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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let the Run Good Continue....

Since I had been home from Vegas, I hadn't ventured out of the house once to play live game. I suppose a big reason for that is that we went to Auburn for 4 days to watch my nephew's All Star team to play a baseball tournament. And then, after getting knocked out early...their whole family came down and spent 3 days with us. Not really a good time to skip off to the local casino!

Two nights ago, I got on Lock to play some tourneys...this after picking up a couple hundred playing cash game the night before. In their $10 rebuy...I was in for a total of $30. We got down to 4-handed...and I thought I was about to catch 'Mr. 3-bet' with his hand in the cookie jar. When the first guy raised, and he re-raised, I shoved a decent amount with 10-10. Uh Oh...the first guy smooth called. That's never a good sign! Mr. 3-bet folded. I was up against AA. Yuck. And it held. Out in 4th. Oh well...not a bad score. $305. A few days ago...I was also able to deposit on Lock with NO problems at all. Used my debit card...and it went right through. And I think I've figured out what my rakeback deal is for people who sign up under my referral ID. Pretty sure anyone under me gets 36% rakeback. You also qualify for a 200% deposit bonus by entering 'thefuture' in the bonus code space.

So last night...I finally got out of the house to go play some cash game. First, I went to IP. There were only about 4 tables running...which I found odd for a Saturday night. And the casino was really full. Where were all the poker players last night? Don't worry...I found them later! So I sit down, and start with $500. I started out on fire. Within an hour I was up to $780. 
Then I started getting creamed. Tried to get cute with the really aggressive OMRG had raised to $7...and a relatively short stack made it $15...I just decided to flat the raise...hoping the first guy would re-pop it, maybe even putting that short stack all in for his $60 or so. Well...I let Mr. Q-10 off in (a guy I would later bust when I made a dead on read...calling his all in shove on a 10-9-9-5 board and two diamonds with me holding 77. I put him on a flush draw or QJ. I was right. Flush draw. And he missed thank god. Guy even complimented me on my call on his way out. That was classy of him. But on the Q-10 hand? He flopped trips. I figured that out right away...when the guy with KK check, and I bet $25 and he just flat called. As did the guy with KK. It wasn't until the turn when I bet $40 and he shoved all in that I got the picture. I folded...

Then on a live straddle I had J9s as the one raised. The flop comes Q-10-8. Two hearts. Nice. I check..intending to probably check raise. No one bet. Turn is a 10 of spades. Shit. Always something to make it interesting, right? So I bet $25 here. OMRG...a guy I just could NOT seem to beat all to $50. Oh jeezuz. And I figured he had to be raising me with a 10. Oh...I was right. So the river is a 6 of hearts and I figure I have to be good. I bet $65. And he shoves for about $225. Son of a ..... I fold my straight face up. And he was nice enough to show me K10h. Flush. Jeez. Those were the two more memorable hands. Oh yeah, then there was 10-10 against AQ guy...who just conveniently flopped Q-Q-5...and allowed me to double up his shortstack. 

All told I went from $780 to $380 in about 40 minutes. I was getting super annoyed but managed to keep my emotions in check. And about this time...I decide to check my email and my fantasy baseball team. On my iPad. In between hands. And on one of those side tables. Basically...away from the game. As most of you may know...from either reading my blog, or playing there...back in June the IP decided to implement a new policy, wherein they know longer allow iPads, or even texting at the table. I'm told it was a function of their new management...which is Boyd Gaming. Now...I find this kind of peculiar, because at one of Boyd's other casinos...Borgatta in Atlantic City...they have no issues with players entertaining themselves at the table. But for some reason its a big deal in Biloxi, Mississippi?

I suspected it was a few of the older players who bellyached about it...and got someone to take up the cause for them. So on literally the first day of the policy, I had the floor guy/shift manager Michael immediately bust my balls about it. And coincidentally, I was just coming off a terrible orbit or two of hands. So it was magnified by that. 

