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Sunday, October 24, 2010

In the Money...and driving for the Final Table!

Wow! What a day! What a month! What a fall...what a life!

These are the days when I love poker! The rush of going deep, the excitement of being on the precipice of winning 'life changing' money. The text messages, the well-wishes of the dealers and fellow players, the Facebook shout outs...the excitement in the voice of my wife. The sick feeling in your stomach that you feel when your AA goes down, or you make a 'hero' call against a 'button maniac' shove...only to lose as an 80/20 favorite, and feel your tourney slipping away. Then the complete opposite feeling as you make your opponent fold JJ to your 99 for a 250,000 pot when you use the ace on the board as your friend. Flat calling a raiser in the blind with AA and having him hit the flop and doubling up through all your hair on your arm stands at attention.

These are the reasons we play. These are the things that keep us coming back for more after we bubble a tourney 11 hours in.

Yesterday was an absolute gem of a poker day. From the great play exhibited by nearly every player at my the incredibly entertaining conversations we all had, to meeting some great new people while learning their style of play. Sometimes, and it seems to happen mainly in Main Events, these almost become 'poker workshops' where you go to practice your 'trade' with the industry's finest.

My little sister made it down from Milwaukee for the day and was on hand to watch and to give me support. Near the end of the night I was hating my outfit, was really uncomfortable, and she literally drove to my hotel and got me a complete wardrobe change. She is awesome!

After the night ended...and I was among the 16 remaining players...I left with Janae and went in search of Kai. We found him in the cash room...and decided to spend a little 'quality time' playing some 1/2 together. I rarely get to see my sister, and the last time we played poker, she was beating my butt in a heads up match for $100 when our whole family was in Maui two years ago. I wasnt all that tired...and needed something to help me wind down from a long, long day. It was perfect. So we played together for maybe an hour and a half, and I was finally feeling ready to call it a night. Kai and I left...and after winning a couple of big pots, she had the 'fever' back, and decided to stay to play some more. I hope she cleaned up...the table was ridiculously bad.

Before leaving for Day 2 yesterday, Kai and I started watching a show on SPIKE TV called '1000 Ways to Die' and I have to tell was killer! One of the funniest shows I have ever watched. I had to peel myself away from it...and was almost late. But then, after arriving, the start was delayed, as there was a huge accident on the Chicago Skyway...a road that leads from downtown Chicago to the casino...and nearly 25% of the field wasnt there yet.

One person who WAS there...but who was flipping out because she claimed to have raced at over 100 mph to get there on time...was Nadia Magnuss...who was seated on my left most of the day. If you watch the Big Game sponsored by Pokerstars...and featuring 'The Loose Cannon' Nadia was that Loose Cannon in one of the episodes. She is Russian, 34 years old...and incredibly beautiful. She is also very intelligient, and a very competent poker player. She joined my sister and well as another table mate, John older gentleman from the area who is incredibly entertaining, and who thought I was hilarious...on the dinner break at the buffet. [don't worry, Sweetie, she has a very handsome boyfriend!]

I won't go into a lot of hands that were played yesterday...I think you all know I'm not really into that too, I suspect a lot of my competitors might be reading this, and I really don't want to give away a lot as it relates to how I play, or how I intend to play as we go back today at 2pm for the my quest for $242,909...and a win that could finally change the lives of my wife and I. When it is all over with I will get a little into some hands, how they were played...and why I did what I did when I did it. But for now...I have to go back today knowing that there will be some critical spots against some guys who haven't ever played against me, and there is no need to give them any free information.

I had a hard time sleeping last night, I guess because of the anticipation that comes with going back for a Final Table...or close to a final table anyway.

Interesting follow up for y'all. If you read my blog the last two days you will remember my predictions for Saturday.

Predicted that Alabama would crush Tennessee. Final Score: 41-10. Roll Tide!

Predicted that my Huskies would get crushed in Tucson. Yup! Crushed.

Predicted that Auburn would beat LSU 24-20. Final Score: 24-17. Down goes LSU.

Pretty powerful stuff!!!!

Squirrel's best friend is dating a guy who manages a radio station in Biloxi/Gulfport...and now whenever there is a concert in town they have a better than average shot at getting tickets with the VIP treatment...and last night she got to go to a 'Meet and Greet' with Maroon 5. She was so excited for it...and sent me a picture of what she was going out in. After seeing it I started hoping that all the guys in the band are gay...cuz she looked HOT!

She called me when she got home...and it was pretty obvious she had a great time. I'm glad...always happy when she is able to go out with her friends and have a good time when I am out of town. Look at this in the hell did a schlub like me get a hottie like that? I DO run good, don't I!???

Well, hopefully today I go win us enough money to get us out of our rental our own...and get started on filling it up with little SquirrelMonkeys! That is pretty much all I have been obsessed with for the last year or so. That and getting her out of her job before it kills her.

It's kind of funny...the exact 'situation' that I described as being a possibility the other day...but which I knew realistically might not I would have to plow my way through 872 other players...has indeed happened. Today is the last day for Mega Satellites into the $10k Main Event that starts tomorrow...and if I DO make the Final Table...there is a very good chance that I will get shut out of all the Megas...the last one being at 7pm. The winner of this $1600 Main Event gets a seat into the Regional Main I guess I will have to just win this damn thing!

Thanks again to ALL OF YOU for your tremendous support and well wishes...I can't tell you how much it really means to me. I now feel like I have an army behind me when I go back for big tourney!

Y'all ready? Lets do this!!!!!!!


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