wise decision!...and once I accomplished that, it was on. I pretty much never looked back.

By the time we got to 5 I had over half the chips in play...with a very good structure still. I pretty much demolished the field. Got heads up and had the guy like 18-1 and ended it with A10h vs. K10...el Diablo goes down.

I won $3950. However, I kind of slipped up and tipped a little too much, forgetting I have a backer who gets 60%. And later was greeted by my wife, who hasn't been making ANYTHING at work for two weeks...and who needed money for rent and bills. So I think I ended up making about $300 on that win! Nice! But I had a blast. We had a really fun table all night. The dealers were great, the floor was great, and we had a lot of railbirds hanging out drinking shots with us. I love nightly's that go like that.

Yesterday was a long, freaking grind. Squirrel was begging me to stay home...and I almost did. But told her it was Pot Limit H/L...and that it would likely be over pretty quick...or I would be at the Final Table. I was half right. I made the final table. But it took 13 hours! Because it wasn't pot was LIMIT! NO!!!!! Up in Chicago, in that 8 or better tourney, we had 177 players. I got knocked out in the 11th hour...with 70 stilll remaining. Gross grind.

I won't tell you too much about how I played, what hands went down...or my plan for today. I will only tell you that the two biggest stacks have absolutely no requirements for hand strength. They play any four cards. And never stop betting. I've started taking to calling the asian guy the Asian Sprinkler...due in large part to his ability to sprinkle his chips everywhere!

On the final hand of the get to 7...this genius pulls a move even I didn't expect. We had one player...who about to be in the BB....with 3k...and another player...with 2k. The blinds were 3k/5k. Yeah. So...the correct play here, get two or three of us to limp in and check it out and hope one of us beats him...and makes the money. So four of us limp for 5k. Me with K-J-5-3...not a great hand...but who cares? I had 110k and we needed to lose this guy. As soon as it gets to the Assclown in the SB...he raises. With Q-8-10-7. Moron. One guy folds (not sure why) I call, and the button calls. The flop comes K-J-5. Nice. Three pair. He leads for 5k. I bet 10k. He calls. turn is a 3rd diamond. Great. He bets 10k. I call. River is no help to me (like a boat!) He bets 10k. I call. He has a 'fwrush' and I lose a lot more than I wanted to. Short stack is gone...we are in the money...and I bag up only 70k.

The good news is that now I am focused, and pissed. I want this damn ring! Too many close calls in the past. And I want the 50 pts that come with a win in this National Championship freeroll to go along with my 45 pts already. If I lose...whatever, I lose. And I am pretty sure the crystal monkeys are coming out of semi-retirement today!

Okay...its 1:25. Perfect. Just enough time to shower and get there by tip off! Watch out!!! Monkey is on the war path!!!!


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Anonymous said...

I'm curious about your backer situation. Does she get 60% of everything? Say you satellite into a main and then win $100k. Does she get $60k? So essentially you are left with $40k which you have to pay taxes on so roughly $30k if you are lucky. That seems like a raw deal and at this point are you still not able to fund your maximum $1600 buy-ins? I completely understand if you don't want to share these details. On another note I really enjoy following you and am happy for you and your recent success.