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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heating Up in Frigid Las Vegas

I have little to no time to blog today, but felt compelled to give you a quick update. Spent the day playing with some excellent players yesterday (for a change) and played well enough to pull a 12th place finish out of 203 players in the first Ante-Only WSOP ring event. 12th paid $1100, which was certainly not the $15k score I was looking for (for 1st) but I had no regrets, really.

Spent a majority of my day with longtime acquaintance Bryan Micon, who has promoted and sold a thing called the Micon System for years...and now is the mastermind behind Donk Down, and has his own Poker Radio show...which, after hearing my story about the Beau Rivage...and Johnny Grooms' little scheme to get me trespassed from all MGM Properties, has invited me to appear on their radio show this week if time permits.

Ive always had a lot of respect for Bryan, both as a poker player and a person. He is one of those guys who (like me, I think) has one of those sense of humors that you need an IQ over 100 to fully appreciate. I am excited to do their show.

A couple days ago...I played the 2nd run of the $350 two-entry tourney, that ended up attracting an impressive 887 players. My day ended the first time around when I ran into Idiot Face with Q-7 after I three-bet raised him with AA, had him call, flop top pair and put me all in, only to turn a damn 9. In my second run...I flopped a straight flush draw against a board of J-J-9 and holding Q8d....check raised all in with a relatively small stack...turned the 7 of diamonds, only to lose to the guy with AJ when the river brought an ace. Booooo!!!!

So I bought into the 5pm Super Turbo Double Deepstacks with Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce and Dirty Chip Crumblings. Total players: 145. Place of Finish for Monkey: 2nd place. Total Winnings: $2400. Pretty fun night. Lost to a guy who had me 4-1 when we got heads up, him having busted the douchebag of the table...who I spent most of the day and night loathing. So finishing 2nd to that guy didn't sting too bad, he was actually a pretty solid player, and a nice guy.

Have been getting a lot of sleep, and eating well. Barth got here on Friday night...and has been getting deep in most everything he's played, coming off a pretty impressive run at the Beau Rivage. I think he is leaving town in the next day or so. Wish he'd stay longer...but he has a business to run back home.

I will hold off on my prediction until Friday before the Big Game!

Super Bowl? New England vs. New York Giants, in a rematch of a few years ago. Should be a good game. Vegas book has it at NE-3...guess that's about right. NYG beat NE earlier this season...24-20. No idea who is going to win this game. My Super Bowl Squares boards are on sale and filling up fast as usual. If you are interested in getting a square...or a bunch of em, shoot me an email at and I will send you the link.

Okay...that's your quickie update. Gotta is the $350 6-Handed event, which I have bubbled and finished ten out of the money in my last two efforts.


Goondingy said...

I was reading another blog and saw that the blogger interviewed you on his poker radio show sometime in 2011, I am looking for the blog, thought I followed it but I will find it but it talked positively about you and I find that refreshing because it seems as though the bad players don't get you or like you and the good ones, from what I have seen, me included (though I am not that good) like you. It is fascinating that Grooms has issues with you, well, just wanted to throw that at you and good luck out there!

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love the Micon!?