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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eating Crow is Delightful...Have some Salt and Pepper, Haters!!!

I've lived a very long, full life. My sole purpose for existing now is to bring joy and happiness to my daughter Carley's life. I really don't need for anything. It's all about her. So to find things that genuinely make me pull a Tiger Woods fist-pump out of my bag and employ it in grand fashion takes something pretty major. I last left you with me returning to join 103 other players in pursuit of $54,000. When I got up from the table at 3:45am...I walked over to the payout desk...signed for $21,950..and made my way to the cage. And about half way there...I did a Tiger Woods-esque fist pump. And the thing that inspired that? This post...mentioned to you guys in my last entry. 

boo fukin hoo!!! Another cry baby story. Airport fucked me over, aces got cracked! Just feel lucky that you suckered all those people in to buying "shares" into your vacation! again. And give me a break, get a tattoo to honor my daughter. How about getting your ass home instead of being a so called poker pro. Get A REAL JOB. You suck at poker. Even your so called friends talk about how bad you play behind your back. Because it is true. Grow up dumb ass.

Yeah. I wonder what you're thinking today....asshole. Excuse me, ANONYMOUS asshole. I have nothing to say to you other than this:


So another post shows up in my 'to be approved' comments, this one from...oh oh...another anonymous poster...who promises I can 'never track' his IP address. This one is ridiculous. So here, I shall share it with you.

 I caught wind that if you don't completely shut your blog and mouth down. Your family my be in grave danger! Time to hang it up my friend, these people are 100% serious! Not worth it man! You have pissed off a major player! You can go to the police, FBI, or whomever! You will not find the source of this message. Take my advice, play time is over. I also wouldn't tell people when I leave my family alone! They wanna hurt you bad! Take it for what it's worth!

Hmmm....he 'caught wind.' So...lets see, he is telling me that if I don't shut my blog really really dangerous blog...which, if you've been noticing I only have made about 6 entries in the last two months...and have a lot of people that have stopped reading it because I NO LONGER rip on people like I used to....claiming that with being a father now, I've grown 'too soft, too nice' and am now not much fun to follow? Oh..he claims I have pissed off a 'major player!' Whoa...a 'major player!???' Golly gee...I wonder who the heck that could be. And no way...the police and FBI can't help me? Play time is over? Bringing my family into it? I know 90% of you who read my blog are really good people, who wish the best for me. And I thank you. You other 10%? I have no idea what sick motives drive you. What reason you have for being such miserable fucks in life. I am not afraid of you, idiots. In fact, I merely feel sorry for you. If you think you are going to scare me with this kind of bullshit? You are delusional. I play a stupid game....a game called poker...and not very often anymore, in case you haven't been paying attention. I could care less about any of the 'major' players...whoever the fuck they might be. I show up. I pay my buy in. I give it my best effort. And then, when and if I lose...I leave. 

You assholes and your attempted scare tactics are foolish. Seriously, you obviously think poker is a lot bigger deal than it really is. You should find some outside interests. Maybe look through a personal ad and find yourself a mate to divert your attention from your sick thoughts. 

Anyway...back to our regularly scheduled reason for writing this blog. To inform, to share, and report. I had a good day two days ago. Yesterday, I took what I consider a very well-deserved day off from poker...floundered around the pool for hours...came back to my room, played some Home Games in my little poker club on Stars...accepted some nice congratulatory comments from my members, hell even won the 10pm tourney...then ordered room service, my first bite of food all day....and upon finishing it, fell asleep and slumbered for 16 hours!!! I didn't intend to play today at noon, a $1600 buy in I've just spent the afternoon catching up on 'other stuff' like booking me and Cheryl's tickets (and Carley) to Seattle for our 1-week vacation to Lake Chelan with my family in July. Paid some bills. Etc etc...and at 4pm...I'm going to go down and play the $400 Survivor tourney at Venetian. 

I was awoken this morning by my cackling mom...calling me to order me to look at my Facebook  wall...for she had dug up some old 'wanna-be-modeling' photos of me from 20-some years ago and had plastered them all over my wall. Good gawd. Thanks Mom. Hilarious. Then fell back to sleep. 

People ask: " just made a big score...why aren't you playing today!???" Why? Because I've been playing this game now, full time...for 10 years. And one thing I have learned? You almost ALWAYS have a shitty day after having a great one. And additionally, you almost NEVER enjoy the wins at all if you jump right back into a tourney. To really, really enjoy what doesn't happen THAT often in seriously need to take a day off, to reflect on it, to think about the good things in your life, and how they have just been positively affected. To think of the ways you want to spend, not BLOW that money you just won. And to just allow yourself to enjoy NOT being at a poker table for 8-12 hours for ONE day! It was great to have that day yesterday. And its been nice laying around all day today doing nothing. Recharge my batteries. Get mentally plugged back in for the final 12 days of this trip. To see how much MORE I can make for me, my family, and those 28 people I 'hustled' into buying shares of my summer action. 

Okay...that's all I really have to say today. Didn't even feel like writing. But thought I should throw you guys a bone! Most of you already know how things turned out...but I suppose some of you I might have left hanging. So there ya go. 3rd place. $21,950. A good day. 718 players didn't beat me. That feels pretty damn good.


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Zin said...

Congrats, best of luck in your future tourneys or cash games.

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