As poker players...have you ever had that floor person, or dealer sometimes...explain a rule or house policy to you and always preface it with something like "thats just what THEY tell us." Or the "I don't like the rule...but I don't want THEM getting mad at me." It's never something they want to just take accountability for right? Its always...'Oh it's someone else's rule not mine' but they seem extraordinarily excited about enforcing it. Know what I mean? 

So I tell you this because I was close to never going back there to play because of that stupid rule. I mean...every other casino (practically) on the planet Earth is okay with iPads and iPhones...hell Harrah's New Orleans even FINALLY came out of the Dark Ages and started allowing them at the table...but for some reason IP has a big issue with it. Nonsense. But I was contacted by a few guys that work there on my Facebook. They told me they didn't want to lose me as a customer, and that it wasn't THAT big of a deal...that I just needed to keep it off the table, or on a side table, and as long as I wasn't slowing down the one was going to make a big deal about it.

And they were right. I don't want to post the names of the other two or three shift managers, on the off chance I get them in trouble for NOT being hard asses about the rule...but none of them have been up my ass about it when I've been in there the past couple of months. And I've been respectful about it. Only using it for things that didn't require my full attention like word games and stuff. 

Oh but Michael seems to have made it his number one thing to harp on. Either that, or he just likes busting my balls about it. So of course last I was in my $400 swoon, and decided to check my email and then my fantasy baseball team (looking for a reason to be happy!) here he comes...lurking behind me. I can feel him when you are on the bus or a train and that person is trying to read the paper over your shoulder. I'm not in a hand. And I have my iPad on one of those little tables. And he is just hovering there. I finally turn around and ask him if he needs something.

"They (there it is...the 'ol THEY again) aren't going to let you use that in here." Really? They aren't? Who is THEY? No one else was there...and the other guys who are USUALLY there don't have a big problem with it. And I told him he is the ONLY one who makes a big deal out of it. "Really? I'm the only one?" " are the ONLY one." And we left it at that. But he spent the rest of the night perched in his little hole in the corner spying on me. It was irritating and stupid. So I just put my iPad away. Fuck it. Meanwhile I ran my $380 back up to $920...which is what I cashed out for...because it was dying down and a little birdie told me there was juicy action going on at the Hard Rock.

So I headed over there. There was a guy in the 6-seat (I was taking the 5-seat) who had a ridiculously obnoxious stack...I wish I had taken a picture of it...but lets say it was about 12 stacks of 10 white chips..then a pyramid of red chips where each stack consisted of $50...all told it was a stack of about $2200 he told me. But I think it was more like $1600. At any rate...this guy was actually a pretty cool dude. We got pretty friendly. And on one huge hand...I shoved all in with about 700 in the pot...holding two pair...and knowing he was on a draw. Well he called my $805 all in...and thankfully missed his draw. And I was stacking. That caused him to go to the pocket and pull out about $2k. This guy was hilarious. When I sat down he was raising constantly. But I think my presence kind of slowed him down a little. But not totally. He really liked getting his chips in play...and it certainly opened up the table a ton. It was playing more like a 5/10 game. Which was fine with me...since no one but him and I had big stacks.

Yes I know...I am running the risk of being accused of 'The Burns Stack Pose!' make a long story just a little bit longer...I had one of my better cash sessions of all time. With my $420 profit at IP...I cashed out at Hard Rock $1900 and a nice little $2300 night. Definitely covered the stop at Wal-Mart that I made on my way to IP for diapers, formula and dog food! I even gave Squirrel a little monetary gift this morning...since she has been having a LOUSY time at work. She switched to days (used to work swing shift 5-1) so that we would have a better 'Carley Schedule' and she has just been making NO money. We figured it would be worse...but not to this extent. So it makes me feel good when I can (a) come home from Vegas with some badly needed money and (b) to have a great night at the cash table. I've actually had quite a good run in cash this summer...having made a total profit in June of $2900...and now with last night, almost showing a $5k profit in a two month, limited playing schedule.

