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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So Much for my Halloween Run....

Ever get more pissed off at how you lost a nightly than how you lost the nooner, that was obviously for way more money? Well, that is twice now in the past week.

When we last left off...yesterday, or today, if you count me going in and cleaning up yesterday's iPad post with darker font and pretty pictures...I was cruising along quite nicely in the noon $355. 

Kind of ironic that when Scott Weinberg, who replaced Kyle Cartright at my table in the 1-seat after his KK was busted by Kenny Piel's 99 earlier....and asked me for an assessment of our current table, I told him the one guy he might need to watch our for at our table was the guy in the 7-seat with the 70's hairdo, the bad skin, purple shit, and desire to play any two cards...and than spend 10 minutes after winning a hand chirping about all the intricate ways in which he just won the hand. 

Yeah, in a word...he was FUCKING ANNOYING...and I'm pretty sure all 8 other players at my table wanted to bust him. So...when I picked up KK in early position, and decided to limp at 200/400, it was with the failed attempt at maybe getting this guy in a pot and absconding with a good portion of his chips. Silly me. Instead, 7 other people limped...including him with his 4-6. No need to give you every street, you know the result. That hand cost me close to 9k. And a portion of my sanity.

Long story short in that one...We got do about 60 players....down from 200 that started, and I pick up AKd. Guy in the 2-seat, who was not very good, raises. I re-raise him...about half my stack. He didn't think long before shoving. I expected to see QQ or JJ. I was right. QQ. Me flopping the Ace would have been super good news, if it hadn't also come with a queen. Fuck. Good game. Bye.

Which. hey....meant I could get into the Omaha 8-or Better tourney that had just started at 5pm. Only thing that wasn't a 'ring event' this year like it was last year. So if I were to defend my title from last would come without a ring and/or any Freeroll Points. Well, hate to say it, but it didn't much nothing...and I mean NOTHING, went my way in that damn thing. And since they only started us out with 5k in chips, it didn't take three days before someone finally got knocked out. I managed to run out of bullets in Level 5...which, TADA! Gave me one more shot at a Halloween victory, in the 7pm nightly, which was graced by 102 sad souls. 

I started very slow, but then...things started to turn my way. And before I knew it, I was starting to kind of run over the table. I missed one excellent chance to take the chip lead...when, after a guy raised early, this lady Lisa moved all in on the button. She was fairly tight, so when I looked at JJ, I didn't think I was probably in very good shape, so I folded. Well, the BB shoves all in too. Prompting the original raiser...a dodo, to call with KQ. Lisa and the old man in the BB both had AK. Shit. And of course, guess who would have knocked out ALL three players? Yup.

Regardless I had a decent stack. So...we get down to 13...with it paying 12. This guy raises utg, and raises half of his 7k stack...which at 600/1200 was just stupid. But whatever. Next guy calls. And then this guy...who has been making one ridiculous call after another all week in other tourneys....thinks about it...thinks about it...then calls.

It is now safe to say that I will be taking every future opportunity to trap and eliminate this guy from every tourney I ever see him in again. The hand he was having such a hard time deciding what to do with? A6c. Yeah. A guy UTG raises HALF his stack....and he has even a tiny desire to get involved with THAT crap? Well, it gets worse.

Around to me in the SB...and I look at, oh, another hand I've been doing remarkably shitty with this month...pocket 10's. But I decide, and am quite confident, that I have THE best hand currently. How the guy UTG is going to fold, I have no earthly idea. And don't care, since I have him well covered, with about 24k in my stack. My main interest is getting the 2nd and 3rd guy out of the hand. So I raise it from 3500....with over 10k in the 12,500. First guy tanks (for reasons I have no idea) before finally calling. The second guy...who only had 8500 left also calls. Wow. Now this is where I would have totally expected the Cowboy in the Misshapen Hat to insta-fold. Nope. Not this pro. He smooth calls the 12,500.

Holy shit. Should I have just moved all in? Is that the only raise that scares these fools? Am I the only player left on the planet who finds a 3 or 4x re-raise to be way more scary than a chicken-shit all in shove? What is this poker world coming to!!!???

Great...well, now we have a nice pot of about 60k working. And why wouldn't the flop bring a fucking ace? A-8-9. I'm first to act, and with only 8500 left, shove all in, hoping to god this moron doesn't have an ace. Sorry, Monkey...he does...with a powerful 6 as a kicker. The first kid has 55. The second guy has KQ. So when a 7 hits the turn...he starts chirping for a 6...obviously having no clue that a 6 will just give me a higher straight. Bozo. Well, no 6 fell. And this guy took all three of us out. Me, having the bigger stack of the three would get paid for 11th place. A whopping $193. Ridiculous. A6c. Nice hand sir. And after that I just called it a night...and went home wondering why I can't stop losing to these lousy players. I mean...getting beat by the guy with the AA when I had JJ yesterday? That was cool. That was something I could stomach. Because (a) I got beat by a quality player making a beautiful poker play and (b) I lost to a better hand.

Whatever. It's a new day. Today is the 6-handed event. For $345. And if that goes horribly awry...a PLO tourney at 5pm.

Not sure exactly what happened between Kim and Chris...but is it me, or did she just become a WHOLE lot more attractive all of a sudden?

I don't know. Maybe it's just me!

Congrats to Kenny Milam and Frank Alpan...for making the Final Table of the multi-entry $345 tourney. Not sure where exactly they finished up...but Frank would later appear at my 7pm nightly table...and after I raised early with 88...and flopped a set on a Q-8-4 board...I announced to him that I was going to check raise...which, for some damn reason (since we are pretty good friends) he didn't believe and decides to over shove with 66. Good game Frank. But nice final table.

That's it....for today. 


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Anonymous said...

why do you play tournies under different names?
Corey and Will
also noticed that you are playing with less controversy this year; the meds or therapy must be working well.
guess Hammond was at least break even, but it looks like the IP sux for you up to this point.
GL and run good/mash, the rest of the tourney.