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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Poker Room at Isle of Capri in Biloxi??!!

Wow! You guys sure do love a little scandal! And I swear...that was NOT my reason for posting that last entry. I was just sitting here on my couch...and when I read that asshole's latest anonymous comment, I just kind of snapped. Whatever. My hits went berserk for two days in a row. 

I'm pretty sure I know who the jerkoff is, too. A guy who has been an integral part of a lot of personal BS in my life over the past 4 years. A guy who runs around hocking counterfeit items to players at events. A guy who...oh I will stop there. I won't praddle on about how he...oh stop it, Monkey. Yeah yeah...I hear you guys, the voices of reason. 'Just ignore that crap.' Okay. I will. Try. Grrrr...

Played on Lock again last night. So...okay I guess what the deal that I can figure that they are splitting off from the Merge network...which I know Felt Stars is a part of. I'm not exactly sure how those guys work all that shit. Like, before 'Black Friday' hit...I was offered a pretty sweet deal by Felt Stars. Part of it (100% rakeback) actually went into effect. But before I could finalize the deal, their main guy...who I was dealing with through an intermediary...suddenly left the company. Perfect! I know that I was getting that rakeback money. But when I played on Lock Poker...which is the same network, I wasn't getting rakeback on that site. So obviously, there are somethings that aren't inclusive.

Someone asked me if those events they, for example the Poker Maximus...that recently ran on..well, one of those sites, if they run that event on both sites, or 'skins.' The answer? I have no idea. And don't feel like researching it. Hell, do I look like a reporter on 60 Minutes?

Oh...sorry, sidetracked. So it seems as though Lock is leaving Merge, then buying Cake, who has some sites/skins that I've never played on. I'm guessing they will just either offer to cash people out or offer to transfer them over to the new site/network. I'm not going to sweat it though...since I'm really only invested for $0 on Felt..having received my initial $50 from Jason whatever my balance just profit. If I lose will be like all that money I've lost loaning people money who gave me the most incredible pitch on how they were going to repay me. On time. With interest. Blah blah blah...I've managed to cut down my 'burn loans' a lot in the past year or so...but I'm still at about $4500 this year. Anyone who ever approaches me for a loan...warning:

You better have the most INCREDIBLE presentation of ALL TIME!!! And think about possibly hypnotizing me first!

So I played on Lock again last night. Min cashed the 6k $11 buy in. Then made the final table in the $11 PLO H/L tourney...only to catch ZERO breaks...and bust out 9th. Annoying. It was another minimal profit night. But hey! It was a great night...because while THAT was going on...I was watching Game 5 of the Rangers and Capitals.

 My boys took a 1-0 lead...but then squandered it away...trailing 2-1 with under a minute left. Then Joel Ward of the Caps picked an awesome time to whack a Ranger in the face with his stick! Two separate penalties! One...allowed the Rangers to score with 6.6 seconds in regulation...and the 2nd...that allowed the Blueshirts to win it in overtime! I went a little nuts! I love the Stanley Cup playoffs! Then I watched the Phoenix Coyotes beat Nashville...and Carrie Underwood's advance to meet LA for their first-ever appearance in the West Finals. This postseason effort probably saved hockey in Phoenix.

Squirrel has got cabin fever...big time. So tonight...for the first time in 13 days (since Carley arrived) one of her good friends has offered to take care of her for a couple hours so we can go to dinner. The whole pregnancy, Squirrel had to lay off sushi...which she inherited a passion for after being with me. Well, pregnancy forbids the consumption of sushi. So I guess you know where we are going to dinner tonight!!! I spent all morning working on my new Life Insurance policy (upgraded after my better medical results!) and my taxes. Feels good to get caught up everything I can before an event I don't have anything stressing me out while I'm at the table. yeah, the title of my blog today was about the Isle of Capri here in Biloxi...which has taken on a few 'saucy' nicknames in the past. One of a result of the damage done by Hurricane Katrina in 2006...Pile of Debris. Well, I think they have been going to great extremes to appeal to Biloxi and the tourists who come here...making upgrades to the casino and the hotel itself. Then comes word that they are expanding their poker room...from what was more of a walk in what I am told is a 30-table room. In a different location. Great idea. I'm not sure why the Hard Rock does no business here. But it doesn't. And the IP...they pretty much stay the same. They recently added a nightly $130 Bounty tourney on Thursday night...that I was hoping would take off and be an alternative to the only nightly tourney in town...that being the Beau Rivage, of course.

