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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I have arrived in Phoenix


Spent all week runnin around knocking out my 'to do' list...which always makes me feel very good. Worked out a couple times, met Kai there one of the times. Squirrel's Dad came down from Florence to stay with us for awhile.

Today was travel day. And college gameday. And it was a bad day for both Squirrel and myself. I admit, I was nervous about Bama traveling to South Carolina. And I had a bad feeling about my Huskies at home against ASU. And on both accounts, I had reason for concern. We both lost. If my Dawgs arent careful they will lose all chances to make a bowl game this year.

Alabama, on the other hand, was only helped by LSU luckboxing their way into another ridiculous last second miracle act against Florida. Having crushed the Gators last week...Florida beating LSU would have really hurt Bama's chances at a National Title. But now...with LSU undefeated...and a game coming up in three weeks against long as Bama takes care of everyone else...LSU could put them back in the Top 5...and if Auburn stays winless, a win at home against them would put them right back into title all is not lost. And as the old cliche goes, "It might have been a 'good' loss for Bama." The time to lose if you HAVE to lose is sometime before Week 6 of the season. So...lets see what happens. But all these smack talking LSU fans better back up and recognize that they aren't this juggernaut that their delusional minds have convinced themselves that they are. NOVEMBER 6th!

So...I went to the airport...and had a great experience at GPT for a change. Maybe because I flew American Airlines. The kid at the ticketing counter didn't charge me for my overweight bag...then, when they wouldn't let me take my baseball bag through security because of the bats in my bag...I had to take that bag back down...and when it should have cost me another $100 for that one...he classified it as a 'walking assistance device' and charged me zilch! Nice! I tipped him $20.

Then I get to the gate, and there he is again! Working the gate! How funny. He gets me an emergency exit row. Sweet! Both out of GPT and out of Dallas on the connecting flight! So I board the plane. And as I am getting comfortable, and we start to pull away, I look out my window...and there he is...AGAIN! This time with the orange sticks in his hand directing the plane out of the gate. Wow! It was like that guy on 'In Living Color' (I know, you younger readers might not get this reference) who had like 8 jobs! I got his attention through my window, and we both shared a laugh. It was pretty funny, you have to admit.

Well both legs of my flight were fantastic. And my bags arrived at the baggage claim in a very timely fashion. Nice! baseball teammates were there to pick me up on time as well.

Got to the hotel, unpacked, and got all my baseball uniform stuff. Then Chad Brown showed up and we all hung out in my room and talked about old times for awhile, talked a little poker...not too much...and got ready for this week. We start out with a game, first thing 3pm. Chad is gonna pick up me and my roomie, Jonny Abondanza in the morning and take us to a batting cage. Hope to God I find some of the old magic! I don't expect to play much on this most of these guys are involved in leagues full time still, and I haven't played since I lived over in Pensacola three years ago. But its all good. I really just came to see the guys again, and if I get to play a little, cool! We are playing on fields that the MLB teams use for spring that will be pretty neat. For years I always wanted to do a fantasy camp in January or February...its cool to workout on MLB fields. I'm pretty excited.

Its 2am here and I'm wide awake...which is kind of pissing me off!

I think this might have been one of my boringest blogs ever....sorry.


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