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Monday, June 3, 2013

Bubble Streak About to Die???

Nothing like logging on to shoot out a quick update and getting the standard hater comment from the same guy...obvious by his adverbs, pronouns and insulting verbiage. I ask you...Mr. Asshole...why do you even READ my blog? Yeah yeah...I get it, I'm a loser, I'm the worst poker player ever, I'm a hustler who 'suckers' 28 people into buying my shares, and even my FRIENDS talk about how bad a player I am. Yeah've made it clear...maybe you can mix up your comments a little bit, you know? A little variety? A little twist on your insults? Maybe say something about my Mom? Maybe call my daughter ugly? Hell...might as well even take a run at my dogs. Surely you can do better than you're doing. You are starting really disappoint me with your lack of effort. the rest of you. This HAS to be brief. Because, somehow, despite my poor skills at the poker table...I have somehow made it back for Day 2 of the $400 tourney at Venetian that attracted 720 players...and THIS loser. We have 103 players left...and this sad excuse for a gambler. First place is $54,000. The average stack is $70k. And someone snuck me $104k to compete with. I know. Crazy. 

This comes on the heels of three tourneys in a row where I went out within 10 of the money. It has been a pretty irritating/frustrating week. And if you are a poker player...and spend any significant amount of time in Las Vegas in the summer for either WSOP or the other tourneys that take place annually in this city of 110 degree heat and playground to America's uppercrust...then  you know that there is no WORSE place in the world to be when you are running bad...but no BETTER place to be when you are running GOOD!

On the way back from Venetian last night...I felt like having a drink before bed...and so sat down at the little 1/3 table in the lobby at the Riviera where I'm staying. It was like the Twilight Zone. I will have more on this experience, complete with photos in a follow up was both, well, I will save it for later. It was the most glaring example possible of going from ONE extreme to the OTHER.

Yesterday was a good day. Finally. Things went well. No disasters befell me. I played a very 'damage control' style of poker once I got to twice the average...refusing to let any of the previous three days' disasters derail me. Trying hard to get my backing crew of 28 a cash at least and hopefully more in this tourney. I've drawn the 8 seat on a table that includes the tourney's chipleader and the 3rd biggest stack. I think it's paying 72. Not sure. I only know that first place is $54k and that is the only number I care about. 

I really do have a lot to write about. But like I said...I have to catch a quick shower and get out of here. Just got a very solid 7 hours of sleep that included some of the most incredibly bizarre dreams I think I've ever had in my life. Were it someday turned into a movie it would take the average movie-goer three or four times of watching to figure it out. 

Okay...I'm outa here. Balls back in your court Mr. Asshole. Not sure what your going to come up with if I manage to final table this tourney. You might have to really work on your game a little. While you toil away there at your nine-to five cubicle existence Monday through Friday. Be careful though and don't let your boss catch you!!!


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