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Sunday, February 3, 2013


I've been trying to blog for a week now. But my plate has been so full I haven't gotten to it. But I would be remiss if I didn't offer up my annual Super Bowl Prediction. I think a lot of you actually rely on I have nearly nailed it 3 out of the past 4 years. I am NOT even going to wait for this Voodoo priestess on ESPN with her goofy outfit, magical powders and stupid make her prediction to make my call. And since they are trotting her out there now...I better waste no time in doing this:



I think it will be a very good, close game. Though New Orleans has had some classic blowouts in its Super Bowl history....the Bears blowout of New England in 1985....the Packers blowout of the same Patriots in 1996....the Cowboys (remember when they played in Super Bowls?) blowout of the Broncos...yeah, there have been some bad ones in the Crescent City. But today? I see a classic.

Several weeks ago...Ray Lewis announced he would retire at the end of the season. I suspect that was when the diet of PED's and Deer Antler Spray started too..since no human has ever demonstrated the ability to recover from a torn triceps muscle THAT fast. Well, I also told several people that I saw a lot of 'timing' in his announcement...that it was brilliant, knowing what an icon he is to that team and the city...that they would likely use it as a rallying motivation. I was dead on. They steamrolled the Colts, upset the Broncos, and demolished the Patriots....and now...listed as an underdog of 3.5 to 4.5 depending on when and where you got the line....are poised to put the finishing touches on an amazing season.

Only problem? I think San Francisco is a better team. I also think Jim Harbaugh is a better coach than brother John. I think he will have them better prepared, and that they will execute better. Frankly, I think their QB is a punk. I don't care for his tattoos, his stupid hats, and how he talks. Maybe that is me getting old and not 'being with' the new gangsta style. Whatever. I can't deny the kid is exciting as hell and makes things happen that Alex Smith just never did, nor that I think he was capable of. You want to talk about a bittersweet way to win a ring? If the Niners think Alex would even wear his ring? 

I have sold more Super Bowl Squares than any year that I've been doing them. And as I punch out this blog...I am still filling up $25 boards...currently on the 7th, 8th and 9th ones. Filled (2) $100 boards and (3) $50 boards. Gonna be a LOT of happy people tonight...hope I'm one of them...I am in for a TON!!!

We entertained thoughts of going over to New Orleans for the just feels, or seems like, when the Super Bowl is a mere 85 miles away...that we should be there to partake in the activities and watch the game at a local bar. But I don't know...I don't really care either way who wins...and New Orleans always kind of freaks me out...and we'd just be spending a lot of money (no way around it) so we decided to stay at home, take Carley to her fantastic babysitter extraordinaire Miss Pam...who loves her to death...and meet some friends down at the Filling Station. Should be a good time.


Been doing nothing since I got home from Oklahoma but being Carley's Daddy and working on my pools! And at night...after she goes to bed, I played 6 days in a row on Lock Poker. Yes...that oh so troubled and problematic site. They of the slow payouts, the constant network issues, the freeze ups. I know. I am still an affiliate with them...and it seems every person who has signed up under me has had one issue or another. It sucks. They were sponsoring our Radio/Podcast show that Scott Clark and I do together on Sundays...and finally, Scott got so frustrated with all the horror stories and a few other issues, that he wrote to the CEO that he was no longer going to do the show until those issues were remedied. I think he even asked for me to get paid something (finally!). Well she answered right away...fixing his personal issues immediately. Also explained the reason for slow payouts...and it did make sense. It's pretty hard doing business in the US, and so they have big trouble finding check processors...its a constant struggle. I can see that. And payout times have been 45 to 60 days in most cases...some even longer. 

Well...I will be testing the news that they have improved. In the past six nights...I made a total of 16 Final Tables. Out of a total of 84 games played. I won twice. It was a sick, sick heater. I finally had to take last night off because me and Squirrel and Carley went to dinner, then later I had to work on the pools. But I had made at least one final table a day six days in a row. Pretty gross. And while the fields were all small...between 60 and 175 players...and the winnings weren't life still feels awesome to run that good...especially ONLINE, where I have traditionally struggled, for one reason or another. The players on that site are truly abysmal, and I've long complained about them. But I have been taking a different approach lately when playing on there. I just go into it KNOWING I am going to take a shit box full of bad beats...both software generated for that 'action factor' that I think online poker sites just ALL have...and at the hands of players who had NO business ever playing what they played. It is going to happen. Trust it. Know it. But when I sit there and count the 'gift chips' I get handed...its astounding. It certainly never happens on that scale in live tourney play. Ever. So I quit freaking out so much...I really don't even touch the chat anymore. It's helped. A lot.