So back to this 'electronics rule' at the IP. Yeah...its really annoying. But my big question is this: With the WSOP-C coming here in 10 days or they intend to enforce that rule during the tournament? And if so...are they prepared for the negative backlash that is going to come with it? I mean...I really like the IP. I like the manager over there, Jim Sterling...a LOT. And I've gone overboard trying to promote ALL of their past events. I really, really want them to keep building their tourneys. And frankly, I'm excited about this first event on the WSOP calendar and think they might really get a good turnout. But the thought of taking that HUGE step backwards...with something as ridiculous as not allowing players something they have really gotten accustomed to? Just seems very foolish. I guess we will just have to wait and see how they play it. Or...if I am able to get an answer from Jim Sterling about that topic, I will be sure to share it with you guys.

One other thing that I am hearing from other players...and it doesn't affect me, since I live hotel room rates. Now, the IP has always (in the past) been really good to the players, and always offered them a decent poker rate. I want to say it was like $59 during the week and $79 or maybe $99 on the weekend. Which isn't too bad, especially if you are rooming with another player. But I'm being told by 4 or 5 players that they are being quoted a poker rate of $149 and up. Wow! As players...there is nothing we like more than being in the hotel where we are playing, for a lot of reasons. And to have to look outside of the property for something that fits into most players' budgets is just another factor that could cause a player to hold off on coming here and maybe waiting for a different tourney. 

Okay...moving right along. This is becoming a rather long blog, and I have the radio show to do today. We have a really good lineup today too. Joining us on the show is my good friend of over 20 years, Chad Brown. Yeah, one of the rare 'Chads' who can tolerate. Also, we have Sam Barnhardt, a really good guy who is as Southern as they get. Sam won the National Championship in its first year last year...and has had some other nice scores along the way, including last year's Main Event. And lastly, we have another good friend of mine...Annie LePage. Some of you might not know Annie. I used to kid around with her and call her Heidi all the time because I think she looks like my life-crush Heidi Klum. She is one of the best looking gals in poker...and is from Canada...and sports a French-Canadien accent. She recently got out of  a relationship with Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow...and you can be sure I will have some questions about that. My co-host, Scotty recovering from...well, his WIFE is recovering actually...from totaling Scott's truck yesterday and breaking her wrist and ankle. 

Regarding the radio show? I think I've had about 3 or 4 really good shows...and a couple that sucked. Like last week, I was not in the zone at all. I sucked. I will try hard to bring my 'A' game today. Speaking of 'A' game....being played  tonight at Kai Landry's Chateau is has he coined this? The World's Undisputed World Poker Champion of the World Championship.Yup...that's it. Coming to play will be a special group of people...some who have qualified through satellites the past two weekends, then a few of us who are getting in on 'special exemptions.' We might even have a seat or two open for 'the right player' should they contact Kai today sometime. Game time is 9pm'ish tonight! And this is what we are playing for!

The Claw is guaranteed to be on hand...and Squirrel might even come out of retirement to give it a shot! Should be a fun night...and seriously...I have NO idea what the hell I am going to do with 'The Hubcap Trophy'...which Kai has proclaimed in his blog to be 'The Greatest Trophy in the History of the World.' I have pledged, if I win run in my boxers around his neighborhood, carrying that mammoth eyesore...screaming like an insane idiot. I would have done it naked...but I don't have the urge to visit Biloxi's jail tonight.

I have a few non-poker related things that have been piling up that I feel like sharing. this segment...Monkey Vents. Oh...back to that point. I wish we would stop getting such good guests on the radio show every week...because I am very eager to open up the phone lines and interact with the listeners. If any of you have sat with me at the poker table when I was jawing with a fellow player, either in a playful fun way, or in a spiteful...wishing-pain-upon-them kind of know I have some pretty decent improv skills. I am anxious to show them off...but that is Scotty's call to make. I'm just a lowly, unpaid intern on the show.  :)

Nicki Minaj. Ughhhh. I don't hate her. I don't know her. And to be fair...she seems kind of cool in her interviews. But her music? I HATE IT! Her voice...and that stupid thing she does with it? It drives me NUTS. I can't help but think she is one of those artists that in about 10-15 years...when people hear that crap...they will be like..."Holy shit...people actually listened to that garbage?" Yes...yes they did.

