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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Road Trip Begins.....

This MIGHT be a fun little adventure! As Kai got that magic phone call at 4pm saying his car was finally fixed....the wheels were set in motion to finally leave this desert outpost....returning my traumatized nose to normalcy, in the good 'ol humid south!

We had a plan. Spend time at the pool. Eat a good meal (Kaizen...for fourth time this summer-Sushi) a few errands...take about a 3-4 hour nap...then wake up, pack...and hit it.

Slight snag. I get a phone call from Allie Prescott at 1am. Him and Kyle Bowker are interested in joining our little caravan. Really?  Get packed and get your asses over here!

That has occurred. They are interested in a little cross-country adventure, sightseeing as it this might just possibly end up being a very fun trip home. I have gotten over my bitterness at all the bad, late beats this summer. My wife is home from Orange Beach...all ready for my are the dogs.

Pretty sure things are cool with my backer. The fall circuit schedules have been released. Honestly I can't see anything in August I'm even slightly interested in playing. Might just stick in Biloxi, play some 2/5 at I.P. like its my job...and get after it in the fall. I am fired up for the Borgata tourney in September. Always great to see all my good buddies from the Northeast up there.

I want to thank the fine folks at Riviera Casino and Hotel for the wonderful treatment we got there. I will miss my super comfortable bed and the great maids. I would also like to salute the staffs at Venetian and Rio for doing a KICKASS job all summer running those gigantic events. I really can't think of too many things they did wrong. The crowds were huge...and the mistakes were kept to a minimum. Sure I would like to be leaving Sin City with a few bricks (10k'ers) in my car...but fate just did NOT smile on me this summer. But at least I got back into the WSOP...and feel pretty confident that I represented myself well. So that is a good thing.

I will likely be making a few entries on the way...probably with a lot of look forward to that! Thats it. We are in the parking lot of Wal-Greens...just got my FIVE movies to watch on the way....lets do it!!!!


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