If you would like to take a swing at playing online with LOCK....and want to get yourself a decent deal....35% rakeback....then click my affiliate link to join. If you are able to get through the red tape of making a SURE when in the deposit process, to enter 'THEFUTURE' (all caps) where it prompts you to do so...and you WILL get a 200% deposit bonus...which pays out in $5 increments over time earned. And its not a ONE-TIME promo either...I've used it three different times. The rakeback? They settle that out on a daily basis and it goes in what they call your 'VAULT.' Pretty efficient. Do me a favor (and yourself)...after you join...send an email to SUPPORT...tell them you just joined up under WILL SOUTHER...username...ThePokerMonk....who is an affiliate, and you have been promised 35% well as the promotion for a deposit. They are, in their defense, much better about responding to emails. They used to be atrocious...but in the past month...every email I've sent has been answered the same day. Or even if you joined before...but not under me...but want the rakeback deal? Fudge it a little, email them...tell them you intended to join up under me...but something went wrong at the signup and you don't think you got in under me. They should be able to put you on my ...whatever they call it. Account? And lastly...I've got a decent amount on there if anyone has problems depositing...I am willing to do up to $200 in P2P transfer...assuming you can send me a PayPal payment in the same amount. For info on me at is that affiliate link!


So...I scheduled two separate on the 30th of January...and one on the 2nd of February. They give you one free check per month without the $25 fee. So that is two for free. Now I will see how long it takes...and I won't sugar coat it. If its terrible, I will let you all know. I don't WANT to be negative about Lock. I would LOVE to see them be a great site, and for us players in the US to have a viable option to play online. But its just been mostly negative, the feedback from most players where they are concerned. I hope they can turn it around. Hell, if I could get about 100 signups a month...of players playing on a regular basis...I think it would generate enough income that I wouldn't need to entertain getting a 'real' job. So obviously, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for things to improve over there!

Someone left a comment on my Facebook suggesting that I do a video of myself playing an MTT from beginning to end and offering it up for 'educational purposes.' I kind of scoffed/laughed at that...and I'm sure a lot of you (haters mostly) are doing the same thing as you are reading this. There are some of you who simply can't give ANY other player a shred of respect, not just ME. And then I know there are some of you who think I'm a joke and a bum and a loser. each his own. 

But I thought about his comment...and something kind of hit me. A lot of players actually DO think I am a good player. And a good person. And I would have a very HARD time EVER charging anyone for a video like that. But I might do it just as a way of giving back to a lot of people who have supported me for the past 8 years...both as investors or backers...or readers and/or just poker acquaintances. The other other thing I thought might be kind of cool if players who's game I really respect and admire were to sit and spend the painful time required to watch something like that...and then come back to me with what they think would help me become an even better least online. I am and have ALWAYS BEEN open...wide ways to always be improving my game. The player who thinks he already has learned as much as he a player who is generally going to be a losing player.

So...who knows, maybe I will do something like that in the near future. Maybe, if on my next trip to Palm Beach next week for the much-anticipated WSOP Circuit Event there....if I should happen to make a couple of big scores, there would be some desire to see such a video!!!

Yeah, so Palm Beach is just around the corner. I've never played there. I know the turnouts will be huge. I've been told they have never tried to do SNG's very much there...which I would expect from a place like that. Dog track.'s being run by Jimmy Somerfelds crew...and on his crew is a girl named Miranda...who has been with them for just a little while. I think she is basically in charge of the SNGs....and on my trips to Bossier City and Choctaw...where she was...she literally kicked ASS on the SNGs. Just a total hustler...I really really like her. As does every other player that I've discussed her with. She also has a great dog that she brings to the events with her! if Miranda is down there...I can only assume that SNG-LAND will be alive and thriving!

I went ahead and reserved a room for two weeks. But they kind of pulled the 'ol bait and switch on me. Changing the price that was listed on their own flyer...then giving me some lame 'Fire Hazard' excuse for not allowing a roll-a-way bed in the room. Yeah...I've heard that one before. So now that I've discovered I will probably be rooming with Barth Melius and Chip Ervin...I'm going to take a look at another place that gives us more room. One of the cool things about this that you can register in a credit or debit card. And I'm told that last year...they sold out ALL THREE flights before Day 1a even started! plan is to get there the day before, get settled in, get registered...and not run the risk of getting shut out. The first event is a million dollar guarantee...and I'm certain they will have no problem eclipsing that.

Okay...I'm running outa time here...Squirrel is about done cleaning the house...boards need to be closed and numbers drawn. I need to shower and get ready...take Carley to Miss Pams...and go meet our friends! I think kickoff is set for about 5:30. I hope you all have a SUPER SUNDAY!!! Oh and ...yeah...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and Squirrel's good friend...CLAUDIA CRAWFORD...28 today!!! Mine is coming quick...46th...yikes...the 16th this month. I no longer celebrate them...they are merely a countdown clock to death now!!!


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