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Friday, June 28, 2013

Celebrating Life...on Lake Chelan!

Hey folks. I know. I should have written a lot sooner. I've gotten worse and worse about blogging this year. Most of which can be blamed on fatherhood. There are just SO many more important things to do during the day and night, and finding the time to sit down and dedicate an hour or so to blogging is harder and harder to find.

When I last left you, I think I had a few more days left in Vegas. trip almost ended on a seriously positive note. I took a lot of pretty nasty and irritating beats the last 4 or 5 days in Vegas. But I have to keep reminding myself that if I came home a winner, and all my investors (29 of them) all more than doubled their investment (and whom ALL have been paid, just one week removed from leaving Vegas) than I should simply look on the bright side and not spend too much time lamenting the bad beats and close calls. 

In my final tourney in Vegas...after having lost the noon tourney after firing 2 bullets at it, I bought into the 4pm $400 Survivor tourney...which got 113 players and was paying $3400 to 10 players and $2400 to the 11th place finisher. I won't bore you with a lot of details, other than to tell you I won a couple of good hands early to put me in a spot where I could endure the 4 hours of being card dead as shit...and be patient waiting on a hand that would get me off of life support. Down to 4 BB's and in the BB with K8d...I had no choice but to call when the SB shoved on me...with QQ it turned out. I flopped two kings and turned an 8. Double up to 9 BB's. Then I got another double up with AK vs. AQ and started thinking I might just pull it off. I faded 10 more players...and was suddenly down to 15 remaining.

How nice it would be to finish the trip with a nice little $3400 pop to the bankroll, and collect my 6th cash of the 20-day poker trip! The poker gods wouldn't, couldn't...possibly let me bubble (or close enough to a bubble) this final event could they? We lost two in one hand....and suddenly had just 13 left. Two more to the money. Come on baby. The blinds were huge at 4k/8k. Average stack was only 10 BB's now. I was running low and had to find at LEAST one hand I could shove and steal with...or get called and double up.

That time came. On the button, I shoved A10. And got called by the BB with Q10...who had taken over the overall chiplead after playing AA masterfully in a three way pot. I had no problem with his call whatsoever. What I had a problem with was the flop...which contained a damn queen. The turn gave me a wheel draw...but I bricked the river. That agonizing feeling you get when you've sunk 7 hours into a tourney only to fall just short hit me in the gut. Yeah...I was bummed. For sure.

But on the long walk back to my hotel, I used that time to reflect on everything in my life...the positive stuff. My marriage. My wonderful child. My great family. My friends. My flourishing business on the side of poker. Yes...I had a lot to feel good about...and so, I wouldn't let this last bad result bring me down. It was a good trip, a positive trip. Took 3 or 4 days off from poker at the necessary times to enjoy things OTHER than poker.

OKAY! I'm getting the 'COME ON DADDY, get off your computer and lets go out in the boat!!!" from Squirrel. Today is hopefully going to be Carley's first trip into the lake. We took her out on the boat the other day and she loved it, but it was kind of chilly out. Today is over 80 degrees and sunny. I bought a used wakeboard off Craig's List yesterday..and will resume my 'novice wakeboard career' today in the hope that I don't destroy my knee or back! I'd really like to NOT have to be wheeled to the airport in a wheelchair! But on the positive side...I DO have health insurance at least!!!!

So then...let me go spend the day on the lake...and I will come back and write a little more, and probably have some pictures to share!!!


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