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Thursday, February 28, 2013

What the Hell!???

I can't figure something out. And what is even more baffling, is that according to the site that tracks 'hits' for a day, I've had 301 people check out my blog today, and not ONE person has brought this to my attention...and I find that nearly impossible to fathom. Whenever I look at the site, I see the tail end of my most recent post bleeding into the previous that they are overlapping each other. I've tried everything I can think of to fix it. Nothing seems to be working. Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing? Or is my computer (and iPad) obsessed? Guess I'll see what happens after I post this one. [after a whole bunch of editing I managed to fix it]

Today was a 'catch up on everything' day. With Carley. Unpacked. She watched. Did laundry. She watched. Gave my dogs a bath. She watched, from her wagon. Then I washed both our cars...while she watched in her wagon again. Kid loves the wagon. Last night...we did something for the very first time. We put her in her crib, in her room, and 'made her' sleep in there over night. She didn't seem affected by it one bit. She slept uninterrupted until 6:30am, when she finally woke up...hungry. I think Squirrel and I were the most shaken up by it. We both kept going in there...just staring down at her...secretly wishing she would wake up and lunge into our arms begging to be brought into our bed. Didn't happen. We've gotten very used to having her in between us. And not having her there just felt...wrong. We were both sad. I know its the right thing to do though..and so does Cheryl. But I still hate it. 

Squirrel tried to get me to watch 'American Idol' again tonight. Forget it. I watched for about 15 minutes before I couldn't take another second of either Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey. If those two return as judges next year...I will eat a pillow.

Can someone, anyone...tell me why the First Lady, Michelle Obama was at the Academy Awards on Sunday night? I mean, its been made painfully obvious all throughout Barack's re-election campaign...and I'm speaking of the time period from 2008 to 2012...that he was so far up Hollywood's ass you could see his eyes on the  Hollywood sign on the hill.

You might have heard the rumors. 'Monkey got hit by a car down in West Palm.' Well, yeah...I did. And not just once. But twice. Now before you think I'm like that guy who has mysteriously been hit by lightning about 17 times...I should tell you something. It was part of my 'show' that I put on for my buddies that night. We had decided to go to a place called Rocco's Tacos on Valentine's night to drink, eat and be merry. And once there...we had a very good spot with which to carry out 'sidewalk theater' a game I used to enjoy playing when I lived in NYC many years ago. Our table was out front of the to the sidewalk. So I did several characters...from 'Drunk Guy Falling Out of His Chair' to 'Heart Attack Guy' and 'Seizure Guy'...each time collapsing at the feet of oncoming pedestrians. Several reactions were elicited. But the one that got the best reaction was 'Getting Hit by Car Guy'...not just the first time...but the second time...where my 'victim' failed to notice me, and when I rolled across the top of the hood...sped up instead of slowing down...which tossed me into the street, causing the margarita in my hand to break when my hand slammed down on the pavement...and cutting my hand in several places. Not a big deal. The hand has healed up quite nicely, thank you.

Just got a comment telling me to 'watch tbe carbs' and asking me if I've 'ever heard of a situp' which has me wondering if this photo was what inspired that? Probably. For the record...what IS a situp?

The original plan was to get my photo taken with the mascot from the Palm Beach Dog Prison...and for the life of me I cannot remember what said mascot's name was...but I managed to get a very enthusiastic photo of the two of us, which was to serve as a file photo to be used when I won the Main Event, where I would pretend like the mascot was there to celebrate the amazing moment with me. Instead...its just a stupid picture of me and some guy dressed up in a dog costume. Isn't that awesome?

Okay...I'm done. It's late. I'm tired. And Squirrel just crawled into bed, turned off the TV and is whining about me pecking away on the keyboard. So good night.


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