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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dinner Break on Day 2....

My 'Eat Crow and Burn in Hell Motherf***ers Mission' is alive and well!!!!

Sitting up here in my room at the Rio, 'nursing' 124k chips in Day 2c of the Main Event. And I decided to 'splurge' for the $13.99 for 24-hours of internet...and BOOM! First thing I see are these couple of comments from some more haters eager to tell me what a horrendous player and person I am...challenging me to 'publish' them...thinking I won't because I'm scared or have something to hide. Pfffft! I love you cocksu**ers.

Here they are:

Nice e mail Monkey, but we all know you wrote in and published it as anonymous. Fucking moron!!! on Great E-Mail from a Reader!

Yes...signed 'Anonymous.' This refers to the E-mail I published a few posts ago that a guy I know quite well sent me...and had to do with all the backstabbing/commenting about my investment deal for WSOP. First of all...I can't write as well as that guy...and I have never used the expression 'rat face' which caused me to....ahem (a term I loathe) LOL!!!

Next Comment:

I don't expect you will publish this comment because you never do post the ones that make you look bad, but oh well, here it goes. First of all,I have read a lot of these shitty blog posts of yours for entertainment purposes. 1.You claim to be a professional poker player, yet in the past 10 years a person would have starved on the money you have made in tournaments. 2.You say you have a backer, but that person would have to be a total idiot to back a horrible player as yourself. Would your wife perhaps be the one supporting you? I think there is a good chance of it. 3.You are always bitching and and complaining about absolutely everything, not to mention putting everyone down in these shitty blog posts of yours. As far as I can tell, you are about a useless excuse for a human being. As I said, I don't expect you to post this, your not enough of a man to do that. But don't worry, the poker community is seeing this anyway. on Ugh...So Close!!!
Well there ya go, Captain Anonymous...posted it for you...RIGHT ON THE FRONT PAGE...and at a time where I am getting 400-500 hits a maybe you would have been famous if you'd have just signed your name to the damn thing. Dipshit. So...uh, thanks for reading all my shitty blogs over the years. No my wife isn't supporting my poker habit. I wish. I am, actually, kind of a useless excuse for a human being. Thanks for noticing. What else? Oh...I give up...YOU WIN!!!
So Main Event has gone just about as smooth as I could ever ask for. Just for something a little new....I'm going to share with all of you my hands from Day 1....and then my hands from today...through three levels. Might be kind of fun for some of you to see whats up. Admittedly I got smacked in the face with the deck on Day 1...nothing magical done in that...aside from three pretty nasty bluffs I got away with!
 Main Event Hands.
Day One

AA four times. Took KK out once
QQ twice. Won them both
KK once. Won after raise.
10-10 once. Folded to spaz raiser with AK.
88 three times.
AK three times. Lost all three
AQ twice. Lost both.
8's AGAIN! Lost again!
Mega OMRG at table. Horrid
Spanish guy. Floating me with AK.
Finally won with 88 on 5th try.
Quad aces with a7 in a 4-way pot.
88 again. Loss.

Day Two

B vs B. win with QJh vs AJ on Q-high flop
Open A5 at C/O. TID
Call UTG 1125 with AQ. Check flop. Turn nuts. Take pot.
AK. 3-bet short stack all. Him 77. River Ace. Puts me at 95k
UTG opens 1200. Call on button w/QJ. Flop Q-hi. TID with 3500 bet
J9c. Call raise. Lose. a/f
AJ. Call raise. Lose. A/f
9-10, call Agro Brit from BB. Lose a/f
AA! Welcome back. Raise UTg. No action. Boo!
Break with about 94k

Level 7 300/600 -75
Raise 10-10. No action (1575)
Raise 66 next hand. No action. (1575)
Open KJd 1700. Short stack flats. Weird. Flop J all clubs. I bet 5k. He mucks.
Defend vs pest with J8s. Flop J. Call 1800. Turn k. Bets 4500. I call. He checks 2 on river. I win nice pot.
Raise 55 on button. OMRG tanks in BB. Every goofy face. Plays with stack. Folds.
Crazy fucking hand with Perry Green and seat 5. Ace high wins, after he initially mucks, then pulls it back. Guy called a huge river bet with nothing.
2nd player has busted with half hour left in level 7.
Called raises in BB with Q3c and 89h. Both losers
Called raise with 33. Flop JJ3. Another big pot from Agro Brit.