Has anyone seen the commercials being done by Natalie whats-her-face? Also know as Octo-Mom? If you haven' probably think I am making this up. I am not. She is the paid spokesperson for a company that is basically giving Shark loans. One of my Facebook guys told me they looked at the site...and they are charging 621% on a $100 loan! No bullshit. Wow. I just can't for the life me see how they were sitting around trying to decide who they should get to rep them, and that they came up with her! Really? This world just keeps getting more and more effed up every damn day.

What do you guys think of 'Flo' in the Progressive commercials? She has had a pretty good run....what? About 3 or 4 years now? What is the shelf life on her? How much does she have in the tank? Will she ever get another acting gig? Or is she branded/typecast for life now?

Y'all here about Fred Willard getting arrested in the porn theater for lude conduct? Why is 'lude' underlined by word check? Am I spelling that word wrong? Is my brain not picking that up? It's not giving me a good replacement? Maybe later in this paragraph the light will come on over my head. Lood? No. Lude. It doesn't even look right. Wait....AHHHHH yes...LEWD! Hellllo!

Okay, so yeah...back to the Fred thing. Okay...there is something I don't understand. First, why are there even STILL porn theaters in existence? I mean...with all the copious amounts of free porn online...why would anyone leave the privacy of their home to wander into a (typically, not from personal experience but from what I hear) dark, disgusting, funky-smelling theater to join four or five other strangers to watch and get off to some porn flick? And how do you get busted in one? I mean...isn't it kind of understood what you are there for? Who rats that person out? I someone actually THERE who finds it offensive? Makes no sense. And first it was Pee Wee Herman...sorry, Paul Reubens...and now Fred. If you are an actor, or ANY kind of public figure...why in the HELL would you ever step foot in one of those places?

It just goes to show matter how much money someone has, how much fame...there just is NO cure for stupid. Stupid will find you....and it won't let go. You can't get away from it. It's like the Ebola virus. 

When did hotels start putting towels on a rack IN THE SHOWER? And why? I literally think that might be the stupidest thing I've ever seen in the hotel industry. They do understand, right...that we are taking a shower in there? Which involves lots of steam, and water splashing around? And the intent of towels is to DRY the water off of you AFTER the shower? And for tall guys like me...there is NO way in hell you are NOT splashing water all over those towels. Utterly ridiculous.

The movie 'Splash' is just coming on. Can anyone tell me what the hell ever became of Darryl Hannah?

Am I the only one who cringes every time those commercials come on? With the person talking to the salesperson as their 'confidence' comes out of them? I think the worst is the black guy who has a worm like 'self' coming out of his back. I would like to think whoever came up with that ad campaign was in the middle of a monster mushroom session that inspired that idea. Had to be.

Okay...I could go on...but I have JUST enough time to POUND a couple of VERVE energy drinks in preparation for today's show. By the can buy Verve directly through me! Just click that link up there in the corner...go to my page and order some. The 5oz shots are really kick ass, and the drink is a nice substitute for the organ-destroying Red Bull. They will ship the stuff to your front porch! I just got my second case delivered this week. Think I will bring some to Kai's tonight and see how many addicts I can create!

Oh...I would also like to thank the State of Washington for the Rainier cherries they've been delivering to us down here in the south. I know they are only in season for about two I am getting my fill of them. They are SO SO damn good. I caught Phil Hellmuth on Facebook calling them Mount Rainer cherries...I felt compelled (and so did) to correct him. Anyone ever seen a cherry tree growing on a mountain?!

All my fantasy leagues and Survivor Pools.....for the upcoming football season are UP and rolling. I can NOT wait for football season! If you want to get on my pool distro list...shoot me an email at and I will add you. I have 4 fantasy leagues (two separate $200 head-to-head league, a $400 Big Money head-to-head league and a $200 Rotisserie League...all run on Yahoo) and they all have limited openings in them. I've been doing these leagues now for about 10 years. I love it!

Okay 10 minutes til air time...gotta go!!!


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