Well, as the IP has failed to do in many past events, they never market anything. I've had players telling me they wouldn't know they were running it if they hadn't read about it on my blog. That's kind of discouraging. It even got cancelled this past week. 

So this got me to thinking. Hmmm. I've got a new baby. I'm sort of burnt out on playing poker. I have a strong desire to stop traveling so much. From being away from my family. And my dogs. I've had a lot of jobs in the numerous fields...real estate, restaurant management, liquor and wine sales, TV production...and while all of them offer some measure of enjoyment, I'm just not sure there are any reasonable opportunities in the Biloxi/Gulfport area. I mean...I'm not thrilled about any scenario that has me quitting tournament poker so that I can go work 9-5 to make barely enough money to survive.

So...I was thinking. Hmmm. Most of those in town know I have 'issues' with the Beau Rivage. Well, actually I have NO issue with the Beau Rivage. At all. But a certain poker room manager, who's name rhymes with Lonny Brumes...has a problem with ME. For whatever reason. Maybe because I wear a suit better than him. Or my jokes are funnier. Or my wife is hotter. All of those could be reasons. But who am I to try to comprehend the ways the incomprehensible think?

So. How about this for an idea? Part time job. At Isle of Capri. As their Poker Tournament Supervisor? Just so happens that MGM as a company...has been DROPPED by WPT across the board. WPT is now a free agent. Well, not totally. They have entered into a deal with Boyd Gaming. But the WSOP is also always looking for casinos willing to 'do the work' to attract the worlds biggest poker entity. And who would know how to run a great event better than yours truly? Not very many others. Oh, I have a lot of ideas to make a casino here in Biloxi a top-notch poker room. Promotions, scheduling of events...lots of ideas. 

Have I talked to anyone over there? Nope. I haven't. Haven't even put out any feelers. And of course, I would have to get licensed in the State of Mississippi..but since I am without criminal record, and don't use drugs, I can assume that would be a piece of cake. Just kind of something rolling around in the back of my head. And hey! I have lost a good amount of weight this much so that I might actually look okay in a shirt and tie again!!! Boy oh boy would that freak some of you out! Seeing me in a suit and tie!!! Ha!!!

Oh. Pill update. Yeah, I know. Huh? Pill update? Yeah...every so often I get little snarky comments about pill usage. Apparently there are those out there who envision me with a pez dispenser containing every pill under the sun. Pffft...silly rabbit, that's just crazy! Now...I have associated with some fellow players in the past...who, upon getting their hands on a loratab here, a percocet there...and adderal's wherever they can be found (nationwide shortage) will gobble them down like Beavis at a candy bowl on Halloween. Simply not the case with me.

I would say this pisses me off and offends me. doesn't. Not at all. I know how people are. If they know you HAVE pills...then they just automatically decide to accuse you of being a pill head. Yeah. Okay. Gotcha. Well, dickface left a comment yesterday that 'due to my pill popping blog entries just keep getting crazier and crazier!' Well, if, indeed my blog posts are getting crazier and crazier...we will simply have to find another reason for it. Because as I sit here...the last pill I had, was an adderal to help me with the drive back from Iowa with Kai. That was...what? Three weeks ago? A month? While I was in Council Bluffs? I had a total of ONE adderal. I also had ONE loratab...which I took on the 11th hour of a noon tourney...when the pain in my lower back became unbearable.

Now, I know I don't have an obligation to share any of this with you folks. But I just sort of felt like clarifying a couple things. I lack an addictive personality. I've never abused anything in my life. Ever. I've been around alcoholics, and drug addicts. I know all their signs. It freaks me out. I am simply a creature of moderation. If I buy a cache of pills...I buy them in small quantities, and they always last me 6 months to a year. If that makes me a drug/pill addict...then yeah, you got me, sucka! And by the way...people will occasionally ask me for a pill (because they know or think I might have one) and they seem to usually be dealers. And I won't ever charge someone for one. If I think they really need one...and aren't just a junky...I don't mind giving them one. I'm not sure if this would subject me to criminal might. So if someone ever tries to 'trap' me like this...I will sniff it out. 

Okay...whoa...I'm done with that topic. I'm just sick of you clowns trying to pin the 'pill head' thing on me for lack of any creativity when it comes to criticizing me. Find some new material jagoffs.

Okay. That spells the end of today's blog entry! Off to backup my hard drive (an experiment I'm fiddling with) and then sushi with Squirrel!


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