Start of Level 8. 111k
OMRG raises UtG to 2400 (400/800). I call in SB with 99. Flop K-10-3. Check fold.
Open 2200 at c/o. OMRG in BB blasts a 6800 reraise. I fold, he shows AJh. Fool.
Open 2200 w/77. Called by both blinds. Flop 7-6-2. Check to me. Bet 5500. SB calls. Turn a five. He checks. I put him all in (16k) he tank folds. Nice pot.
Open AQ in mp for 2300. Both blinds tank. Both fold. (2100)
Opened UTG 2200 with K10c. Oops. Short stack shoved 12k. Call. 77. Hit 10. Nice.
Raise 2400 with 99 in SB. BB (big stack) calls. Flop 10-4-4. Bet 3k. He folds.
Defended vs pest in BB again with 56h. Shit flop. Lost. are most of my hands played up to this point. I am currently having a little Facebook battle with Chad 'Lil Holdem' Batista...and another guy...who seem to think I am making tactical errors on a few hands. Mainly because he isn't reading the hand play correctly, but also because him and I are about as polar opposite poker players as they come. I really don't care about the criticism, kind of find it amusing. And Chad is a guy I like quite a bit, so it doesn't bother me on a personal level either. When we are playing 2-hour levels, and I'm sitting on 150 BB's at a relatively aggressive table, it helps to have a nice diversion to keep me from getting all agitated with these Eurofucks. 

Two of them I have suck sick tells on, the two massive river calls I've made against them with middle pair on one, and ace-high on the other, have the other players thinking I'm fucking psychic...but it really isn't shit, I just know by their betting patterns, how they are assembling their bets (in terms of which chips they are using and how they are moving them around) and this one guy does this thing with his glasses when he is shitting his pants not wanting a call. Fun game. The one guy I took out right before dinner.

I made a pretty uncharacteristic raise UTG with K10c...but what the hell...I've kind of had my way with the table...and not getting a lot of action with my big hands, so I figured I'd try to get in with someone and work a flop. Well, EuroFreak #2 shoves his remaining 12,700 after I had opened for 2300. Hmmm...10,400 to call...I had 110k in my stack. Kind of thought he could have a middle pair. I made the call after telling him "If I call you I am hoping you have a middle pair."

"It's a flip," he says. Pocket sevens. I flop a ten and thats all she wrote. I always feel bad busting people out of the Main Event...because I know how bad that feeling is. But everyone but one person has to lose...and it might as well NOT be me!

I'm on a mission...first to cash...and get some money back to my group of 30....'Monkey's Gang of 30' and then to go home with some me, Squirrel and SquirrelMonkey can have a little peace in our life. Once I cash...hell, sky is the limit. We are getting closer! I'd say we are half way there...maybe a little further. Think the money was made last year right after dinner break of Day 3. 

So I'm just going to go back...and play smart, keep the pots manageable, and hope to hell I don't get coolered on something shitty like set over set, or boat vs. bigger boat...or nut flush against straight flush...or some horrible shit like that. I feel GREAT. Got a 10 hour night of sleep. Have my own room now...with a big, comfortable, king-sized bed. Keep getting pictures and videos of Squirrel and Carley to keep me feeling the good vibes from home. I am so focused...and dialed in...and ready to DO THIS!

Thanks for all of your support. And to you haters? Meh! Fuck you clowns. You are obviously just miserable with your own lives. And speaking of assholes...funny I haven't heard from the King of Assholes in two days....we all know who I'm talking about. Keep your fingers crossed, Orange Troll of Houston...should I make the Final Table, I will have a special tribute to you in my exit interview.  Stay tuned.



~Coach said...

I coincidentally searched your name on the WSOP player search after one of your tweets, and you've only cashed for about $ 200,000.00 in WSOP Circuit and World Series Events (I'm assuming that all of that is in the last 10 years). Starving... ROFL You have to focus on the positive people and totally dismiss the haters. Keep enjoying the Main Event!

Mattobie said...

Keep it going! I love the blog, Good luck!