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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hold the Prayers...Send Some Money!!!

Alright gang...enough (at least for a day or so) of the Chad Burns and Anthony Howe blog/Facebook wars...although they have been rather entertaining...I am coming at you today with a major, or rather, serious matter.

This kid (I am 44, I am now eligible to call guys in their 20's 'kid') is going through a really hellish experience right now. Do I know him? Nope. Have I met him? Negative. He lives up near Memphis. I don't even know if he plays poker. Irrelevant. He is a nice looking kid, has a nice looking girlfriend, and seems to come from a great family, judging by all the wall posts on his Facebook. While scrolling through status updates last month, I saw his story. It's pretty brutal.

Kid wakes up one day with a splitting headache. And is dizzy. Headaches get worse. Can't sleep. Can't concentrate on work. Goes days without sleeping. He had just started working for the Memphis Police Department...and the extent of his medical coverage was very limited, as are the resources of the department. While being diagnosed...he had a couple of misclicks by doctors, one that resulted in an operation on his ear that was costly, which he is still paying off. Nothing like getting a bill every month for something you didn't even need.

Well, the kid goes in for surgery in three days. What is wrong with him? Something I've never heard of...but a couple of friends of mine have. Apparently its excruciating to go through. Surgery is NOT optional. His brain is slowly slipping out the bottom of his skull. The condition is called Arnold Chiari Malformation. The surgery he is going in for will relieve the swelling on his brain, and if that doesn't solve the problem, which it is likely not to, there will be another very expensive procedure to follow.

His name is Jarred Lucius. He is 22 years old. I know there are a lot of people in the world who need help. I know a lot of people who are struggling. As a lot of you know...I have raised money and volunteered a lot in the past...its just kind of in my soul to try and help people if I have the chance to help them. I am struggling right now myself...but I know I can reach into my wallet and pull out a $20 at least! This young man has 20-30 posts on his Facebook wall everyday telling him they are praying for him. That's nice. But I think people tend to fall back on the 'we're praying for you' post as their way of convincing themselves they have done right by someone. The kid won't come out and say it...but I will, it's a cop out. Kind of like people who go to church because they spend all week sinning, and think all is forgotten if they just go to church that week. Okay...maybe that is a little extreme, but you get what I'm driving at, right?



Jarred has set up a PayPal account to try and raise money for his surgery, and for money to just survive on for the three months that he is physical therapy and rehab after the surgery. I think we can all sympathize with the nightmare of going through this right? What is worse than getting out of surgery, then being out of work for three months, and stressing out about how you are going to pay your bills, or even eat that week? Come on people! I know I have a lot of awesome people out there who read my blog. I am in no way affiliated with this cause...for you idiot haters who think I have some kind of financial interest in this. No, I just see a scary situation where a guy with a very bright future could really use some that collectively won't cost anyone more than half a tank of over-priced gas!

I'm going to post his banner on the top of my blog and leave it there for the whole month. I'm also going to follow up with him and his girlfriend, to see how he is progressing after he has his first surgery. If you are on Facebook, feel free to hit him up on there, maybe you have access to something that may be of use to him. Anything we can do, I am sure he will appreciate. As for sending prayers? I think his prayer jar is full!

Thanks Everyone!


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Anthony Howe said...

Me and "The Monkey" finally agree on something you guys chip in and help this kid, I have a son his age, and I can only imagine how devastating this can be.