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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finally....A Win!!!!

Well, that only took 41 freaking days! And once again...when the dust settled, and there was no one left at the wasn't elation or joy, or happiness that I felt. Just relief. And that feeling of confirmation. That I actually know what the hell I'm doing!

The day started quite irritatingly. Arrived on time and very excited for the $550. There was a nice field of around 450 players. I had a fun and friendly table...and won a few hands before our table broke. Then I got moved to 'hell' also known as Table 51.

On the first hand...holding K10h...on a limped pot...I flop a straight. By the time the river arrived, there was now a paired board and a possible flush, so when a guy bet 3200 and the other went all in for 5200 I felt I had to fold. Then I flop trip aces with A10d...having called this Euro's UTG min raise (him with 59c) and by the time the river arrived, the guy had himself a flush. I was starting to lose it.

Finally, Mr. Raise on My Button every time...did it again...and I woke up with KK...I re-raise him...from 400 to 950...and he puts me all in...for 8k! Um..okay. He had 44. I won. And was back in it. Coming back for Level 7...and sitting on about 12 big blinds...the guy UTG min raises. I'm in the BB with AK. I call.

The flop comes K-7-4. I check raise the guy all in. Oh...he calls. Why? Because, he has AA. Gross. I'm out.

Go to play a SNG. Start out by winning a nice hand. Then I call this guy's raise with A2h. Why? Well, lets just say I have a bit of a read on this guy. I flop 4 to the wheel AND the flush. I'm not going anywhere. He bets big again. I call. I turn a wheel...a him a set. I check again. He puts me all in. I call. He sees my hand and grimaces...until the last 3 in the deck hits the river. Yeah. Quads. Out. Fun Times.

This is the 'stand in' monkey...filling in for the Kidnapped Raising Monkey. He had a bit of a rough start yesterday before finally stepping up and earning his keep in the nightly!

 See this below?'s a comic book. This is what cool readers and cool poker friends do. They give me cool shit that are monkey-related. In this case, Charlie Townsend found these three kick-ass comic books...called HIT MONKEY...which, is along the lines of HIT GIRL...from KICK ASS...which I watched on NetFlix again the other day during a tourney. Love that little chick in her purple outfit.

Anyway...right about now I am in the frame of mind where I am about to go 'Hit Monkey' on whoever has my monkey! Yeah, I've been reading and posting all of your comments...suggesting a conspiracy theory regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Raising Monkey. NO! I do not think a friend is hiding him from me. Nobody I know is that stupid.

This Monkey is a BADASS! And if you stole my can bet he is coming to get you!!!!
So I go buy into the nightly. And Kai shows up to play it as well, even though he hates nightly's. I get off to a good start. Then I limp with AKd. Knowing, at this aggressive ass table that someone will raise. Someone does. From 200 to 750. He gets FIVE with 9000 chips, I decide to shove. Only the original raiser calls...with 10-10. I flop an ace....yes! Wait! Ten on the river! Boooom! Busto! Fuck!

I go rebuy. Thankfully. And that was the beginning of a 7 hour roller coaster ride. Get a big stack. Lose a big stack. Have the chiplead, lose the chiplead. Guy shoves all in with Q10. I call with 10-10. River...flush. Guy shoves all in with 55. I call with 77. River? Flush. Granted...I cracked AA with AKd....flush....and KK with I did my share of slapping some bad beats on people too. When we got to the final table...the chop-badgering began. Did I say badgering? You know who DOESNT give a shit? About ANYthing? Including chopping? You guessed it! The Honey Badger!

And like the Crazy, Nasty-Ass Honey Badger...Monkey don't give a shit about chopping...especially with a bunch of shitty players who are too afraid to play it out. So I said NO! When we were 7 handed, when we were 6 handed...when it was 5, then 4...and finally...3. And mostly, it was the same twerp who wouldn't shut about it. At one point...when we were 5-handed...they wanted to take $3k each...and he literally says:

"I mean...dude...seriously, what's the difference between $3k and $6k? Really?"

Huh? Did you really just ask that? The answer to your question is:  $3k!!!!

Yeah...the interest wasn't there. So I get heads up on the kid who earlier sucked out on me with his 55 vs. my 77 on a miracle runner runner flush BS suckout. This kid was NOT a good heads up player. I mean...I think I'm just average...but against this kid I was like a machine. We were even when we started...then over the course of an hour...I managed to get him down 3 to 1...and was looking for a hand to put him away. But then I raised with 78...and he shoved on me. I had raised to 150k. He was all in for another 275k. I had 1.4m. Seemed like a good place to get in with a live hand and just hope he had ace-something. So I called. Oh he did have ace-something alright. AA. Whooops. So after doubling him up...we were back to virtually even. Damn!

At that point...and at seemed like a good time to NOT fuck around...first was $6200...second $3800. I did NOT want to walk out of there with $3800. So I relented, agreeing to both take $5000 and calling it a night. I tipped out $200 to the dealers and $100 to the floor...and Kai, who had also cashed, a min cash...but still a cash...took off for Denny's, our newest favorite late-night place. 

It felt good to finally win something decent. Yeah...I know its not a $15k score or more...that will really help me with a LOT of issues in my life...but its a start. And it felt good to outlast the largest nightly field they've had all summer at Venetian (273).

Today is the day I have to try and get my Main Event seat locked up. I really hope I get that out of the way on the first try...I really don't want to have to take a bunch of shots at it. But on the other NOT play the Main Event would be the ultimate kick in the balls, too. 

As usual there is a lot of shit to write about...but I am going to get over to Rio and get into the $1k Mega...those are the ones I like the most. They are also running $500's (which I out of 20 win...bad odds) and $2000' out of every odds, but not crazy about paying 1/5th of the actual buy in...but might have to play that anyway. If I win my seat, I'm not sure which day I want to play...probably either the FIRST day...or the last day. Really doesn't matter. Its nice  if you play Day 1a though, and survive...because then you have 4 days to play other shit...and goof off, maybe chill out at the pool...knowing you have advanced. Guess I'll just play it by ear. 

See ya guys.



Ross Leitz said...

Rooting for you pal. glglgl. Finish strong.

alexandra said...


that video almost killed me. hahaha. MOAR!!!!