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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ramblings From Chelan

When I left you, I was packing up my courage and heading for the lake to see if my body would still allow me to wakeboard, after a 16 year hiatus from the activity. Wow. Really? Yeah. 1997, Lake Lanier, Georgia. Well, on my first attempt on the wakeboard I purchased from a guy 30 miles away off of Craig's List, I managed to get up! About 200 yards later I allowed my front edge to dip under and did a monster face plant...which left me feeling a bit concussed. 

I almost called it a day...but who am I? Some wussy? Bah! I took the rope and sucked it up. Went two or three more times...never falling, simply letting go when the burn in my 46-year old thighs got to be too much. Now I'm psyched to get back out there again. We were planning on spending the whole day on the lake today, as it was supposed to be 90-95 degrees and sunny. Instead its been about 80 and cloudy...and a big rainstorm just passed through. Grrrrrrr......

In poker news....I picked up another decent score on Lock Poker the other night. And for those of you sending me messages asking me what the hell I'm doing still playing on Lock? Well, I'm happy to report that the $500 check I requested on April 6th was recieved a few weeks ago...and the $3000 check I requested two weeks ago is in 'transit.' And Jennifer Larson, the CEO for LOCK assures me they aren't going anywhere...and are only working on getting better, and more efficient, so that is some positive news about Lock. 

So I was playing in my own Homegame Club game (more on that later) and decided to fire up a game on Lock. So I bought into the $5 rebuy ($1000 guarantee) in the last level...took a single rebuy and three minutes later an add on. I made the final table. I had finished all the games on my home game. It had been a good night. Won a decent-sized $10 tourney in my friend's homegame club...and won three tourneys in my own club...and now was looking to pick up another good score on Lock. Well, I fell asleep....with the 2nd biggest chip stack. Cheryl came to bed maybe an hour later...and took the laptop off my chest and put it on the floor. 

Wait! Something isn't right! OMG. I was in a tourney. And at the final table! I pick up my computer. There are now 6 left. I am the smallest stack. Shit! I go through hand history looking at all my hands that I missed. Shockingly, there weren't many. Maybe being asleep kept me in it. We got to three handed and I had inherited the chiplead. We stayed three-handed for two hours. Not kidding. And basically...I wore them down. I raised on the button with 88...and the girl in the SB...who had spent more time getting to know the guy in the BB (actually exchanging Facebook info and then commenting on several pictures) informed us she had to work in 3 hours...and would be honored to finish 3rd to us...and tells us she's pushing all in with J6. She goes all in. Boy oh boy. Then the BB goes all in. Well...If I call...and win, its OVER. And I can finally sleep. I call. She has, IN FACT...jack six off. And the BB has ace nine. Yuk. Two overs. 

I fade all three overs....and win the tourney for a shade over $400. And now my Lock account is back up over $1500. Sweet. 

In my Homegame club...I played a ton in May....155 games....and managed to win 12 games. I led the club with 37 bubbles. Yeah...37 out of 155. Gross. Well this month, due to Vegas and this trip...I've managed to only play 38 games so far...and have won the same number as in May....12. So yeah...this month has been much better.

Our numbers in the Homegame have really much so that I have been scrambling to find a solution or two (or ten) to fix whatever is wrong...from structures, to number of games, to the players themselves. Some who joined just flat aren't playing at all. A large number of our players I know are in Vegas playing WSOP and other I know we will see a growth spike when they all return from the summer of grinding live tourneys. But with a 100-member maximum, it is tantamount that I maximize as much play as possible from each member. If Pokerstars would just let us have an unlimited number of members? It wouldn't even matter if and when they played, and how much. I could easily accommodate about 300 players without any real effort over and above what I'm expending now to work with 100.

I am in a very ACTIVE recruit mode now...trying to replace those only putting in 0-10 games a month with people who really miss playing on Stars...and who want to really get after it. I mean...anything above 30 games a month is great. I have about 5 players who are all playing more than 150 games a month. Adding 3 or 4 (or more!) of those type players would be fantastic. If you are one of those players...or even the 30-50 games a month player....and want to get into my poker club...shoot me an email....I will be happy to open up a spot for you.


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