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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fantasy Football? Pools? Come on!!!

I know! You are here to read all about the latest shenanigans about Chad Burns huh? And this is the first thing you saw! Good!!!

No! You canNOT draft her! My league isn't THAT awesome!

I have THREE fantasy leagues that filled rather quickly that a bunch of good guys got shut I opened a fourth league, on Yahoo...for $200 a team. I have sold 5 teams so far. There is room for 16...I would be happy with 12 or more. The live online draft is scheduled for Monday the 6:15 CT. If you are interested? Email

Also in the pools got thrown for a major loop this season when the guy who owns Office Football Pool got cold (as ice) feet when all the governmental regulatory BS started up with online pools, gambling, name it. And since he knows me, and knows my pools aren't for 'entertainment purposes only' he refused to do business with me...after ten years. Awesome. So I've had to scramble to find a site to replace him with.

I have a NFL Survivor 25 pool, an NFL Survivor 100 pool, a NCAA Survivor Pool and a NFL/NCAA Confidence Pool...all scattered over three sites. I know my numbers are going to be down this season...but the alternative was to quit altogether...and that just seemed wrong on every level! If you are fired up about the NFL season...and would like IN on my yearly pools...shoot me an email, I will be sure to add you to my pool distribution list. Two weeks before football season!!! is the place to hit me to 'get on the list.'


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